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Maggi Noodles Marketing Plan - Essays - 2702 Words

Maggi Noodles Marketing Plan

This is an assignment on the marketing plan of Maggi Noodles in India. This project focuses on the marketing plan of the product. It also includes information about the product and its company. This assignment help in knowing Maggi as a product and the marketing plan use by the company to gain competitive advantage over other competitor.

We owe a great thanks to many people who helped us and supported us during the assignment. Our deepest thanks to our lecturer, Prof. Sharif Memon for giving us this opportunity of doing this assignment. We would also thank our Institution and our faculty members without whom this assignment would have been a distant reality. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our group members.

1 | Executive Summary | 04 |
2 | Situation Analysis | 05 |
3 | Market Need and Opportunity | 07 |
4 | Issues and challenges | 07 |
5 | Objectives | 08 |
6 | Marketing Strategies | 10 |
7 | Target Market | 10 |
8 | Positioning | 11 |
9 | Marketing Mix | 11 |
10 | Review & Control | 13 |
11 | Contingency Plan | 13 |


Nestle India is a subsidiary of Nestle S.A. of Switzerland. With six factories and a large number of co-packers, Nestle India is a vibrant Company that provides consumers in India with products of global standards and is committed to long-term sustainable growth and shareholder satisfaction. The company is known for its brands in the Milk Products & Nutrition, Prepared Dishes & Cooking Aids, and Chocolates & Confectionery segments.

Nestle leads the value sales of noodles in India with a market share of 79.3%. A testament to Nestle's domination of the sales of plain noodles is the fact that for its instant noodles brand Maggi, among all its global offices, India accounts for the highest level of volume sales for the company.

This marketing plan analyses the current marketing mix of Maggi Noodles, studies the popularity of the two new health variants Vegetable Atta and Dal Atta Noodles and makes suggestions with regard to introducing a new brand “Cup O Maggi” in the cup noodles segment.


Nestle’s Maggi noodles is the leading brand in the instant noodles segment in India, enjoying a market share of 79.3%. The brand has grown to an estimated Rs 200 crore & contributes to around 10% of Nestle India’s top line. Being the pioneer in the noodles market has given it a first mover’s advantage over other brands. Maggi has regularly come up with new flavors and has recently launched two variants- Vegetable Atta and Dal Atta noodles, catering to the increasing demand for healthy snacks. As per the company 4c analysis are on customer, competitor, company, and context.

Maggi noodles was introduced in the market in late 90’s in India as a product of Nestle a Company that provides consumers in India with products of global standards and it is available in almost all the part of India as well in all shops and has a high market demand mainly among children and youngster. It is one of the products which are easy to cook and good to eat, so it satisfied all the age group people. Competitors

Maggi is one of the known brands in India and has a high demand in the market earning high profit because of which it is the leading competitor among others like sunfeast of I.T.C ,Top ramen and many others, after detail analysis nestle has identify that Maggi has created an image in the minds of their customers which provide competitive advantage over others. Company

Nestle Maggi company is one of the largest company with an annual turnover of 45.48 billion ,maggi is available in many size ,shape and flavors Maggi chota pack conveniently priced at Rs 5 for 50gms. To magi family pack price rs 80 for 400 gms. Context

The annual production of Maggi in India is over 71.66 tons, due to its high demand the production is very.

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Demand Analysis of Maggi

Demand Analysis of Maggi

Demand Analysis Of Maggi Noodles Submitted toDr. Geeta Jaglan Faculty, Economics AIBS Submitted byNaman Shrivastava-A1802011033 Asif Unia- A1802011365 Satyaneesh Dubey- A1802011074 Nishith Simon- A1802011020 Maggi noodle is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. The brand is popular in Australia, India, SouthAfrica, Brazil, Nepal, NewZealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Sr i Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Philippines. Maggi noodles are part of the Maggi family, a Nestlé brand of instant soups, stocks, and noodles. Maggi noodles recently introduced a new variety of its noodles, to cater for the health conscious like 'No MSG', 'Less Salt', and 'No Trans fat'. Whole-wheat flour based noodle variation marketed by the name "Vegetable Atta Noodles" has been introduced in India (Atta flour is used in preparing most forms of wheat based breads in India) and caters to health conscious buyers wary of the refined flour used in the regular Maggi noodles. This move helps the brand in India as suburban mothers, who feed the noodles to children as an afterschool snack, are the primary customers of the brand. Recently, a line of rice noodles and whole wheat with pulses, carrots, beans, and onions has also been introduced in India. In fact, "Maggi" has become a well-known brand for instant noodles in India and Malaysia. Over the years, Maggi noodles has become a popular snack food product in India. Maggi noodles have availability even in the remotest locations of India like Kedarnath, Ladakh, Amarnath. These are places where there is no proper supply of even electricity but maggi is still available for the foody’s appetite. The “Economic Times” has applauded maggi with the following quote- “What Xerox is to photocopier, Colgate to toothpaste, Maggi is to Noodles in India.” Fast to Cook, Good to Eat  Law Of Demand“Demand for a commodity increases when its price decreases and falls when its prices rises while the other things remaining constant.”  Factors affecting Demand of MaggiPrice of CommodityQuantity Price 100 g ` 10 200 g ` 20 400 g ` 40 600 g ` 59 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Weight Price 1 100 10 2 200 20 3 400 40 4 600 59 Income of ConsumersIncome Group Lower Middle 5 Upper Middle 5 Higher 6 Demand(packs/month) 3 Pack/Month 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Lower Pack/Month 3 Middle 5 Upper Middle 5 Higher 6 Pack/Month 3 5 5 6 As seen from the above graph the maggi demand goes up as the income level goes up. The middle and the Upper middle have the same level of consumption. Income ElasticityIf the income rises by 20% then the demand will rise by 10% the curve is positively sloped means that elasticity of Income is >0 and


Marketing Streategy - College Essay

Marketing Streategy Marketing Streategy

gi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. Maggi has been the highest sold noodles in India. It is a product of Nestle Brand. It took several years and lots of money for nestle to establish its noodles brand in India Maggi was invented in Europe by a person named Jullius Maggi.In India it was launched in 1980s by Nestle group of companies. Maggie had merged with Nestle family in 1947.
Maggie has faced lot of hurdles in its journey in India…. The basic problem the brand faced was the Indian psyche. i.e Indians used to be conservative about the food habits so noodles faced a lot of problem in promoting sales.
Initially nestle tried to to position the Noodles in the platform of convenience targeting the working women. However, the sales of Maggi was not picking up despite of heavy Media Advertising.To overcome this NIL conducted a research,which revealed that it was children who liked the taste of Maggi noodles and who were the largest consumers of the they came up with Maggi- 2 minute noodles with price of Rs. 2.10 with a close of 100% margin. NIL shifted its focus from working women and targeted children and their mothers through its marketing. NIL's promotions positioned the noodles as a 'convenience product', for mothers and as a 'fun' product for children. The noodles' tagline, 'Fast to Cook Good to Eat'
was also in keeping with this positioning. They promoted the product by
1.Distributing free samples.
2.Giving gifts on return of empty packets.
3.Dry sampling-distributing Maggi packets
4. wet sampling - distributing cooked Maggi.
5.Availability in different packages 50gm,100gm,200gm,etc. and
6.Effective Tagline Communication.
Through its ads, NIL positioned Maggi as a 'fun' food for kids which mothers could prepare easily. Taglines like 'Mummy, bhookh lagi hai' (Mom, I'm hungry), 'Bas 2-Minute,' and 'Fast to Cook Good to Eat' effectively communicated the product's benefits to target consumers.
These ads had.

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Maggi noodles

Maggi noodles

Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. The brand is popular in Australia. India. South Africa. Brazil. Nepal. New Zealand. Brunei. Malaysia. Singapore. Sri Lanka. Bangladesh. Pakistan. Fiji and the Philippines. In several countries, it is also known as "maggi mee" (mee is Indonesian/Malay/Hokkien for noodles). Maggi noodles are part of the Maggi family, a Nestlé brand of instant soups, stocks, and noodles. In Malaysia. there are fried noodles made from maggi noodles known as Maggi goreng . Maggi noodles recently introduced a new variety of its noodles, to cater for the health conscious like 'No MSG ', 'Less Salt', and 'No Trans fat '. A wholewheat flour based noodle variation marketed by the name "Vegetable Atta Noodles " has been introduced in India (Atta flour is used in preparing most forms of wheat based breads in India) and caters to health conscious buyers wary of the refined flour used in the regular Maggi noodles. This move helps the brand in India as suburban mothers, who feed the noodles to children as an afterschool snack, are the primary customers of the brand. Recently, a line of rice noodles and whole wheat with pulses, carrots, beans, and onions has also been introduced in India. In fact, "Maggi" has become a well-known brand for instant noodles in India and Malaysia.

Nestlé India Ltd (NIL) offered a variety of culinary products such as instant noodles, soups, sauces and ketchups, cooking aids (seasonings), etc. under the Maggi brand (Refer to Exhibit II for Maggi's product portfolio as of mid-2006). Of these, instant noodles had been NIL's main product category in the culinary segment since the launch of Maggi 2 Minute Noodles (Maggi noodles) in 1982. Over the years, Maggi noodles became a popular snack food product in India. In fact, the word "Maggi" has become a common term for any brand of noodles in India.

In mid 2008, New Zealand supermarkets introduced replacement formulations for its Beef, Oriental, and Curry flavours. A new feature is an extra sachet containing dehydrated vegetables. Maggi claims the new range contains 88% less total fat and 86% less saturated fat than the average of top-three (unnamed) 2-minute-noodle competitors. The new Maggi range also has considerably lower fat than its own previous formulation. However, the salt content has been increased by 31 percent. Consumers have not reacted well to the new formulations, complaining that they want the original chicken flavour back. [ citation needed ]

In the Philippines, packs of Maggi noodles were recalled by Nestle Philippines after it was said to be contaminated with salmonella.

Maggi noodles also contain the additives E150d and E627. [ 1 ] E150d is sometimes made from maize. [ 2 ]

Claimed to be "2 minute noodles", The Maggi noodle cake and seasoning is added into boiling water for two minutes and it is ready for consumption. Egg, seaweed, boiled vegetables or lemon can also be added to the noodles for a better flavour.

Contents Flavours

Maggi Noodles are available in a large assortment of different flavours. They are:

  • Original Flavour
  • Chicken
  • Curry (a healthier alternative is also sold in supermarkets)
  • Kari Letup ("Explosive" Curry) in Malaysia
  • Laksa Lemak (discontinued)
  • Tom yam
  • Chicken & Corn
  • Beef
  • Oriental
  • Masala
  • Prawn
  • Dal Sambar (whole wheat noodles)
  • Dal Atta noodles
  • Asam Laksa
  • Cheese
  • Pizza (only in Saudi Arabia and South Africa, was available for a period of time in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Sup Tulang (bone soup) (in Malaysia)
  • Chatpata
  • Tomato
  • Ruhi
  • Dashi
  • Koki
  • Kapi
  • Stronger Chicken
  • Crispy Chicken
  • Vegetable Atta Noodles (whole wheat noodles)
  • Shahi Pulao (rice noodles)
  • Chilly Chow (rice noodles)
  • Lemon Masala (rice noodles)
  • Mi Goreng Char Mee
  • Mi Goreng Kicap Bawang
  • Mi Goreng Pluz Asli
  • Capsica
  • Itik (duck)
  • Mi Udang Pulau Pinang' (was available in Malaysia)
  • Maggi goreng sedap
  • Boerewors (in South Africa)

Maggi noodles also produces instant noodles known as "Hot Bowl" noodles named "Cuppa Mania" in India. New drinkable Maggi noodle soups are also available.

Health claims controversy

Nestlé have faced criticism over their advertising of the Maggi brand, adhering to marketing regulations in developed countries, but making misleading claims in developing countries where regulation permits it. For example, in October 2008 Nestlé mistakenly aired an advert meant for Bangladeshi TV on British TV. The advert made false claims that the noodles would "help to build strong muscles, bone and hair". The British Advertising Standards Authority said that the advert did not abide by the new EU consumer protection legislation, by which advertisers have to provide proof of health claims. [ 3 ]

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Cooking Bases, Maggi 1-2-3 noodles . Contodina snack dressing and the chocolate items, milky base marbles and bar one peanut. And also launched, Bonus and Polo. * During the year company commenced construction of a new factory at Bicholim, Goa. At the same year, instant noodles factory was installed.

to achieve the profitable relationships through market segmentation, targeting and positioning, the company decide which customers it will serve and how . Guided by marketing strategy, the company design a marketing mix made up of factors under its control – product, price, place, promotion. To find the.

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‘Growing Up’ The Instant noodles market in India is finally coming of age after over 25 years The instant noodles category in India was, in a sense, created by Nestlé with the introduction of their Maggi brand in mid-1980s. The concept of ‘2-minute noodles ’, positioned as a quick snack option for.

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Maggi losing instant noodles market share in India to new entrants * NEW DELHI: Maggi instant noodles . foods major Nestle's flagship brand that has dominated the Indian instant noodles market for nearly three decades, is losing market share on a monthly basis to newer entrants such as GlaxoSmithKline's.

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contaminated. 2015: Indian food-safety regulators said tests on Nestle’s instant noodles found impermissibly-high levels of lead. Recently, unacceptable levels of lead had been found during initial tests of Nestle’s instant noodle Maggi. Maggi is among India’s most popular food brands, and its sales rivaling.

Bonjuk, ‘principle” means that we make no compromise on nutrition, taste, and quality of the food we serve, and observe the highest standards we set. It also refers to the traditional brand categories, such as the salad on rice (Bibimbap), rice porridge (Juk), and noodle (Guksu), all of which are representative.

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of cut knife, so a machine after changing the face of the different knife can make all kinds of noodles . Surface of roll (automatic noodle machine), is a new kind of noodles production line equipment, the machine from feed to to continuous operation.

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Introduction Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. The brand is popular in Australia, India, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Fiji and the Philippines. Maggi is Malaysia’s no 1 bag noodles and voted as best Performing.

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specific information areas to be studied. ➢ How do customers perceive Maggi as a stable brand, their perception of noodles and how do they associate themselves with Maggi? ➢ Are the consumers aware of Maggi Brand or they associate noodles with some other brand? ➢ Which product from.

Asian Diet The foods we choose to eat have an enormous impact on how we look and feel. As we all know, our daily diet affects how long and how well we live. Sensible eating can provide energy for our daily tasks, protect us from many chronic illnesses, improve our appearances and may even extend longevity.

anti-cancer. According to a science research, noodle and pasta made of 1/3 maize flour, 1/3 wheat flour and the left 1/3 soybean meal contains 7-8 times nutrition than the pure maize flour, wheat flour or soybean meal. Here we will give you information of how to make maize flour recipes cake by MAIZE MILLING.

actually dividing the society. On one side, we have those who are able to make it to the software parks. The money they are getting gives them an "intelligent-smart-successful" clout. While the less fortunate others, who couldn't make it to the IT jobs are living in abject self-pity and with low self esteem.

To the north, when referring to noodles crab, everyone immediately to mind hot crab noodle bowl with pieces of tomato red blush, delicious crab brick layer, a bit of dry sprinkle on top and also the additional color golden fried beans. To cook a bowl of noodles and crab true northern style, mainly.

Photo Essay: Maggi no more

Photo Essay: Maggi no more

An empty packet of Maggi photographed by German tourist Laura Degener near the Pangong Lake in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, in 2012. Photo: Laura Degener

For many it was comfort food; for others, a default option.

In 2009, Nestle launched the advertising campaign Me And Meri Maggi on the occasion of 25 years of the brand in India. It had stories by people who had grown up eating the instant noodles. The idea was to drive home the point that no matter how remote a village, or a region, you would find Maggi there.

One such image that has stayed with people over the years is finding the instant noddle brand in remote corners of the Himalayas, so much so that cafés and small roadside shops selling hot bowls of the instant noodles were called “Maggi Points”. Extremely popular among trekkers and tourists, has the contrywide temporary recall of Maggi for containing lead and monosodium glutamate in excess of permissible limits left a vacuum?

More than 27,000 tonnes of Maggi worth Rs. 320 crore is being incinerated in cement factories. The brand was estimated to be worth Rs. 2,000-crore.

Though some of these small cafés and roadside shops are now struggling to find an alternative and sustaining losses, others have moved on to other products. “The Maggi seller next to our camp is now selling momos,” says an army soldier, posted in Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir, who did not want to be named.

“See we were not eating instant noodles for their nutrition value. It is not like it gave any strength while trekking. It’s just that at times when we were too tired to cook anything else after a day’s trek, it was easy to opt for instant noodles,” says Ram Negi, a resident of Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh, and a trek guide who does around 8-10 treks a year. “We used to carry Maggi because it was the most popular brand and some clients would ask for it,” says Negi, who now plans to replace it with another instant noodle brand.

Subhash Agarwal, a Bengaluru-based finance professional and a regular trekker, says he opted for Maggi because it was easy to carry, unlike perishable items like fruits and vegetables, and did not weigh much. Also, you don’t need to carry a whole paraphernalia to cook it. In cold weather, a bowl of hot noodles is always welcome and the carbohydrates provide the much-needed energy, he says.

“I won’t be surprised to see other noodle brands being carried by guides on my next trek in July to Bhabha Pass in Himachal Pradesh,” he adds. In fact, Agarwal says that it does not matter which instant noodle brand he eats, as long as it is hot.

Tom Uncle Maggi Point, a popular eating joint on Delhi University’s North Campus, has already switched to another instant noodle brand. The names of the dishes in the menu have also been changed, with the word “Maggi” being replaced with “noodles”. Established in 1978 (then called Tom Pakora Shop), it started selling Maggi in 1996.

Tom Uncle Maggi Point, however, is not going to change its name soon, because “we have got the name trademarked”, says Sandeep Kataria, who runs the outlet next to Ramjas College, New Delhi. Kataria used to sell around 150 plates of Maggi daily and his menu had almost 50 types of preparations of the instant noodles. Even in June, when colleges are closed, he used to sell around 50-60 plates every day.

“We have switched to other noodle brands but the sale is around 20-25 plates a day now. But I think that is because right now people are just scared of eating instant noodles in general,” says Kataria.

He says sales of macaroni and bhel puri have gone up. “These are doing fine as customers are ordering these instead of noodles,” adds Kataria.

“If the problem is not resolved, I will have to do something about the name of the shop as well,” he says nonchalantly. According to him, people come to eat at his food stall because of the masala he uses in the dishes and not for Maggi. “It is the combination of our home-made chat masala, bhuna masala and other spices which makes the taste of these noodles unique. We can do the same with any instant noodles,” he says.

According to Ashish V. Cherian and Siju Varghese, who were eating at Tom Uncle Maggi Point, the brand of noodles used did not matter. “The taste is almost the same and it does not make much difference to us which noodles are used,” says Cherian.

While it is not clear when the instant noodle brand will be back on shop shelves, not everyone is complaining.

Photo Essay: Maggi no more