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Throwback Galaxy Music Extended Essay

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 64!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 64.

Well its finally done. sorry it took all summer for me to make this, but please note that this hack was about 80% percent finished, i just wanted to leave YouTube as soon as possible. but i might make 1 more hack. but idk yet.


Here is the FULL download. (rom and texture pack included in file)

Extended Definition Of Music Essay Research Paper

Extended Definition Of Music Essay Research Paper

Extended Definition Of Music Essay, Research Paper

Music is the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity, as explained in the Webster s Dictionary. But music is much more than sounds, tones, and combinations. Music can contain messages of peace, wrong doings, world hunger, or problems with the government. Both rap artist and country singers write music about experiences and lifestyles and a large number of people enjoy the feelings and the moods they experience when listening to music.

There are many artists that have written many songs containing messages. One song in particular conveyed a message of peace; it is called Heal the World. written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie. This song was a collaboration of many artists and it helped millions of starving children around the world to put food in their stomachs so they could be able to survive.

Another collaboration of many rap artist, including Rah Digga, Busta Rhymes, Common Cense, De La Soul, Sporty Thieves, and Pharomonch, created a song called Tribute to Amadou Diallo. In this song the artist put a message of police brutality and they sang about the death of Amado Diallo on their song. Bruce Springsteen sang a song called American Skin. This song was very controversial because a part of his song referred to the 41 shots Amadou Diallo was hit with. Some New York City associations even tried to boycott Bruce Springsteen last concert performances at Madison Square Garden because of that song and its content. There is also another group called Rage Against the Machine. They have many messages in their songs; they speak out and address concerns against inner-city deprivation, racism, censorship, propaganda and much more. This band strives to bring more than just entertainment to our society.

Music can also tell about a person s lifestyle or about what kind of problems they have or have had in life. For instance, many country singers sing about lovers, man trouble, broken marriages, and bad relationships; not to say that other kinds of artist don t sing about that stuff because they do, country singers are just a great example. When it comes to singing about what kind of lifestyle an artist has or had, rap artist are the perfect example. For example Big Pimpin (the last single from a well-known artist called JZ) was a song mostly about how much money JZ had and how he lived so wonderfully with many beautiful women. In Beanie Seagels latest album (another well known rap artist) he talks about growing up in the hood and having to resort to crime like robbing and drug dealing to make a living because of the poverty stricken environment he lived in. There are also many vibes and feeling you can get from listening to music. For example say someone is in a dance club and they are hearing a loud and fast pace song, they wouldn t normally go sit down to a song like this; they would feel happy and go to the dance floor and dance to the fast pace song. Or if they don t dance they would at least be tapping their foot or bobbing their head. If a person is listening to a slow pace song like soft classical or R&B music, they would probably be more mellow and have a relaxed type of feeling, the kind of music they might want to fall asleep to.

Music can make people dance, be mellow, happy, or sad and can even save people lives. In conclusion the word music has a far greater definition then the dictionary has to offer.

Extended Essay in Music 2: UG Music Course: SOAS

Department of Music, School of Arts Extended Essay In Music 2

Course Code: 155800067 Unit value: 0.5 Taught in: Term 2

This is available for students who have already done the Extended Essay in Music 1 but wish to do another. It can also be taken in the same year as the former. The conditions are exactly the same.(See the Guidelines for Independent Study Projects and Extended Essays .)

  1. Ethnomusicology: Themes and Variations
  2. Extended Essay in Music 1
  3. If the proposed essay topic relates to a specific region of Asia or Africa, the appropriate regional music course is normally a pre- or co-requisite
Objectives and learning outcomes of the course

To give the student some experience of detailed research on a specified topic in music. To give the student the ability to engage in independent research, involving some combination of library work, fieldwork and possibly performance experience.

Workload Scope and syllabus

As determined by the individual extended essay supervisor in consultation with the student

Method of assessment

Coursework 100% (5000 words)


Bob-omb Battlefield 8 Bit - Super Mario 64 - Видео поиск, скачать видео youtube, скачать mp3 видео

Bob-omb Battlefield 8 Bit - Super Mario 64

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Looking for a music composer for your indie game? Or perhaps for a one-off commission? Here's my portfolio. -

Check out my EP's as well on Bandcamp. -

Based on the Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix, "Throwback Galaxy".

I use Logic Pro 9 and chipsounds in all my 8 Bit works.

Feel free to use any of my remixes for your own YouTube videos, just leave a link to my channel in the video description. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I make all my 8 Bit remixes from scratch, it is a creative process in which I rework or re-imagine existing tracks into an 8 Bit inspired sound. Proof of creation will always be available if needed.

Extended Essay - IB School South

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