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Tamura Elementary School Vandalism Essay

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FREE The perfect school Essay

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A lot of people wish that their school could be changed in an instant. The school does need to be changed and today I will be showing you my input on the changes. In this essay I will be discussing topics such as why we should have naptime, no homework, and no state tests.

Sleeping is a very important part in a young adults life. They are supposed to get more than 8 hours of sleep at night and most of the time they have after school activities with no time to rest or relax. The lifestyle of a teenager is devastating and the only way we can help is if we provide naptime in your schools. At least one hour they are there. Elementary school children take naps, what makes teenagers different? The only way we can keep our teenagers, our future, alive is to keep them healthy and rested.

Homework will not help us in the future. Unless you would like to be a teacher and grade papers for your homework, you wont have homework your whole life if you are that age. Homework get our grades down, prevents us from getting the right amount of sleep and even lowers our self esteem. If we eliminate homework altogether then all the problems are halfway gone in our school systems and they will be graded on their in class work and tests. It will prevent cheating in the home and they can work without being given answers. Homework is the least thing a teenager needs right now and we must stop this madness.

State tests should be an option for each student who decides to participate. State tests can be a hassle and sometimes depressing. The hassle of studying can lead to health risks. If people would like to know how they are progressing academically they can take the tests and know how they are progressing. They can take the tests and see which levels they need to improve on. This helps but if the child does not need to stress or feel the need to improve their grades then they don't have to take the test. They should give the teenager an option of

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Use of ID Tags by Schools

Use of ID Tags by Schools

Based on information in the attached article, Principal Earnie Graham uses a purely traditional managerial approach in running Brittan Elementary School in Sutter, California. He clearly defines his authority when he says that it is within his power to set rules that promote a positive school environment. In his opinion, identification badges will improve things in school, therefore the students will wear badges. This is an example of hierarchy.
Managerial Model - The traditional managerial approach views the implementation of i.d. tags as an efficient way to monitor kids. Attendance-taking is streamlined thereby eliminating a level of record keeping. The Principal also notes that the potential exists for school vandalism to be reduced, which reinforces economic concerns expressed by the managerial view. Less vandalism means less expense in repairing damage caused by vandals. Another concern with the managerial approach is effectiveness. Graham states in the article that i.d. tags will improve student safety. Having a way of monitoring students whereabouts is bound to provide an additional safety measure, whether it be a youngster purposely leaving campus or physically being taken without permission.
Graham indicates in the article that kids who boycott using the badges could be disciplined. This is another example of the traditional managerial model. Opposition to hierarchy is not permitted. So even if parents tell their children not to wear the badges, the child will suffer the consequences, not the parent. Insubordination is a behavior that will not be tolerated. The two, hierarchy and insubordination, go hand in hand and that’s demonstrated in this article.
Legal Model
Some parents think the badges violate their children’s privacy rights. Under the 4th Amendment, people have the ‘right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, …’. However, how much privacy should a child have in grade school? Implementation of the badges is a protection, not a violation. They assist in determining the safe arrival of a student at school. They provide information throughout the day that a student is where s/he is supposed to be. The school has a responsibility to care for a child while in its custody. Name tags provide a level of security and assist with carrying out that responsibility.
The school is legally responsible for ensuring the safety of students while in their care. The primary purpose of the school is to educate children. If the principal’s suggestion of id badges expedites attendance-taking, safety issues, and vandalism issues and maximizes the amount of time the school needs to perform its primary function, then no violation of rights has occurred. It isn’t unreasonable for schools to know where young children are while in their care, custody and control.
Freedom & Liberty – While the Bill of Rights offers protection to citizens from the government, the school is attempting to protect the students. The end does justify the means. Wearing the tag will not physically harm any of the children and furthermore, it is less likely that a child will wander off (or worse be kidnapped) unnoticed. It would be worse if only a select few students, such as those with known behavioral problems, were required to wear the badges. If that were to occur, the special problems or issues that child has, would be advertised by the badge and that would be a violation of the student’s right to privacy. The safety of many is more important than the rights of a few.
Other Alternatives
The New Public Management approach focuses on performance and results. NPM brings outside people into the decision making process. In this case, the parents are the external element with which to confer. In order to achieve his mission, Graham could have asked for parental input to work toward his goal. By utilizing some of the techniques outlined in the NPM model, he could have implemented the change, but had more parents on board with the concept. Had he shared with parents his desire to streamline attendance-taking, reduce vandalism and provide improved student safety, he may not have encountered as much opposition.
One of the parents, Mr. Cantrell, expressed his concern about teaching children trust and respect. The NPM model promotes a culture of trust because it strives to bring about people-led change. The text states ‘the essential ingredient of self-government is trusting the people involved’. Not knowing the history of Principal Graham it’s difficult to speculate whether he is trusted in the community. Assuming he is trusted, it would be far easier for him to get parents support and accept the new program. Assuming that he isn’t, utilizing the NPM model could have strengthened his relationship with his “customers” the parents.
Political Approach
In the last portion of the article, reference is made to the financial relationship between the school and the company that developed the radio frequency ID technology. It states that the school has received several thousand dollars for agreeing to the experiment and that the school will receive royalties from each future sale if the system is successful. This statement causes great concern about the principal’s motivation for implementing the use of badges. Under the political model as with the traditional managerial approach, all conflicts of interest should be eliminated. The principal failed to avoid this conflict of interest and in fact, may have even encouraged it. He saw an opportunity to raise revenue for the school district and is trying to sell it to the public based on traditional managerial concepts of effectiveness, efficiency and economical savings.
So while I initially supported the principal’s decision to employ the use of badges based on the overall goal of efficiency and safety, ultimately I disagree because I question whether his motivation was for financial gain over a better learning environment for the students.

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Essay on Vandalism

  1. Vandalism Over one half of all the crimes associated with vandalism occurs in high schools. There is no typical vandal. Vandals can be good or bad students, girls or boys.
  2. Vandalism vandalism? Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of private or public property. Vandalism. If the school is vandalized, then the school has to pay for some.
  3. Parents Should Take More Responsibility On Vandalism By Teenagers. Do You Agree With That Statement? First of all, what is vandalism? Definition of vandalism is abuse of public property or personal amenities. Places where vandalism most likely to occur are in.
  4. Vandalism three categories of vandalism which are public vandalism, school/campus vandalism, and private vandalism. Public Vandalism Public vandalism is a deliberate act.
  5. Vandalism trouble to those people who needs to use the sign board for the direction. Vandalism is still and will always be a growing problem unless we do something about it.

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Besides economic and “Vandalism is typically defined as when a person knowingly causes serious physical damage to a structure or its contents” ( http://defiitions.uslegal.com/v/vandalism). The term vandalism not only implies the damage of structures but also it can be defined as all the acts that that can hurt physically or morally somebody. In the last thirty years, El Salvador has experimented an increase of vandalism; situation that has provoked the proliferation of illegal groups like Mara salvatrucha, the XVIII, Mao Mao. These unauthorized groups are out of control and have spread in the Salvadoran population a feeling of insecurity, reason which they choose the decision to look for places in where they can feel that their lives are protected. Many of that population decide to go to safer places inside of the same country but others decide to travel long distances in order to avoid the uncomfortable situation of insecurity that their country is facing with.
“After the last civil war, vandalism is one of the main issues that affect the Salvadoran society. Vandalism is a phenomenon that takes place in all levels: in companies, the State, in schools, the family.” (Ortez 44). Due to the fast resurgence of gangs and of the uncontrolled situation of insecurity that El Salvador is living a big part of its population decide to migrate to look for places where they feel safer than in their own country. First of all, the big rate of murders committed is one of the reasons why Salvadoran decides to migrate. An average of twelve murders per day are committed said a source from the police corporation (http://www.laprensa.com.ni/2010/01/03/internacionales/12012). That means that every two hours there is a murder in wherever part of the country. Besides that, a big part of the Salvadoran population is in risk to be killed by gang members. One other reason why Salvadoran citizens decide to go abroad is the called extortion. “Extortion is a criminal offense.


Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.

School Shootings Essay Research Paper The problem

School Shootings Essay, Research Paper

The problem we are facing today with violence in the schools is a major concern with communities everywhere. Juvenile homicide is twice as common today as it was in the mid 1980’s. It isn’t the brain that the kids are born with that has changed in half a generation; what has changed though is the easy access to guns and the glorification of revenge in real life and in entertainment. Crime in and around schools is threatening the well being of students, as well as the staff and surrounding communities. It also affects the learning and student achievements.

Violence is found more in public schools rather than Catholic schools. Most Catholic schools have less tolerance and is a better teaching environment. It is said that uniforms help to keep more peace in the school. The students don’t get made fun of for not wearing the “in look” or name brand clothing. Making fun of, or laughing at other students contribute to low self-esteem, which is one characteristic of a student who brings violence in the schools.

In 1997, more than. of the schools reported at least one crime incident. Also, in 1997 one out of ten schools reported at least on serious violent crime. Ten percent of all public schools have experienced one or more serious violent crimes, such as, murder, rape, suicide, sexual battery, and physical attack of fighting with a weapon or robbery.

Crime and violence seem to be more of a problem in high schools and middle schools rather than elementary schools. In 1997 45% of elementary schools reported on or more acts of violence, middle schools reported 74% and high schools 75%.

One of the goals of the National Education Goals was that by the year 2000, all schools in America will be free of drugs, alcohol, violence and the presence of firearms by unauthorized personnel. The also wanted a disciplined environment that is acceptable for learning. This goal has obviously not been reached yet.

The crimes that are occurring the most in schools are vandalism, theft/larceny, physical attacks or fighting without a weapon. The report of physical attack or fighting with a weapon was calculated as 6%. Even though weapons related crime is not as high of a percentage as everything else, it is still one of the biggest and must be eliminated. Weapons are one of the worst things that could happen in a school.

The school administration should adopt a zero tolerance strategy or something very similar. When the staff and students arrive at school, they should feel safe and secure. People should be able to walk in a school and not have to worry if someone is going to ridicule, attack or shoot them.

School administrations are reviewing security and crisis plans, but they are quick to point out there is no one answer to providing a safe school environment. Everyone wants on simple solution, but there is not one.

People have to work toward getting and maintaining school safety. No matter how well prepared or how safe anyone thinks a plan is, it will never be 100% fool proof. Someone will always find a way around any plan.

Most incidents could and can be prevented by students, parents, teachers, or citizens by sharing information they know with the schools or police. It is a known fact that before a crime occurs, someone (other than the person planning it), knows that the crime is going to happen. But no one comes forward because they think nothing like this could happen in their community or school. Violence can happen anywhere or at anytime. Remember Jonesboro or Columbine, someone knew what the students were planning and did not go to the police or school officials. Schools should pay attention too not only the major threats but also the littlest ones. Schools in Texas cancelled the last two weeks of classes due to repeated bomb threats, but due to parental and community outrage, school officials had to reopen the schools a few days later. Four boys in Michigan were charged with plotting a shooting because someone came forward. This prevented another Columbine-like incident. This is the way it should be. It only takes one person to come forward and save the lives of others.

A common trend in school shootings is they have all happened in a community where people felt safe. Since the outbreak of school shootings the perception of schools being safe has changed. But the fact still remains that school is the safest place for children, on the other hand schools have always been easy targets for violence. Even though the use of guns by students is growing, the number of violent incidents is dropping.

Metal detectors, ID cards, and security cameras and devices are finding a new home in schools. This is to show people that some type of security measure is being taken. Schools should be safe enough that no security devices are needed. Although metal detectors are very useful, they are only a small portion of the solution. Schools must also look at other prevention methods. As I said before, every incident in the last few years, there was someone else that knew about it before it happened. And for some reason or other, people have refused to pay attention to it. This must be changed. People listen to cries for help, why not these ones? It is basically the same thing, so why not pay just as much attention to it. Safety is not a hear and there thing, it is an every second thing, students should be able to go to school and feel safe.

It has been said that violence on television is a contributor to kids committing violence. Is this really true? Of course it is a contributor, but not as big as people make it out to be. Most of the students committing these crimes fit into basically the same profile. They were angry, alienated, low self-esteem and had a history of emotional problems. They are students who hold a grudge. Most of these students write about what they are planning to do. But experts say there is no way to spot a potential killer.

In 1998 the FBI was to release a report listing problem characteristics to help parents and educators identify the seriousness of a student’s threat. The report details warning signs in four areas of a student’s life: 1) personality, 2) family, 3) school behavior, and 4) other factors such as drugs and alcohol. This report is supposed to be very helpful to parents and school officials in controlling the safety of their school. Some indicators that would turn a student to violence are: 1) social withdraw, 2) excessive feelings of isolation behavior, and 4) what went on early in the kid’s life.

What made these students into killers that they would consciously go out and kill people? No one will ever know except the student who did it. What steps should be taken to help these kids? School counselors are a good idea, but they seem to be preoccupied with students who have learning disabilities.

Many schools are now adopting a zero tolerance policy. They are pulling out every student who does anything suspicious. When a school expels a student for writing about violence for an assignment is said to be an overreaction. But is it? Incidents like th boy in Virginia who was expelled for waving a stapler on the school bus, or the girl in Florida who was suspended or bringing finger nail clippers to class, and the boy who wrote “you will die with honor” when his teacher asked him to write a fortune cookie message. These three are all ridiculous and there in no reason to carry it that far. Zero tolerance is good, but not for these cases. But the students who bring guns to school, start fires or threaten the lives of others should be expelled immediately. Zero tolerance should cover serious offenses like, violence, weapons, threats, drugs, alcohol, bomb threats, cheating and harassment.

In 1998, statistics showed the crime rate in the United States declined 6.4% and murder went down 7.4%. Forty years ago a poll showed 50% of U.S. homes had guns, in ‘98 there was 35% reported. This is good, but it lessens the likelihood or easiness of a child getting their hands on a gun. 24% of kids polled said they were afraid of a killer being at their school, so obviously adults are more worried than kids.

There are four factors that increase youth violence: 1) easy access to weapons, usually handguns; 2) early usage of drugs and alcohol; 3) association with antisocial groups; 4) repeated exposure to violence in the media and television. 81% of guns brought to school is reported to have come from the home. Large, overcrowded schools and classrooms have an impact on school violence. This prevents teachers from having a meaningful relationship with students. Overcrowding increases the risk for vandalism and discipline problems.

We have to change our schools! Some methods could be locks on doors, metal detectors, random weapon searches, school uniforms and a positive school environment. It is recommended schools keep a zero tolerance policy, for any and all acts of violence. Decrease the number of unlocked entrances and exits, require students to carry a hall pass when roaming during class period, but keep passes to a minimum and necessity basis only. These can be the beginning steps of a safer school environment.

You could sit and contemplate for the next 20 years trying to figure out what cause these kids to do the thing they do. Could it be the big schools they are in, or coming form single parent homes, or maybe even the violent movies that drive these kids to do this. No one will ever really know, but the only real thing we know is these kids saw the way to get rid of their problems was to get of other people. So there is no real way to explain the tragedies that keep occurring. Let’s take preventive measures now, rather than after it occurs. Let’s not have a Columbine before something is done.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary School

Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary School

For elementary-aged students, coming up with interesting and engaging persuasive writing ideas can be challenging. As an educator, keeping topics fresh and interesting can also pose a problem. Persuasive writing is about getting others to believe and understand your opinion. For elementary school students, learning more about persuasive writing is exciting and gives them an opportunity to share their opinions with others.

The Big Move

Students can write a persuasive essay about making a big decision for their family. They can imagine an upcoming move and try to persuade their family to either move to a big city, a small town or the country. Elementary students can include in their essay information to support their decision and specific reasons why they feel the way they do about their choice.

8:00 p.m. Bedtime

Offer an interesting topic for a persuasive essay with supposed documentation that doctors have discovered that elementary aged students must have 12 full hours of sleep a night in order to learn well in school. This would mean children must be in bed with lights out and no access to television, books or social media at 8:00 p.m. each night. Students can write an essay either in support of or against what the doctors have discovered with facts and opinions supporting their feelings.

Break the Rules

Schools and families have many different rules for various reasons. Students can select a school or family rule that they disagree with and write a persuasive essay to either the principal or their parents explaining why the rule should be changed. To support their reasoning, students should conduct research by polling others and seeking out other documentation online to explain their position.

Time Capsule

Children can write a persuasive essay about the one item they feel should be included in a time capsule that would truly represent a child of their age for that year. Elementary students can determine the cost, reasoning and justification for this item that should be included in the school's time capsule. Students can write the essay as if it were to be presented to the school board.

The Lottery

For elementary students, the idea of obtaining a large sum of money is thrilling and creates lots of conversations. Kids can imagine their family won the lottery after each member picked a number to play. The persuasive essay can sway their family towards the way they wish to distribute, spend or save the lottery money. Children should support their ideas with documentation from what past lottery winners have chosen to do with their winnings and from discussions with family members.

Tamura elementary school vandalism essay


The author's comments:

I wrote this piece in a rant that I published in the school paper after a tornado hit my town and students continued to disrespect school property we were lucky to have.

Picture this you’re sitting in class minding your own affairs when you notice your arm has a dark stain. Wondering where this mark came from, you look to your desk to see a thick dark line made by a pencil stretched across the desk.

An act of this kind is called vandalism; the action involving the deliberate destruction or damage of public or private property. Vandalism happens in schools everyday and in most cases is never taken seriously.

The smallest act of vandalism can cause a lasting effect on others. You may think it was just a simple act of writing on a desk and that it can be erased, but this is vandalism and that’s what it should be considered. Every act of vandalism in school should be handled in a serious manner.

“Our (Joplin Schools) position is that if minor situations are allowed to go unaddressed then it gives the appearance that any situation would be ignored,” said Jim Hounschell, attendance and safety officer at Joplin High School.

If we allow students to vandalize property now, no matter how simple it is, how do we expect these students to act once they become adults and venture out into the real world where vandalism will not be accepted? We should be sending well-behaved students out into the world, not promoting criminals.

Penalties for vandalism often include repairing the damaged property, paying for someone else to repair the property, fines as high or higher than $500, expulsion from school, detention in a juvenile facility, community service, up to three years on probation and in some cases even jail time.

“Simplest (act of vandalism) would be detention, picking up or cleaning up an area,” said Greg Boyd, Junior principal at JHS. “Biggest long term suspension, pay restoration and criminal charges filed.”

In the state of Missouri, average fines for vandalism are $5,000, average jail time is five years and average probation is two years.

“(Punishment for vandalism) ranges on the degree of the vandalism, anywhere from the replacement cost, to criminal prosecution,” said Boyd.

It would be nice to be able to sit down in class and look down to a clean desk everyday. There have been many times through my high school career that I have looked down to see a desk scribbled on and could swear I had walked into an elementary school classroom. During our high school years we are approaching adulthood, where you would expect maturity to be a major priority. Many teens want to be treated like adults, so we should treat them as such by adding punishment to those who are irresponsible and find it “fun” to vandalize the high school.

“I wish and hope that students will take care of the equipment in our school,” said Boyd. “For example, students have received a 1,600 dollar laptop and need to treat these items with respect and care.”

Administration at Joplin High School has taken a stand against vandalism showing that they disagree with any such act. It’s the job of the students to take a stand just as the administration did and take care of the new Joplin High School.


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Problem Solution Essay: School Vandalism

Vandalism is a social problem which is rampant in schools. Pupils vent out their frustration by vandalizing things in schools. They do not realize that it is wrong. Vandalism has gotten pupils in trouble too.

Students in school break up tables and chairs. Teachers find difficult to catch the culprits. Some students have the habit of smearing the walls of school buildings with paints. They also write rude words on the walls of the toilets, library, and the school hall.

Students who are frustrated with teachers tend to damage the paint work of cars just because of the small advice teachers made for students. No doubt teachers try to do their best for the students, but they do not appreciate the teachers.

These problems known as vandalism could be put under control by taking the following steps:-

1) Students should be educated to understand that teachers are at schools to guide them better in their Education

2) Civic consciousness should be taught in school.

3) Students should be given counseling, as this will help them understand good values.

4) All students should be allowed to play games as this will keep them occupied.

The above solutions should be able to solve the problem of vandalism. These can be done successfully by the responsible parents, teachers, and students.

Elementary School Teachers Essay Paper

Elementary School Teachers essay paper

It is a well known fact that school boards around the country are finding it very difficult to find male teachers who are willing to work in elementary school. Furthermore many teachers transfer to secondary schools after a few years while very few teachers transfer from secondary to the elementary schools.

If I were a principal of a public school who needs to hire new staff, I would look for certain skills as a recruiter.

First of all I should remember that elementary school teachers are responsible for helping children with both educational and emotional development in the beginning of their school years. Most teachers in elementary schools work with one class of children and teach several subjects. Sometimes, two or more teachers collaborate to cover all necessary subjects of a class. There can be other cases when a teacher teaches only one subject (music or art, etc.) to different classes.

But all teachers who work with small children should have specific skills. First of all, they should have strongly developed interpersonal and communication skills, because they deal with growing minds and influence them greatly. Teachers should be able to find common language with any kid and any parent; he should be able to correct relationships and attitudes between children and parents, if they are wrong. Also elementary school teacher should have a true interest in children they teach and respect for their individuality. All pupils are different, they have different needs and need different approaches. Another important skill I would look for in an elementary school teacher is an ability to be creative, inventive, patient, active, organized and resourceful.

Being a teacher in elementary school is a very responsible work, they play a great role in forming grown up personality. Teachers should have both well developed leadership and teamwork skills. On one hand they are in one team with their class, but at the same time they should be strong enough to be an authority for kids.

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