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Conjugal roles are the positions that the husband and wife occupy in the home, the parts they play. In the past these parts were very different and in the first half of the century the roles of the husband and wife were found to be very much segregated. There was a clear-cut division of labour between them in the household and the husband was relatively uninvolved with domestic chores and raising the children, which was thought to be the wife's job whereas his was to be the breadwinner. This was apparent in working class areas in the first half of the century. In the mid 50's Willmott & Young conducted a study entitles ˜Family and Kinship in East London'; it was conducted in Bethnal Green, a long settled traditional working-class area. They found there was a close tie between female relatives with two out of three married people having parents living within two or three miles of them. In comparison to the strong tie between mother and her married daughter the conjugal bond between husband and wife was found to be relatively weak, Women created an ˜informal trade union' which largely excluded men. Willmott & Young claim that ˜Husbands were often squeezed out of the warmth of the female circle and took to the pub as their defence'. Therefore with husbands spending little time at home the conjugal roles really were segregated with husbands having little to do with any household tasks or childcare.

However these segregated roles did begin to change over time, in the early 1970's Willmott & Young conducted another survey this time a large-scale social survey in which 1,928 people were interviewed in Greater London and the Outer Metropolitan area. The results of this survey formed the basis of their book ˜The Symmetrical Family'. Willmott & Young argue that the segregated roles of husbands and wives found in their last study are disappearing and that the nuclear family has become largely home centred particularly when the children

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Essay: Gender roles: Marriage v Personal Creativity

Essay: Gender roles: Marriage v Personal Creativity

As depicted by Virginia Woolf, Lily Briscoe tends to think that marriage and personal creativity are irreconcilable – “For at any rate, [Lily] said to herself [. ] she need not marry, thank Heaven: she need not undergo that degradation. She was saved from that dilution.

She would move the tree rather more to the middle” (Woolf 257). Briscoe’s sentiments towards marriage are in part due to the gender conflict as well as her personal opinion that a woman would not submit to a man’s will without compromising her pursuit for prosperity. She seems to reckon that men are traditionally incapable of appreciating women’s potential since their (women’s) designated gender roles insubordinate them to men.

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Conjugal Role Essay

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Conjugal role is the term used in describing the delegation of tasks in the family. Bott divides this into two categories namely segregated roles in where the husband and wife have specific roles such as cooking for the wife and repairing for the husbands. The other category is joint roles in where both husband and wives share the domestic tasks equally.

The view that domestic labor is becoming more equal can be seen from the work of Wilmott and Young in their study of the symmetrical family. In their research they found that 72% of men help with housework at least once a week. This to them shows that the symmetrical family is emerging and that the delegation of tasks are becoming more shared between partners.

To Support this argument Gershuny argued that men were doing more in the home, especially when women were involved in paid employment. Sullivan also supports the argument stating men only spent slightly more time on leisure than women and that the gap was continuing to narrow. In addition to these pieces of evidence, it is useful to introduce notions of “new men” and “super dads” here as they help to emphasis a change in attitudes

This claim is however refuted by Anne Oakley who states that Wilmott and Young base their findings on 1 question only which only asked participants if they do any of the listed domestic work at least once a week. Therefore those who answered “Yes” are included in the statistics even those who just do it once a week and not other times. Oakley therefore claims that the research is not valid.

Furthermore Oakley during the 1970’s she collected information on 40 married women who had one child or more under the age of 5.Half of her sample was working class and half was middle class. She found greater equality for domestic tasks in the middle class than in the working class, however in both classes few men had a high level of participation in housework and childcare. She found that most wives saw these jobs as their own.

Are Conjugal Roles in Contempo essays Are Conjugal Roles in Contempo

Discuss the view that conjugal roles are equal in contemporary Britain

There has been much debate over equality within family environments. Historically there have also been many issues relating to equal rights for men and women. Women have often been treated differently to men, in the early 1900s a group of women called the Suffragettes successfully campaigned to give women the right to vote. Recently there have been disputes over equal pay for men and women which has led to anti discriminatory laws being passed. There have also been movements such as feminism which has challenged the views of society towards men and women. There are many pieces of research which study equality within roles although comparing them can be difficult. This is because equality is not something that can be measured or represented in a clear way. The notion of equality in itself is multi faceted and hard to define. This has led to researchers studying equality in several different ways. These include looking at levels of involvement in domestic tasks and exploring the distribution of power in relationships.

Willmott and Young (1973) devised a four stage model of family life. In the 1971 book, the symmetrical family they used historical data combined with their own empirical data to explore changes in family roles and structure. The four stage model covers pre industrial in stage one to present day in stage three. Stage four also explores how they feel the family may change in the future. Willmott and Young argue that in the modern family the roles of the husband and wife are largely symmetrical. This means the roles within the family are different whilst also being similar in terms of contribution and involvement. For example, whilst the wife will typically look after the children and do housework the husband contributes by working in paid employment to support the family. They also provided evidence for a degree of role sharing with th.

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A marriage is a union of two people certified with an authorized representative. Although in some countries same-sex marriages are allowed, same-sex marriages and same-sex parenting is prohibited in vast majority of countries of the world, plus no religion accepts same-sex marriages. Thus, a marriage is a legal union of two people, who in good will have decided to live together, the major reason for which is reciprocal love.

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Free essay - Gender roles in marriage and family Paper by

Gender roles in marriage and family

Gender roles in Marriage and Family

The family is the first and the most fundamental unit of society. It is made up of the father. mother. children. and relatives. The family is a necessary society which is derived from natural law. It springs from conjugal love between husband and wife and is sustained by in its efforts towards its objective

Aristotle regards the family as prior to the State. On the other hand marriage is not the pleasure of marital sex. The end of nature is not pleasure. But

pleasure is an incentive for spouses to embark on the most difficult task of building a home for the child

Moreover. from birth until death. human feelings. thoughts. and actions reflect social definitions of the sexes. Children quickly learn that their society defines females and males as different kinds of human beings and. by about the age of three or four. they begin to apply gender standards to themselves (Kolhberg. 2000

Gender is at work in our society 's expectations for us as well as our aspirations for ourselves. We can see how different these visions are for the two sexes by noting that becoming a man ' by contrast. is more likely to mean taking on significant responsibility (Wolf. 2002

People in the United States traditionally have used to define females and males. Consider the overall pattern. Not only do we distinguish between the two sexes we define them in opposing terms. Polarizing humanity in terms of gender is still widespread in this country. despite the fact that research suggests that most young people do not develop consistently feminine ' or masculine ' personalities (L. Bernard 1999

Just as socialization incorporates gender into personal identity. so it teaches us to act in sex-linked ways. Gender roles (or sex roles ) are attitudes and activities that a culture links to each sex. Gender roles are the active expression if gender identity. In other words. insofar as our culture defines males as ambitious and competitive. we expect them to engage in team sports and aspire to positions of leadership. To the extent that females are defined as deferential and emotional. we expect them to be good listeners and supportive observers

A. Gender and the Family

The first question people usually ask about a newborn - Is it a boy or a girl ' - looms so large because the answer involves far more than the infant 's sex it carries a great significance for the child 's entire life. Sociologist Jessie Bernard (1999. introduced in the box. suggests that the pink world ' of females contrasts sharply with the blue world ' of boys. In fact. the historical preference for boys among parents ' shows that gender is at work even before a child is born (Lengermann Wallace. 2000

In global perspective. the preference for boys is greater where patriarchy is more pronounced. Generally speaking. such societies are poor and face enormous population pressure. All too often patriarchy and poverty add up to female infanticide. the practice of aborting female fetuses and neglecting. or even actively killing. infant girls by parents who would prefer raise boys. In North Africa and in most of Asia. life-threatening discrimination against females is commonplace Researchers know that. assuming equal social treatment. a society should have about 106 females for every 100 males - a disparity that reflects the generally hardier physical condition of females. The People 's Republic of China. however. tallies only 94 females for every 100 males roughly 12 percent of the females we would expect to find are not in the records. Some of this shortfall may be due to parents not reporting the birth of daughters. But much of the disparity surely results from selective abortion or violence by families against daughters. Worldwide researchers estimate. as many as 100 females are missing ' and many presumably have fallen to deadly discrimination

B. Cultural Variations in Gender Roles

Around the world. men predominate in fighting wars and hunting. women in caring for infants. Yet different societies socialize children for varying gender roles. In nomadic societies of food-gathering people there is little division of labor by sex. Thus. boys and girls receive much the same upbringing. It agricultural societies. women stay close to home. in the fields and with the children men roam more freely. Such societies typically socialize children into more distinct gender roles (Segall others. 2000

Men and women who assume distinct roles develop skills and attitudes that help their differing social behaviors (Eagly Wood. 2001. Roles vary enormously among the industrialized countries. In North America medicine and dentistry are predominantly male occupations in Russia most medical doctors are women. as most dentists in Denmark Socialization practices vary just as widely. In countries around the world. girls spend more time than boys helping with housework and child care boys spend more time in unsupervised play (Edwards. 2001. In rural central India. for example. girls spend two-thirds of their time doing household work. including a daily hour and a half fetching water boys spend two-thirds of their time in leisure. In Israel. Arab adolescents favor more distinct gender roles than do Jewish adolescents thus anticipating the adult Arab world 's more distinct norms for male and female behavior (Seginer others. 2000. Similarly. compared with American 14-years-olds. Mexico City youth have more strongly gender-typed ideals

C. Variations in gender Roles over time

Gender roles vary over time as well as across cultures. In 1999. only 1 in 5 Americans approved of a married woman earning money in business or industry if she has a husband capable of supporting her by 2001. 4 in 5 approved. In the flick of an apron. the number of American college women hoping to be fulltime homemakers plunged during the late 1990s and early 2000

The change is behavioral as well. The number of women earning education degrees fell sharply. Moreover. between 1996 and 2002. the proportion of American women in the work force increased from 1 in 3 to nearly 3 in 5 Over the same period. these trends contributed to a 7-fold increase in the number of female doctors and a 24-fold increase in the numbers of female lawyers and engineers (Wallis. 1999

Should distinct gender roles be preserved. Psychologist Sandra Bem (1999 ) answers no. Human behaviors and personality attributes should no longer be linked with gender ' If this requires imposing one 's egalitarian values on one 's children. then so be it. says Bem. Parents who have deep social. political. or religious convictions need not be timid about transmitting their convictions to their children. If the children don 't absorb ideology and values at home. they will absorb them elsewhere. To raise children who are less gender-typed. Bem suggests making gender irrelevant to cooking. dishwashing. and toys. Give boys and girls the same privileges and responsibilities and teach them to recognize subtle sex stereo-typing and discrimination

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Edwards. C .P. 2001. The comparative study of development of moral judgment and reasoning. In R .H. Munroe. R .L. Munroe B .B. Whiting (Eds. Handbook of cross-cultural human development. New York. garland Press (p .81

Seginer others. 2000. Adolescents ' Attitudes toward women 's roles Psychology of Women Quarterly. 14. 119-133

Wallis. C. 1999. Onward women. Time. pp. 80-89

Bem. Sandra (1999. Masculinity and femininity exist only in the mind of the perceiver. In J .M. Reinisch. L .A. Rosenblum S .A. Sanders (Eds Masculinity /Femininity. Basic perspectives. New York. Oxford University Press (pp. 490. 494

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Marriage Essay Writing

Marriage Essay Writing

December 13th, 2011

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Marriage is the union of a man and a woman who are in love with each other. Well at least this is a simple definition of marriage for a great number of people. However, there are also some concepts about marriage that are either too radical to accept or too abnormal to consider. This is actually a good concept because you can write marriage essay minus the monotonous definition type of writing an article. We will talk about how you can write a quality marriage essay today.

Writing an essay will always be about how to choose the best topic. This is the very start of the writing task. You have to make sure that your topic is something important and significant. It should also be feasible at least if you are going to conduct research. Lastly, the topic must be interesting not only to you but also to the readers that you want to attract and read your essay.

What parts should we put in marriage essay. Of course, you already know these parts. There are only three paragraphs that you must consider for a regular essay. The introduction paragraph will serve as the presenter of your topic. It should give your readers an idea what you will try to discuss. The second phase is actually a set of multiple paragraphs. It can include as many paragraphs as you want because it is the Body. The main goal of this part is to discuss the thesis statement and support it. Basically it is all about the topic of interest that the body will discuss. Lastly, the conclusion paragraph will be the summary part of the essay. It will wrap up the discussions as well as give resolutions to available problems.

Now that you have an idea how you can write a marriage essay, let us give you some possible directions of writing. Here are our topic suggestions for you:

  • What is marriage and how can we define it in the simplest terms.
  • The complications of marriage as a legal agreement between people.
  • Is marriage exclusively between a man and a woman. An analysis on gay and lesbian marriages.
  • Why marriages are also visible among religious and cultural functions.
  • What societies do not believe in marriages?
  • How to have a very good and fulfilling married life.
  • Some suggestions and tips on your wedding day.

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