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Homework Tips for College Students

Homework Tips for College Students

These days professors are assigning more homework than ever. It's common to have multiple large papers due every week and to have to read hundreds upon hundreds of pages of dense material on top of your writing duties.

You can try and talk your way out of your course load all you want- professors have heard it all and aren't exactly known for their yielding nature. If you are going to make it through college without losing your head you need to learn how to manage your workload. Here are a few homework tips for college students.

Every Page of Reading Isn't Created Equal

The reason student's reading load seems so overwhelming is because most students assume every single page they read is equally important and valuable. This isn't even remotely the case.

First there's a good chance you aren't going to draw ideas and inspiration from everything you read. Some pieces are going to grab your interest and seem a lot more important than others. Some pieces are going to support and enrich your arguments more than others. On the other hand some papers are going to be nothing more than a waste of time.

  • Identify the reason why you need to read a certain body of texts (whether for class discussion, for a paper you need to right, etc.) and then skim through them to figure out which are going to provide practical help and which will waste your time. Focus on the former while only reading enough of the latter to get the gist of what they're saying.

Second, Authors aren't concise. Every single page would matter if academic authors were able to write clearly and lucidly, if they were able to state exactly what they meant without expounding endlessly (and often pointlessly) on the topic. In the perfect world most academic texts would be no more than half their present length. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world and you're confronted with tomes to deal with.

  • The first sentence of any given paragraph in an academic textbook contains the full idea of that paragraph, so try getting through a text by only reading the first sentence of every paragraph. Likewise most books and essays explain everything they're about in their introduction and then reiterate it in their conclusion. When you're strapped for time you can usually get by just find by only reading these two sections.

Massive amounts of reading need not be intimidating when you know how to get through them quickly using these principles and techniques.

Assignments Also Vary in Importance

Just because you've been assigned two different 10 page papers due on the same day doesn't mean both of those papers are equally important.

First you want to decide which paper is more important for your major. One of the great things about college is the fact you get to take a wide range of classes to learn about many different subjects and become a generally well-rounded individual. This well-rounded approach to education unfortunately becomes a liability during crunch time and loads you up with work you need to complete which doesn't really contribute to what's most important to your academic direction.

  • Go through your schedule and prioritize assignments which relate to your major before assignments which don't. It's better to spend the time to ace your most important paper and then pull a feverish all-nighter for those which matter less than to decide you're going to clear up your schedule by completing relatively unimportant assignments before tackling the one which really matters.

Second, you then need to prioritize your work according to your academic bottom line- you're grades. Every professor considers some work more important than others. With one professor they might make multiple choice tests the bulk of your grade while other professors might divvy it up evenly among a few larger essays.

  • Whenever you add a new item to your schedule write in its academic weight next to it so you can quickly arrange your schedule to provide more time for those assignments which contribute more to your GPA than others. It's better to knock your major out of the park than it is to try and ace all of your studies, but the better you can prioritize your total course load according to its impact on your grade the easier time you'll have achieving high marks across the board without sacrificing those assignments which contribute the most to your preferred field.

If you're able to focus on the work which matters most to your major and your GPA it doesn't matter how many assignments your professors throw at you.

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Homework Should Be Optional - College Essay - 467 Words

Homework Should Be Optional

Homework should not be compulsory or banned; homework should be optional. In nearly every school system in Victoria specific tasks are set out to each student to be completed outside of the classroom and at home. In nearly all cases, students are asked to complete the tasks given to them by a certain due date. Most students cannot do this because of their involvement with extra curricular activities such as sport or music which is also a form of learning. Homework takes up so much time, that students do not always have enough time for their after school activities, which requires them to attend to lessons/training, and then to practice, so they cannot always complete all the homework tasks given to them. Homework is revision of work students have already done in school. So, it is not fair to those students who have a thorough understanding of a particular topic to have to do more on it; they could be doing work on another subject that they really need to work on in that time - e.g. John Smith may be exceptionally good at Maths but have a lot of trouble with English. Therefore he would be better of using that time for English instead of Maths. At secondary school, good, motivated students are often those who finish homework assignments on time and at a fairly high standard. Other students may also complete these homework assignments but often it is as a result of parental intervention through threats of being grounded or losing privileges. In some cases, it is quite possible that parents end up doing their child’s homework for them because it is due the next day, or they are very competitive and want their child to be better than everyone else’s.

Students from “Melbourne High” are amongst the top schools when it comes to V.C.E enter scores. One of the possible reasons is that they have been learning in a positive learning environment whereby students are allowed to decide whether they want to do homework or not! This enables students to become more.

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TCO 1) What is the purpose behind the five primary activities in the value chain? First, info flow diagrams and flowcharts argon the two most much utilize development and musical accompaniment tools employ today. Second, since systems developme nt is super complex, DFDs and flowcharts ar! e tools that are used to fix order from sanatorium and complexity. (Ch 3, p. 50)| | |  | Points Received:| 4 of 5|  | Comments:| First, data flow diagrams and flowcharts are the two most frequently used.

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to be complete the task/s assigned by a certain due date. This is where majority of students fail to understand the true significance of homework . I therefore agree that the students should have the right to decide to complete homework but only to a certain extent. At secondary schooling, good and well-motivated students are often the ones who complete homework and assignments. This is not to say that other students do not, they are.

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ShouldHomework be Abolished There are many debates on whether homework is beneficial or not. More and more students are spending a lot of out of school time on huge amounts of homework . This overload of homework is putting pressure on the students, along with their parents. Is the homework requirement becoming too excessive? Or is homework better than no homework at all.

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Many A students may not need homework but what about college applications they are handy there since many good colleges are trying to decide between two students and will look at the homework load. Colleges have huge workloads to see if the student is able to handle they may look at homework . Homework isn't always neccessary, but we should have it. Homework is good because it gives children practice on the.

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of time to teach their subject. If they are unable to teach it in the time given to them, they shouldn't be taking away our personal time because they aren't effective. Most students don't need homework to understand a concept, those that do might be assigned more to do but for most, it doesn't help. Homework has just become a way to acclimatize people to a working-market where a large number are required to take work home with themselves and do it unpaid. That is.

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striving to succeed in my future. The school I plan to attend is considering changing their homework policy for next year. Should the policy be changed? It consists of terminating homework for students completely. Students think it takes up too much time after school and on the weekend. Some say that the teachers should provide enough time to do the work at school, instead of at home. I believe that homework is a great way.

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 Demand on No HomeworkHomework one of life’s struggles for students from the starting of school until the day they graduate. It makes kids hate learning since they know they have to do homework once they get home. Pressure is just one of the things that lead to stress in students because of homework and the need to stay awake all night to finish their homework . In order to get people to help abolish.

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Why Children Should Get More HomeworkHomework . Many students dislike it and try to avoid it, but teaching and learning indicates that children who spend more time on meaningful homework do better in school, and that the educational benefits of homework increase as children move into upper grades. Why is homework so important? Well, it helps students to understand and review the work that has been covered in.

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ESL Conversation Questions - Education (I-TESL-J)

Conversation Questions
A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.
  • Where did you go to kindergarten?
  • Where did you go to elementary school?
  • Where did you go to junior high school?
  • Where did you go to high school?
  • Did you go to college or university?
    • Where did you go?
    • What did you study?
    • How many years did you go?
    • Did you work while you went there?
  • Did you enjoy going to elementary school?
  • Does your country have middle schools?
    • What is the age that children begin school?
    • How old are students they when they graduate?
  • Did you go to a good high school?
  • What do you remember about your teachers?
    • Who was your favorite teacher?
    • What teacher impressed you the most?
    • Do you still stay in touch with your teachers?
    • Did you have any teachers you didn't like?
  • How many students were in your high school?
  • Describe the students who attended your high school.
    • Did they have a good influence on you?
    • Did they make your childhood and teenage years harder or easier?
  • Were there cliques in your high school? Were there gangs?
  • Did you make friends in high school that you still keep in touch with?
  • What subjects were you good at?
  • What subjects were you bad at?
  • Did you study a foreign language in school? Was it taught well?
  • Do you know anyone who attended a private school? Do private schools offer higher quality education or are they just prestigious?
  • Did you attend college?
  • If you did, what made you decide to go to the college you did?
  • Was it a good school?
  • How many students attended it?
  • How many students were in your biggest class? How many in your smallest class? Did you prefer small classes or big classes?
  • Was it harder to study in college than in high school? How does college compare to high school? What advice would you give a high school student who is about to go to college?
  • What did you major in? Why did you choose the major you did?
  • Did you live in a dormitory while you went to college? Who were your roommates?
  • Does your country provide a good public school system?
  • Does your country have good public universities? If not, why do you think there is a lack of funding for education in your country?
  • What realistic changes would you make to your country's attitude toward education?
  • What role do you think human capital plays in the development of countries?
  • How many years did you attend college?
  • Did you study abroad?
  • Do the elite in your country attend one or two universities?
  • Do elite universities help or harm your country?
  • Where do we learn the skills necessary to become a good student - in elementary, middle or high school?
  • What are the skills that separate good students from bad students?
  • Were good grades important to you?
  • Did teachers grade students fairly? Did you ever feel like you should have gotten a better grade then you did in a class?
  • Did you procrastinate studying? Did you ever pull an all nighter?
  • Did you study with other students?
  • Did classmates talk to each other much before or after class?
  • Did you skip class very often?
  • Do college professors give students syllabuses at the beginning of term? Were you clear on what professors expected of you?
  • Are college tuitions reasonable in your country? Is it easy to get scholarships or government grants?
  • Are there good colleges in your country?
  • Do many people in your country study abroad?
  • Are there any subjects you wanted to study but they weren't available at your school?
  • Are women encouraged to pursue education?
  • Are straight-A students smarter than others or just better at memorizing things? Did you really learn in school or did you just memorize information and pass tests?
  • Do you know anyone who does not know how to read or write?
  • Do you think teachers are paid enough? Do you think teachers are well educated?
  • Do you think your teachers gave too much homework? How much homework should teachers assign students?
  • Did you ride a bus or walk to school?
  • Was school ever canceled for a day when you were a child?
  • Do you think it is easier to learn as a child or as an adult?
  • Is it difficult for people without a college education to get good jobs where you live?
  • Does education guarantee a good job?
  • What are the qualities of a good student?
  • What are the qualities of a good teacher?
  • Why do you think people become teachers?
  • How much free time does a high school student in your country have?
  • Do parents home-school their children in your country?
  • What do you think of home schooling?
  • Do you know anyone who was home schooled?
  • Do you wish you had been home schooled?
  • Are teachers the only ones qualified to teach children? What makes someone qualified to teach children?
  • Can parents influence their children's schools? What can a parent do if he or she disapproves of a teacher's decision?
  • Do children have a right to an education? Should education be free?
  • Does your country provide a good public school system?
  • What improvements does the school system need?
  • Do you think your country should spend more money on schools?
  • If a school gets more money, will the quality of education always improve?
  • What would happen if public schools were abolished? Could children still get an education?
  • Once you graduate from a university should you stop learning?
  • What are some ways a person can continue to learn?
  • Are college graduates smarter than people who did not go to college?
  • Would you ever vote for a politician who did not attend college?
  • Do the elite in your country attend only one or two universities? Do elite universities help or harm your country?
  • What realistic changes would you make to your country's attitude toward education?
  • Why do students cheat during tests and exams? How do they cheat?
  • What is your attitude towards cheating? How should parents react? How should teachers react?
  • Where do we learn the skills necessary to become a good student - in elementary, middle or high school?
  • Should people go straight from school to a university, or do something different?
  • What is a "genius"?
  • Do teachers sometimes teach things that are not important?
  • Are there things your school does not teach that you think it should?
  • Are school uniforms good to have? Why or why not?
  • Would you ever want to learn a third language?
  • How important is curiosity in a student?
  • Can you teach someone who has no desire to learn?
  • What do you think about a gap year, is this something you would consider?
  • Should people go straight from school to University, or do something different?
  • Do you think it is necessary that there are windows in the classroom to provide for a proper learning atmosphere?
  • What do you wish your teachers understood about you?
  • Do you think a person can become a genius, or are they just born that way?
  • What do you consider to be a "smart" or "slow" person?
  • Are things your school teaches that you think are not important?
  • Are school uniforms good to have? Why/why not?
  • Do prefer school uniforms or casuals better?
  • Would you ever want to learn a third language? [To be "trilingual"]
  • What do you consider "hardworking" or 'lazy"?
  • What is the role of schools in society?
  • Do you enjoy going to school? If so, why if not why?
  • What does your education mean to you?
  • What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of state and private schools are?
  • What would you do if you saw someone with a gun at school?
  • Are college tuitions reasonable?
  • Are foreign languages part of the curriculum? If so, which languages?
  • Are most schools coeducational in your country?
  • Are there any subjects/classes you wanted to study but they weren't available at your school/college?
  • Do you have difficulty with school work?
  • Do you think teachers are paid enough?
  • Do you think your school is a good one? Why/why not?
  • Do you think your teachers give too much homework?
  • Do you think public speaking can improve your english?
  • How can we improve our classroom?
  • Why English is hard to learn at university level?
  • How do you travel to school?
  • How long must you go to college to get a degree?
  • How much is too much homework? How should the homework load be managed?
  • If you have not attended college, do you plan on doing so?
  • What are some good ways to learn English?
  • What are some important factors in determining which college to attend?
  • What classes would you take?
  • What do you study? What's your major?
  • What is the average age of a high school graduate?
  • What is your favorite class?
  • What was (or is) your favorite subject? Why do you like it?
  • Who selects the college you will attend -- you or your parents?
  • Why are you studying a foreign language?
  • Why is it helpful to learn a Second language.
  • Why is it sometimes very difficult to speak another language?
  • Would you consider studying abroad?
  • Do parents home-school their children in your country?
    • What do you think of home-schooling?
    • Do you know anyone who was home-schooled?
  • Do you think that most parents influence what university their child will attend?
  • Once you graduate from a university should you stop learning?
    • What are some ways a person can continue to learn?
  • Which is more important, the essential skills in life you've learned to develop on your own or the artificial structure in college about the "real" life?
  • Which high schools and colleges are the best in your country?
  • Which high schools and colleges are not so good in your country?
  • We should not just prepare for life, but live it. Do you agree?
  • What kind of world do you think this would be if people never went to school?
  • Should education be free?
  • Do the elite in your country attend only one or two universities?
  • Do your children attend US schools? If so, how do their schools differ from those your children attended back home?
  • Does your country have good public universities? If not, why do you think there is a lack of funding for education in your country?
  • Why do students cheat during tests and exams?
  • How do they cheat?
  • What is your attitude towards cheating?
  • What are the dangers of cheating?
  • How should parents react?
  • How should teachers react?
  • What is the role of school and decision makers?
  • What skills separate good students from bad students?
  • Should people go straight from school to university, or do something different?
  • Do you think a person can become a genius, or are they just born that way?
  • Are things that your school teaches you that you think are not important?
  • Do prefer school uniforms or casuals clothes better?
If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it. http://iteslj.org/questions/

Many of these questions come from textbooks
Copyright © 1982-2000 by Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly (Used by Permission)
Copyright © 1997-2010 by The Internet TESL Journal

College Homework Help

College Homework Help

College life opens up door for blissful and bright career for students. Steeping in college generates enthusiasm and zeal to come up with great ideas and practices.

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The homework load poem

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4 Ways to Handle the Pressures of College Homework

4 Ways to Handle the Pressures of College Homework

When you first get to college, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with more homework than you’ve ever had before. The readings, papers, projects, problem sets, and exams sometimes feel like they never end.

Given this, it’s not hard to fall behind. Keeping up with all of the work, getting enough sleep, and finding time to make friends and relax is a tall task. I’ll be honest: it took me a while to figure out how to best complete all my homework. The first couple weeks of the semester I was incredibly inefficient. Finishing my assignments and readings took way longer than I wanted it to. Eventually I got fed up with all the time I was wasting and decided to do a little critical reflection on how I could change my homework habits to optimize my productivity. Here are some bits of advice I discovered that have really helped me manage my homework load better:

1. Mix up the types of assignments you do. If you take a balanced mix of classes, you’re bound to end up with different types of homework assignments. Make good use of this by varying the types of homework you do each day. It can get monotonous to try to all of your readings in one short period of time, but if you stagger, say, readings with problem sets, you’ll keep your energy up for longer.

2. Know where you work best. For me at least, different types of homework are conducive to different locations for working. Instead of wandering around and just doing homework wherever you happen to be, it’s helpful to understood which assignments correspond well with certain study spots. For me, I do textbook reading in the quiet library section, essay writing in a library cubicle, readings in bed or on the main green, and problem sets in study lounges. Know where you work best, because putting yourself in an environment that’s conducive to the task at hand is crucial in doing efficient work.

3. Give yourself breaks. What? But doesn’t college give too much homework to take breaks? My answer to that question is a resounding NO. It is super important that you don’t work so much that you burn out. Not only is overworking bad for your health, it’s also bad for your productivity. Humans can only focus on the same task for a limited amount of time. If you try to push past this limit and do homework for obscene amounts of time, you’ll end up working really slowly and retaining little of what you were trying to learn. My advice is to break up your homework into manageable chunks and give yourself breaks in between. You’ll accomplish more by working in segments of 35 minutes “on” and 10 minutes “off” than you will by trying to focus nonstop for hours at a time.

4. Take classes you enjoy. This might seem obvious, but it is still of critical importance. By taking classes you’re enthused about the large piles of homework you have won’t be so daunting. Sure, doing homework is rarely at the top of anyone’s preference list; however, if the homework you’re doing is interesting to you’re more likely to feel excited about doing it than anxious about getting it done.

It’s true that keeping up with homework well in college will be a difficult thing to accomplish. However, with the right mindset and good habits, you’ll conquer the pressure of college-level homework and discover an incredible perseverance within yourself in no time.

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Example Essays: College Homework

1. Cheating On College Exam

Three-quarters of all high school and colleges students admitted cheating on tests and homework papers. Some college students cheat on their homework papers and exams. Many students are so tired that they do not care about school or homework. Most students who cheated in high school are lazy because they would not waster their time doing homework or study. Three-quarters of college students admit to cheating on tests and homework papers.

2. How To Concentrate On Homework

Have you ever stood in front of a huge pile of homework and just could not concentrate on it. In college, you tend to have more time on your hands and the last thing on one"s mind is homework. But I learned some tricks once for concentrating on homework. It is just hard to concentrate on something you do not like doing if you can see something that you like to do.The next trick is to write down what you have to do for homework on separate little notes. Also write down the time you started doing that piece of homework and the time you think you will be finished onto each note.

3. How to concentrate on homework

Have you ever stood in front of a huge pile of homework and just could not concentrate on it. In college, you tend to have more time on your hands and the last thing on one"s mind is homework. But I learned some tricks once for concentrating on homework. It is just hard to concentrate on something you do not like doing if you can see something that you like to do.The next trick is to write down what you have to do for homework on separate little notes. Also write down the time you started doing that piece of homework and the time you think you will be finished onto each note.

4. Homework Synthesis Essay

There is data that states that the typical student does not spend more than an hour on homework, the homework load has not changed since the 1980s, and that parents would rather see homework increased. Research shows that homework is positive for students. Especially for seniors who have already applied to their colleges. This money could be for their car, or to go towards college. In my opinion, homework should be decreased.

5. Parental Involvement in Homework

Homework is meant to be beneficial but many see it as a punishment. There are many reasons why teachers assign homework. The different purposes of homework are not mutually exclusive; homework may be designed to fulfill one or several purposes (Van Voorhis, 2003). Many parents tend to view homework as punishment. Teachers would like parents to give children encouragement, let them do homework on their own, and sign homework.

6. first day at college

My First Day at CollegeSince high school, I have been waiting to enter college. I felt like I had entered a park, not a college. People were eating, playing video games, and doing their homework. After class was over, the teacher gave us a lot of homework to do. I remember I was not given any homework in high school, but I knew all the material taught to me.

7. College Students and Homework

College life can be very challenging period for students. Therefore, college students would succeed much better in their studies if they spend more time doing homework. An article in USA Today journal reports that in a 2008 survey, about 80% of first year college students stated that their parents interfered in various college activities including their choice and enrollment (Marklein D.8). The last reason why students spend less time for their homework can be independence. After all, work ethic is at the heart of success not only in college but also in life.

8. Homework

My freshman year of college is proving to be the most difficult year yet. My response is always the same; " I"m doing homework, call me later.aE I re-focus on my homework. Now, I am faced with the problem of sleeping or doing more homework. I conclude that the only way to get my homework done is to hide. My only option to achieve success is to re-evaluate my homework process.

9. Solid Advice for College Students

A hard working college student is a successful college student! College is totally different then high school. Being prepared at all times is one of the key tools to surviving English 52 at Cerritos College. The professor could be explaining the homework assignment to you, and if you are not focused you will not know what you are supposed to be doing for homework. Always do the assigned homework given to you.

10. High School and College - Two Different Worlds

When it comes to academics, the homework and seat work are not that difficult and heavy. College, on the other hand is a different story. Decision making in high school is completely different than in college. In college, students are responsible for themselves. Most of us know what everyone goes through in high school and college.

11. High School Vs College

If the government paid for books for college as it does for high school more people might be able to afford going to college. In high school, students get a more general education and time spent doing homework is less. Throughout my high school years I would spend mornings doing homework during reading period. Now that I"m in college I have at least two hours of homework each night. Since the majority of college students have jobs and have more homework to do it makes it harder for them to see their friends during the week.

12. College Frustrations

Nothing is more frustrating to a college student than being dead broke. Tests, past due homework, and pop quizzes don"t even compare to being a dead broke college student. Some students have to work at a job while attending college in order to live. A last thing to consider of the monetary frustrations of a college student is the lack of funding for fun. In a perfect world, college students would have enough money for the basics, and a little extra for relaxation.

13. High School and College Academics

do I have to finish a lot of homework. However, after they join a college, some want to go back to high school again whereas some think that college is better than in high school. In several ways, college and high school have some differences and a similarity. Nevertheless, friends in college are diverse (Koman, 2015). However, high school and college share a similarity a purpose.

14. The Issue of College Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a critical issue occurring in colleges nowadays. Many students do not understand what plagiarism is especially the college freshman. A Teacher who caught up student plagiarize assignment won't trust that student anymore and cause teacher to check homework or assignment of that plagiarism student carefully so they won't have any good score on their work. Thus, Plagiarism student will get many troubles on academic study in college. It also gives the college student many troubles on their future job.

15. Paying College Athletes

Imagine being a student-athlete in college for four years. There you are sitting in your dorm late at night trying to finish your homework when all of a sudden you get hungry. What does a college athlete do in this situation. Said athletes must also make it to practices and do the tremendous amounts of homework that college professors hand out. Several college athletes have to skip classes for their games.

16. Transitioning from High School to College

When one is in college he is entirely responsible for himself. Not doing a homework in high school might mean one can hand it in the next day if he makes up a reasonable excuse. However, the amount of homework and material to study is very different. One hour is the average time a high school student spends on doing homework and studying a day while in college it might move up to around three hours depending on the classes one takes. Now in college I am on the tennis team and we train around one hour and a half per day and after that I have enough time to go to the gym, do homework.

17. college

The College YearsThere are a plethora of people who decide to attend college. One easy way to group students who go to college would be to put them in four basic groups. The second year of college can be more fun than freshman year because people are familiar with the school. Seniors also have less credit hours than most because they are just finishing up their college years. Although it may be less hours of school, the classes are harder and take up much more time for studying and homework.

18. College Essay

During my first year of college, just like every other freshman, I ran around the buildings carrying an oversized backpack fully equipped with six textbooks, five hours of homework from the previous night, and numerous maps and schedules to help me navigate the school. This was one of the most important lessons I learned, for it gave me my individuality, which is now a flourishing aspect of my character.In college, the next big step is sociology class. Even though in a couple of years, I may forget the functions of social conflict, I will never forget the lessons the course taught me.

19. College Life

College LifeOn January nineteenth, 2002, I attended my first class in college. No matter what I did I knew that my homework or other assignments would be done whenever I got to it. In college, there is no doing your work whenever you get to it. I could not do my homework assignments. Make a choice, homework or parties, girls or loose leaf.

20. High SchoolVsCollege

High School Versus CollegeHigh school and College are two institutions of education. College is more academically challenge than high school. College students must balance their responsibilities and set priorities. Teachers often check your completed homework. In college the average time is 12 to 16 hours per week in a class.

21. The NCAA and Paying College Athletes

The typical college athlete wakes up at the crack of dawn, has an individual training session, goes to class until 3 to 4 pm, followed by a team practice session, mandatory study hall, and then finishes homework or studies for a test. Seventeen college football coaches and seven college basketball coaches make more than $3 million a year. College sports are no different from this. College athletes are students just like the rest of the college population and are in the classroom and around the campus. Because of that, college could possibly lose a lot of fans because that was o.

22. Christian College Students

What causes Christian college students to undergo a crisis of faith. One reason that causes college students to go through a crisis of faith is due to balancing their time. One day may be filled with cramming homework where the next may be filled with work and social events. In Hebrews 12:2-3 it tells us to "fix our eyes on Jesus. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.aE If you do not fix your eyes on Jesus and spend time with him then you will lose heart, meaning your faith will diminish.Another cause pertai.

23. College Student

The first day of anything new is always nerve racking especially the first day of class at Rock Valley College. There seem to be many differences and similarities between high school and college that I"ve noticed. The first day of class at Rock Valley College I arrived early just in case for some reason I were to get lost. At home I finish homework and have some alone time until the next day when I have to head back to school for two more classes. I found that college is going to be a new experience that definitely didn"t want to miss out on.