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I am stuck on homework assignment Commission Calculation - Stack Overflow

I need to compare the total annual sales of at least three people. I need my app to calculate the additional amount that each must achieve to match or exceed the highest earner. I figured out most of it and know how to do it if there were only two people in the scenario, but getting third into the equation is throwing me for a loop! Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance! Here's what I have so far, but obviously at the end where the calculations are not going to be right.

asked Jun 27 '13 at 19:08

Just to be clear. I am not asking anyone to do my homework. I have referred to this site for many of my classes mostly reading the discussion. I am honestly stuck and have never worked with java before. I will figure out the actual code Travis and Macie thanks for your help. Luiggi and Lion your input is heard and I will file it where I think apprpriate! – user2387429 Jun 27 '13 at 19:28

@user2387429 I never stated that you wanted other people doing the homework for you. My comment was for readers of this answer because there is many people here that prefer to provide the answer in code instead of leading OP to learn by him/herself (as this answer does). Also, I upvoted your question because I think it is well written (too bad you can't see the upvotes and downvotes on a question yet). – Luiggi Mendoza Jun 27 '13 at 19:40

Luiggi I apologize. I was at the end of my rope yesterday. I think I am making progress.I had the code written and it displayed correctly as long as salesPerson1 was the highest earner. I added the additional code if total2 > total1 and so on and now I do not get the calculations just display total commission of 1,2, and 3. – user2387429 Jun 28 '13 at 23:01

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1.Read the text and underline the correct adjective as in the example

1) caring 2) decisive 3) active 4) outgoing 5) determined 6) ambitious 7)stubborn 8) bossy

2.Re write the sentences

1) John is a boy with curly haired boy
John is a curly haired boy.

2) Lily was wearing shoes with high heels
Lily was wearing high heeled shoes

3) The baby with blue eyes looks like her mother
The blue eyed baby looks like her mother

4) Susan wears glasses with metal frames
Susan wears metal farmed glasses

5) Mr Timms is a man with one leg
Mr Timms is a one leged man
3. Match the words to their opposites.

4. Fill in the correct word from the list. Use the words only once.

1) wavy hair 6) a pretty woman
2) hooked nose 7) earfy height
3) full lips 8). eyebrows
4 ) green eyes 9) busty teens
5) a handsome man 10) an oval face

5. Link the sentences using the words in brackets.

1) She is friendly but she can be rude at times
2) Our grandmother is caring and patient as well.
3) Shella is decisive however, she can be arrogant at times
4 ) Sue is self-confident on the other hand. she tends to be disorganised
5) Mike is selfish and aggressive

6. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Present Simple or Present Continuous
1.Her new perfume smell like spring flowers.
2.Peter is seeing his girlfriend tonight.
3. Have you seen Mary's new haircut? It looks great
4. Did you put sugar in thee coffee? It is tasting great]
5. You haven't said a word. What is thinking about?
6. My mother is listening to her favourite radio pragramme right now
7.My brother don't enjoy going to the cinema.
8. Do you know what time the concert starts?
9. She speaks French but she come from Spain.
10. The greengrocer is weighing the grapes now.
11. I feel depressed every time I hear that song
12. Why do you tasting the tomato sauce?

7. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense,Present simple or Present Continuous.

1. A. Can I help you,sir?

B. Yes. please. I am looking for a birthday presernt for my wife.

A. I see. What kind of tings se is like.

B.Oh. she enjoy reading books on interior decorating and she love listening to latin music.

A.How about this book then? It have been over a hundred pages of different ways to decorate your home and losts of pictures, too

B.I don't knowiing about that.Is there anything else you could show me?

A. Well, sir. I believe this set of CD's with Latin bands is an excellent coice. Your wife will enjoy it very much

B. How much is it?

A. Okay, then. I just hope she won't play te music too loud because I am hate Latin music.

I have a wonderful time ere with Grandpa. The weather is lovely and warm and Grandpa's new house looks fantastic. Grandpa is buildind new fence araund the garden at the moment. That are all for now as we go fishing in a minute.

8. Read the text about Janet.Then ask ans answer questions about the text using words from the lists below.

1) How old is Janet? She is in her late thirties

2) How often does shy fly? She fleis from Toronto to London and back every week

3) What is she? She is a pilpot

4) When is she getting for take -off? Maybe at te momenr she is gertting ready fortake-off

5) Where is she work? she work Canadian Airline company

9. Fill in te gaps with the opposites of the words in brackets.

1. Johny can't make decisions easily; he is indecisive ( DECISIVE)

2. The salesman was extremely unhelpful ( HELPFUL)

3. Don't blieave what he says; he is dishonest ( HONEST)

4. You can't depend on im to help with your work; he is totally unresponsible (RESPONSIBLE)

5. John's last statement did not make any sense. I thought it was completely inlogical( LOGICAL)

6. Although he is fifty yeas old, he still behaves like a child.Everyone agrees that he is unmature (MATURE)


ambitious- 1. He is very ambitious men. He like succes in like 2. Ambitious people always come across
3. I like ambitious people because they are very hardwork
self-centred- 1. Self-centred people always think themselves 2. Everybody never wish together work self-centred people 3. Self-centred people never come across because he just believe ownselfs
determined- 1. Determined people easy get chance
2. My mum very determind when she have goood idea start quike work
3. DetirminEd people don't give up anything
reserved- 1. My sister is reserved. She don't want together people 2. Some reserved people very lonely because they haven't any friend
3. Reserved people never can't together work somebody (work)
mean- 1. Mean people can't spend when they want something
2. Mean people don't want help to another people just keep themselves
3. I think about mean people don't content pass away their live
generous-1. Generous people always help people
2. Generous people have very right energic when together do something really nice
3. When i have need help my generous sister never say me no
intelligent-1. Intelligent people always think which way we need 2. My father very intelligent. He always have good idia 3. Famous spormans is very intelligent
sensitive-1. Sensitive people very quike get sad
2. I think sensitive people have different opinions
3. Sensitive people always understand to hard


responsible - 1. Mongolian president is very responsible person because he lead mongolian all people 2. I think paralament's each person have to get responsible men 3. My brother very responsible when he still nine years old Decisive - 1. Mongolian history have many decisive knight 2. Every women intresting decisive men.3. Some competition always need decive person because they need good idea Bossy - 1. Some bossy people everyhow you need which things then get temselves 2. Always bossy people go their live's wrong way Energetic -1. Everybody real like energitic people because whenever need working. 2. when work with energitic people to follow get energitic Careful -1. Always he is carefull because onetime he lost him important thing 2. She is always careful when she do something. 3. when you choice your live You must be careful

Review - Homework Salesman (Part Two)

Review – Homework Salesman (Part Two)

Game: Homework Salesman by Diedrupo and Ronove

Summary: Homework Salesman is an extremely well-designed “life simulator” that can entertain players for hours upon hours.

What is your name? What is your quest?

This is the second installment of a two-part review for Homework Salesman. In the first part. we got into the basic scenario of the game and the masterful day-to-day system that anchors it. However, there are plenty of other little details to explore. The game’s “life simulator” design gives players a lot of responsibilities to manage. Describing them here risks making the game sound like a lot of work, but one thing the recent history of games in general has shown is that plenty of players don’t mind taking on the commitments of a simulated existence.

As she adventures around the land, heroine Reniat Leminghouse and whichever companions she has with her at the moment have to be careful about how many trinkets and goodies they acquire. At the start, you’re limited to what Reniat can carry on her person and in one storage container. It sounds like a lot, but after a few days of gathering herbs and monster drops, that fills up quickly. There are ways to increase your storage capacity, but they don’t come cheap. Your weapons and armor also take up space and these have to be watched closely. Each of them has a meter representing its durability and each time it’s used to strike an enemy or protect a character, it suffers some slight damage. If it gets too beat up, you need to repair it back in town.

One day out in the plains and I’m a walking arboretum!

You can also create new weapons and plenty of other items. Homework Salesman using a simple crafting system that will feel familiar to those who have played a lot of RPG Maker games. It’s easy to learn and dedicated crafters can produce not just weapons or armor, but food, clothes, potions, even miscellaneous items like furniture. There are also enchantments that can be placed on items to make them extra useful.

As you can see, there are a lot of different systems and mechanics in this game, and I haven’t even gone into the detailed friendship systems, the different professions Reniat can master, the effect each day’s weather has on overworld adventuring, the way the battle skills can level up, etc. RPG Maker conventional wisdom says not to overload your game with mechanics or it will become unwieldy and hard for the player to keep track of. This game is a pretty effective argument against that, with a long list of different mechanics that all tie into the goal of evoking someone’s daily life.

How do I know you’re not creating a secret registry of adventurers?!

Most of the game’s visuals were provided by Ronove of Star Stealing Prince fame. Aside from a few familiar sunflowers, not much of that game’s moody storybook atmosphere has migrated over. Instead, everything looks bright, colorful and lighthearted to match the breezy tone of the game. All the important characters have faces that are full of personality and different emotions (particularly Reniat). The interface also has a few cute little surprises as you navigate it.

I’ve gone on about this game for two articles and over 1,000 words now, and there’s still more I could talk about. If this sort of open-ended adventure is your cup of tea, this game delivers the goods. In particular, I’d recommend users newer to the program check it out. It gives you an impressive demonstration of what RPG Maker is capable of.

So what’s everyone think? What’s your favorite part of the daily routine in Homework Salesman. Any suggestions for balancing a lot of systems? What should we review next? Sound off in the comments.

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A bit late, but I just want to add that there are a lot of small things there that make one smile.

Like a pie-making contest that Reniat can be one of the judges of (actually she just wandered in and likes pie), a contest between two housewifes and … Zathy. And yes, you can totally make Zathy win the contest.

Or the woman that mistakes Reniat for a wandering hobo … and her argumentation is actually pretty sound.

And other small things, like the fact that the one who gives official quests to kill however many puny monsters is Reniat’s father, who is a former adventurer himself and should know well how tedious those quests can be. Or attempts to recruit Eagen on very rainy days, with Reniat pretty much shanghaiing him when he doesn’t want to go.

Chunk 2 Analysis

Willy is constantly sending his sons mixed messages about life and success. At the same time Willy congratulates Biff for stealing the football, he tells him that stealing never gets you anywhere. "I never in my life told him anything but decent things!" yells Willy. Biff is confused, and understandably so. Willy tells Bernard to give Biff the answers for the Regents. Willy is blind to the source of his family's problems. He says, "Why is he taking everything?"

Biff is the son Willy focuses on the most, and Hap is always trying to get his father's attention. Throughout this section, Hap keeps repeating, "I'm loosing weight, you notice, Pop?" knowing that Willy should congratulate him for his appearance.

This chunk reveals one of the core problems of Willy's character that will eventually lead to his tragic fall. Willy believes, falsely, that all it takes to get ahead in the world is to be well liked. He tells his sons, "Be liked and you will never want… Take me, for instance… 'Willy Loman is here!' That's all it takes, and I go right through." Willy is also lying to himself.

In reality, Willy is not well liked, and he has a very hard time selling. He tells Linda, "The trouble is, Linda, people don't seem to take to me." Nonetheless, Willy still inflates his image for his sons and himself. Appearance is so important to Willy he tells his sons, "That's why I thank Almighty God you're both built like Adonises." In the Loman household, that is the key to the high country: be well liked, look good.

Homework Salesman for PC

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Introduction to databases, Homework 2

T�L303G Introduction to databases Homework 2 This week we will cover the entity-relationship model from Chapter 2 in the textbook. The following exercises are mostly from that material.
  1. In lecture last week we talked about DBMSs writing a log so that unfinished transactions can be undone in case the system crashes. Each log entry is written before (write-ahead-log) the corresponding database entry. Why are there no problems in undoing operations if the system crashes just after a log entry has been written, but before the corresponding database entry has been written?
  • Design a database for a bank that contains information on customers and their bankaccounts. For each customer you should store name, identity number, address, and phone number. Each account has a number, a type and a balance. Also we need to keep track of which customers own which accounts.
    1. Show the ER model for this database.
    2. Change the model such that each account can only be owned by one customer.
    3. Change the model further such that each customer can only own one account.
    4. Change the model such that each customer can have more than one address.

  • [Exam '07] You are supposed to design a database for a real estate agency. The agency has a few salesmen and many properties listed. Each property has a seller (who is the owner), but each seller can be selling more than one property (e.g. a property developer). Buyers can submit offers for a particular property with a particular salesman. The offer contains the amount and delivery time. Each buyer can submit many offers for more than one property. In addition there can be many offers for the same property. Finally the database has to be able to store sales contracts, which are between a buyer and a seller with a particular salesman.
    Show an entity relationship model for this database. You do not have to show all the attributes for each entity, just the main ones. For example, it is enough that the entity property has the attributes propertyId and street (actually we would need size, number of rooms, a description, etc.).
    Make any additional assumptions that you feel you need and describe them.
  • Exercise 2.4 on page 53 in the textbook.

  • Exercise 2.8 on page 55 in the textbook.
  • Hand your solutions in before noon on tuesday September 9th.

    Homework Salesman Download Homework Salesman Chapter 1 version

    Complete Chapter One

    Update Log:
    6/4/14 - v1.2c
    - Fixed the postgame to disable access to Mt. Marendeim.
    2/19/14 - v1.2b
    - Fixed a bug with Liffely's Cooking Delivery Service related to delivering food to Meracon
    - Added volume control and auto dash options
    1/28/14 - v1.2a
    - Fixed a gamebreaking bug caused by the latest patch.
    1/27/14 - v1.2
    - The last two bosses in the game will now put up an anti-frazzle shield if they get hit successfully by frazzle three times. This shield will dissipate after 2 turns. Note that it doesn't count just frazzling the boss, it will count if you frazzle any boss minions in the fight.
    - The Treasure Hunter couple will now appear in the ending cut-scene if you saw their world event.
    - Fixed bugs related to Liffely's cooking delivery service.
    - Fixed bugs related to the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
    - Fixed a bug where if you somehow manage to defeat the 3rd floor bosses on the same day as defeating Plutonus, the magic shop NPCs would not move into town.
    - Added several easter eggs, most of which are references to early testers and other people in the community.
    - You now get a quest telling you what to do next if you defeat a certain field boss after defeating the last boss of the Caves for the first time.
    - Fixed cut-scene bugs related to the Westerlys move in quest.
    - Fixed the Beer recipe so that it tells you that you learned how to make Beer instead of Cheese.
    - Fixed the case where using L/R would cause the game to crash when browsing recipes in the library.
    - Other miscellaneous bug fixes that I don't recall at the moment.

    1/25/14 - v1.1d
    - Fixed treasure maps that would have a blank name
    - Fixed situation where you were not able to trigger the event with Zathus to turn in the 2nd Colorous Cave quest.
    - Fixed Manaleech.
    - Fixed several spelling errors in the database.
    - Updated the manual to include all equipment and skills.
    1/12/14 - v1.1c
    - Added Xebec's 2 star event
    - Added Treasure Hunters world event
    - Added post-chapter 1 optional boss (this boss will be refined/tweaked in the next update as well)
    - Nerfed Captain Colorous and Robert slightly
    - Fixed the cooking delivery quest bug where turning the quest into Qwilte would cause it to be stuck in the quest log
    - Fixed weapon renaming
    - Fixed a rare case where Autorevive would cause the game to crash
    - Fixed a whole bunch of other bugs

    8/01/13 - v1.1a
    - Renew spell now works. Item Duplication bug fixed. Duplicate Food Delivery Quest bug fixed. Bug where the shelf and fridge stopped giving free daily items fixed. Various misc bug fixes.
    - Ankaba can now equip swords.
    - Haste can no longer be taught to Xebec or Eagen.
    - You can now recruit Ankaba in the post-game, she'll be found in the Runalea Plains waterfall area. Previously she disappeared completely once you cleared the mines.
    - All new music tracks from Tarranon that will be replacing many of the existing music
    - You can now delete items in the storage menus by pressing Shift.
    - Added character event for Milly
    - A few NPCs have new post-game dialogue.

    6/18 - v1.0l Fixed the patch system so that it does not rerun patches. Fixed one hole in Colorous Cave F5 that could drop you into a dead end.
    6/07 - v1.0k Massive balancing patch. Tweaks to crafting, skills, and more.
    5/17 - v1.0j Fixed a bug that caused Raimur to disappear if you ran away or died.
    5/16 - v1.0i Fixed the Monster Hunt: Robert quest so that it can be turned in. Also, fixed the quest so that Robert spawns on save files that were created in version 1.0a. Fixed an issue that could cause the party to spawn with you if you respawn from running out of AP. Fixed an issue that could cause Zathus's character event to not be turned off after completion. Added Battle4 bgm file to the Audio\BGM folder. Life Essence and Ressurect now have animations when used on party members.
    5/14 - v1.0h Fixed the Super Grind quest so that it can be turned in now.
    5/12 - v1.0g Adjusted the difficulty of the last two bosses and fixed an issue where you could get stuck if you fell down certain holes on the 5th floor.
    5/11 - v1.0f Fixed a passability issue on the 4th floor of the cave that occurred after defeating Langian. Fixed an issue that could cause Warp to stop working after seeing a world event on the 3rd floor of the cave.
    5/08 - v1.0e Added all RTP audio SEs and a couple other files that the resource checker did not pick up. Fixed an issue that could cause a chapter 2 event to appear.
    5/07 - v1.0d Fixed an issue where an npc could be stuck in cave walls. Fixed the skill Templar Strike so that it attacks enemies instead of the party. Added the sound effect Cat.ogg for non-rtp users.
    5/06 - v1.0c Fixed an issue where Zathus would stop talking to you during the Plutonus quest.
    5/06 - v1.0b Fixed an issue that would cause a boss to appear too early in the game
    5/05 - v1.0a Initial Release

    Thanks for downloading Homework Salesman.

    This download is hosted on another server other than rpgmaker.net, please click the button below start the download.

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    Homework salesman 2 be

    • Befriend each villager by talking to them every day and giving them gifts. Higher friendship levels allow you to learn each NPC’s personal story and can also gain you access to new shop items, skills, hidden goodies, and more.
    • Unique items means that each item in the game is treated as a separate object. You can rename equipment, find rare versions of them, upgrade and repair them (weapons have durability), and even enchant them. You can have several iron swords each with different enchantments on them. Most weapons are limited to 1-2 enchantment slots.
    • Six unique crafts: Cooking, Smithing, Tailoring, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Construction.
    • Quests are divided into two categories: story quests that propel your adventure forward, and side quests that are procedurally generated.
    • Features a world encounter system where you can find random events in field maps or dungeons, such as travelling merchants or a bandit who’ll offer to spare you for money (or you can kill him)
    • Enemy encounters and (most) treasure chests are randomly placed on maps. You typically won’t find the same monster encounter in the same dungeon spot every time. Treasure chest contents are randomly drawn from a pool of items appropriate for the zone you’re in. You can also find unique weapons with randomized names, stats, and enchantments.
    Ronove of the Stars