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Super teacher homework sheets

Author: prohor Date: 09.11.2015

Teacher super homework sheets

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Super teacher homework sheets

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This is how we develop language and reading skills simultaneously. They also understand the importance of keeping your information private and confidential.

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Acharyakulam homework sheets

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The Homework Desk is an elegant and highly versatile work desk that is available in two sizes. Both desks can be ordered with single, double, or file drawers, and may be configured according to individual needs. Attractive from all sides and made from select materials, Homework is ideal for the home or office where a desk will be on view.

An innovative detail allows the drawers to \'float\' below the glass top giving lightness to the design while also providing additional table area. Each drawer includes a concealed cable management compartment large enough to neatly organize multiple cables and accessories.

Homework is precision made with clear glass, chromed steel, premium veneers, and ultra high-gloss finish.

The Homework Desk is a fresh look at desk design. Notched drawers are cantilevered from the frame creating a floating appearance, yet the result is an extremely sturdy desk. This detail also makes assembly simple, with only a few bolts needed to assemble the whole desk.

Legs are made from mirror finished chromed steel with clear polycarbonate feet. Drawers are available in either carefully matched wood veneers, or ultra high-gloss polyester. Drawer boxes are made of European birch plywood and equipped with soft-close runners that move silently and prevent slamming. The file drawer can be adjusted easily for both letter and legal size files. The tempered glass top is highly durable and maintains the overall lightness of the design.

A cable management area is easily accessed through a sliding panel, making it easy to get to even in tight spaces.

Printable Homework Sheets

Printable Homework Sheets

By: Nick Schofield

There are many students who suffer from the phobia of homework. They find it really tough to finish their homework on their own as sometimes the topics are not very clear. This is why they do not know the answer of many questions that is there in the exercise books.

Even if they have attended all the classes at school and had been attentive enough then also they are not able to answer all questions. The text books are there to let you know about the basics of the subjects but they do not provide all answers.

Now this is a common fact that in order to solve the homework properly you have to take private tuition. But most of the kids are involved in so many activities that they do not have ample time left to attend the tuition classes after the school.

Now the best way to organize the homework and make them easily manageable for the students you can go for the printable homework sheets. They are available in different layouts in many websites.

These printable sheets will help you to keep track of the daily homework that you have finished and also keep a record of the unfinished assignments. Some of these sheets are available e for free.

But there are various printable sheets which can be purchased at a fixed rate. You can also get discounts in these stuffs. So get some printable homework sheets today to help your kids manage their homework properly and stay tension free.

Kindergarten Homework!

I believe that all children are much more successful when there is a good partnership between home and school. Part of that is maintaining good, two way communication. Another part is educating parents about how children learn, what their child is learning at school, and what they can do to help their child. There are several times during the year when I send home special fun homework projects, but I also think it is a great idea to provide ongoing homework for parents who are looking for things to do with their child to reinforce their learning, and there are some children who really enjoy having homework along with their older siblings.

I have always thought that the number one thing parents can and should do is to read with their child regularly. I used to have parents write down the titles of books they read with their child and send the list in, but that was a bother for busy parents. It really isn’t that important to me whether someone reads 2 books or 10 books an evening – the important thing is that they spend time together enjoying reading!

I found, created and adapted different styles of gameboards and decorated one for each school month. I numbered the gameboard so there is a space for each day of the month. My directions to parents were whenever they read to their child they would ask him or her to color in or make an X in the space for that day’s date. If their child returned the sheet at the beginning of the next month (s)he could get a prize from our classroom prize box.

Here are those gameboard calendars:
Read aloud

More recently I wanted to provide more things for parents to do with their children that would reinforce what we are learning at school. I made up a list of things they could work on each month that coincided with what we were doing at school, and included many areas of our curriculum. When I sent them home I copied these lists back to back with the Read Aloud gameboards.

I asked the families not to return the homework sheets until the beginning of the next month so they could mark the days they read right up until the end of the month. I made it very clear that they did not have to do ALL of the activities listed. I encouraged parents to pick and choose things they thought would interest and benefit their child.

When the children brought in the homework sheets/read alouds they would take a prize from our prize box. I did not remind children about this homework, but I did keep track of which children returned it. If I was having a conference with a child who needed reinforcement it was helpful for me to know whether parents were doing the homework with them or not.

I had a lot of positive feedback from parents about this format – it was easy for parents, they had a whole month to complete activities and could do as many or few as they wished. The read aloud format was very simple to complete. Of course I received some sheets that showed the child obviously just colored in all the gameboard spaces at once, and brought it back because they wanted a prize. I still think it is worthwhile!

Creative Writing Homework by Faheey - UK Teaching Resources

A Full scheme of work covering writing objectives using various of Roald Dahl's works (including Matilda and The BFG). It is easy to differentiate for KS 2 (7-11 year olds) and KS3 (11-14 year olds)and contains many worksheets for activities including vocabulary and punctuation use as well as descriptive and creative writing techniques.

These ‘Library Challenge’ cards were made for my class library, but they could be used in a school library as well. The idea was just to get the children excited about reading and properly engaged with the books, and they’ve really enjoyed working through the activities – an added bonus being that I use this work to decorate the walls of our library. There’s a selection of 10 Library Challenge Cards, plus a ‘Library Challenge of the Week’ which just allows for changing things up a little without having to print and laminate more cards.

Resources to introduce dystopian/post-apocalyptic literature conventions to AS students, but also suitable for GCSE or KS3 students. Designed to lead to a comparative essay on 'The Road' and 'The Handmaid's Tale' but easily adaptable for your choice of novels or to stand alone as a study of the four short stories included.

A variety of Literacy Tasks Word mat provides useful words and phrases to support writing tasks. Pirate Character Description Sheet with Writing Prompts and Graphics Island Setting for a pirate adventure with further writing prompts Simple Drawing Tasks Label a Pirate Sentence Strips Mapping Task A great additional resource for a pirates topic.

Marking Homework

3. Group students so that there is a task expert and students with different misconceptions in each group.

4. Introduce the activity to the students emphasising the importance of the language that they are using. For younger students, teachers might promote the use of describing the numbers instead of spelling them out i.e. promote 4 tenths instead of 0.4 (zero point four) where possible.

The instructions on the top of Caitlin's homework are: "Caitlin has made some mistakes with her homework. Can you find them?". The questions at the end of the homework are: "Can you work out what she was thinking?" and "How would you explain decimal numbers to Caitlin so that she could understand?". Questions are designed to stimulate group discussion on what decimals are not as well as what decimals are.

Marking homework exercises provide a non-threatening opportunity for students to hear their own misconceptions addressed through a fictitious person's mistakes. There is no evidence that having students think about misconceptions causes other students to develop these misconceptions and every evidence that it is beneficial for those with the misconceptions.

Teaching Tales:
These comments have been recorded during our research whilst we observed students marking Courtney's homework.

Q 1b0.32 is 32 parts

Students often express their own misconceptions very clearly as they correct Courtney's homework. We observed a column overflow thinker correcting Courtney by commenting that "Tenths start in the tenths column and so 0.32 is 32 tenths". The other students in the group began to debate this.

Q5Think about 0.6 and 1/6 then write something in each box: How are they the same and how are they different?

"They are different. Both are one divided into 6 pieces. It is just that 1/6 has one piece coloured in and the other has zero pieces coloured in" responded a reciprocal thinker. As he said this he pointed to the 0 in the ones column. The other students got him to reconsider as they point out he has said that 0.6 is the same as nothing.

In another game a student's response was "0.6 is just like 60 and 1/6 is just like 6. The 1 is there to show you that there is a number there." For 1/6 he divided 1 into 6 pieces and coloured them all. For 0.6 he drew a block of 60 squares and coloured them all.

Language Homework Assignments

Language Homework Assignments Review or test sheets included

Language Homework Assignments is a series of seven blackline masters for the primary school years. Each homework sheet deals with a language skill specific to that year level, making it easy to link homework to what has been taught in the classroom. The homework sheets are aimed at a four term year with nine exercises for each term.

  • homework blackline masters are aimed at a four-term year with nine exercises for each term
  • each set of skills is followed by a review sheet which may be done as a test or as revision exercises
  • the basic work on each sheet is followed by a ‘Challenge’ section and most exercises have brief answers so the home work can be worked through easily and quickly
  • most words can be found in the abridged dictionaries common in primary schools
  • teachers notes, an individual student record sheet and answers
Products: Click on the link below to view the product in full.
  • Level 1 - Ages 5-6 - RIC-0294 - ISBN 9781863115469 - $34.95
  • Level 2 - Ages 6-7 - RIC-0295 - ISBN 9781863115476 - $34.95
  • Level 3 - Ages 7-8 - RIC-0296 - ISBN 9781863115483 - $34.95
  • Level 4 - Ages 8-9 - RIC-0297 - ISBN 9781863115490 - $34.95
  • Level 5 - Ages 9-10 - RIC-0298 - ISBN 9781863115506 - $34.95
  • Level 6 - Ages 10-11 - RIC-0299 - ISBN 9781863115513 - $34.95
  • Level 7 - Ages 11+ - RIC-0300 - ISBN 9781863115520 - $34.95