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Nuvema Town - Marriland Wiki

Nuvema Town Post Game

After completing the game, you'll find yourself back at home. Downstairs, your Mom and Looker (disguised as your Mom's twin) welcome you home. Looker asks you to help find the Seven Sages. After accepting his request, he gives you a Super Rod and leaves.

Outside, Cheren and Bianca are waiting to discuss events at N's Castle. Bianca explains that by the time she fetched the Striaton City Gym Leaders everything was already over. It also turns out that Ghetsis slipped away from Cheren and Alder when the Shadow Triad created an opening to rescue him.

The talk turns to the future; Bianca says that she's heading to Black City /White Forest. and Cheren plans to travel Unova again. Before they leave to start their new quests, Cedric Juniper appears and upgrades the Pokédexs. allowing you to switch to the National Pokédex mode.


After entering the Hall of Fame in Pokémon Black and White. speak to Bianca at Professor Juniper's lab. She'll tell you about mass outbreaks of Pokémon. After that, you can battle her every weekend.


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Nuvema Town!

Nuvema Town is the first town you arrive in in Pokemon Black. It is home to four buildings. Your home, Cheren’s home, Bianca’s home and the Pokemon Lab are located in this town.

Cheren and Bianca are your two rivals in the game:

Cheren has a greater knowledge of Pokemon that you and Bianca. Cheren has blue eyes and black hair. He strives to become the Champion.

Bianca is the players friend and embarks on a Pokemon journey, just like the player and Cheren. She has green eyes and blonde hair. Her father shows that he doesn’t want her to go on the journey with Pokemon in Nimbasa City. Bianca convinces her Dad to let her live her dream, with the help of the Nimbasa City Gym Leader, Elesa.

Your home consists of your upstairs bedroom and the main floor where your mother stays. You begin the game upstairs in your room, as you always do in Pokemon games. Your bedroom consists of a bed, a Wii with Wiimotes, a T.V and a PC. The main floor consists of a living room and a kitchen area.

You recieve your starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper, the professor who is located in the Pokemon lab at the top left corner of Nuvema Town. She does a tutorial on how to catch Pokemon. She uses a level 7 Minccino to catch a level 2 Patrat. After the tutorial, her just-caught Patrat stays inside the Lab wondering about.

XTransreciever Gift from Mom at the beginning of the game.

Town Map Gift from Mom after getting your Pokedex.

False Swipe (TM 54) For seeing 25 Pokemon, from Professor Juniper.

Protect (TM 17) For seeing 60 Pokemon, from Professor Juniper.

Hidden Power (TM 10) Gift from Professor Juniper.

Tepig Starter Pokemon

Snivy Starter Pokemon

Oshawott Starter Pokemon

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Accumula Town to Nuvema Town - Pokemon White 2

Accumula Town to Nuvema Town

When you arrive if you have your Dowser on you will be lead to a trash can with a Max Repel, and you can chat with the trainers here and there.

In the first building you can get some Poke Balls from a bloke on the second floor, as well as play Rock-Paper-Scissors (only with Fire, Grass, and Water). The final trainer up here will offer a quiz on the Starter you chose. Get the question right and earn a Gem.

The second building has some trainers for you to chat with, and on the second floor a trainer will gift you with a BalmMushroom.

Hit the Pokemon Center to heal up, resupply, and save your game.

Exploring the rest of the town will not take that long - exiting the Center and heading west down the stairs will take you to a house in which a trainer offers to trade you their Ambipom for your Excadrill.

Using the stairs going up beside the Center you reach a house with a pair of musicians in it - the girl at the piano wants to hear a Kricketot - just saying.

That wraps up what there is to do here, so head south to the exit from town onto Route 1.

Route 1

The first thing you need to know is that you already have all of the Wild Pokemon for here if you have been following the guide - check your Habitat Lists, as they should be fully completed. That does not mean that there is nothing for you to do here mind you, just that you have the Pokemon for here.

Backpacker Jill has a Level 62 Omanyte, Level 62 Archeops, Level 62 Anorith, and Level 62 Shieldon, and pays you $961.

Backpacker Shane has a Level 62 Kabuto, Level 62 Cranidos, Level 62 Carracosta, and Level 62 Lileep, and pays you $1488.

The trainer in the grass will gift you a Potion, and the trainer to the south will share memories of your game play in the previous game in the series (if you have linked the memories from a save from one of the previous titles).

The stairs to the west lead to water which leads to the area with the P2 Lab - we can ignore that for the moment though and keep heading south, through the grass patch, and you will encounter Bianca!

She replays a fond memory (assuming you linked a save from your previous game), and then you have a battle with her - the Pokemon that she uses is partly based upon what you chose as your starter, so it will be different depending upon that.

Nuvema Town

Now that you have arrived at the destination, check out the town, talk to people, visit the houses, particularly you house from the previous game, as upstairs in a Treasure Ball is a King's Rock you should collect. The Mom downstairs will happily allow you to rest and she will heal your team for you as well, so if you need to heal up this is the place to do it.

When you are ready, duck into the mine and have a chat with Professor Juniper and have the Prof examine your Dex. The Professor confirms that if you see every Pokemon in the Unova Dex they will give you a special reward.

Now head into the next room and talk to Cedric, who also asks to see your Pokedex . He then remembers that a long time ago he was supposed to give you something that he forgot to give you - the Super Rod (fishing pole)! Great, thanks mare, we could have used that long ago! But hey, now is better than never, right?

Now that you have the Super Rod, check your Habitat List in the Pokedex and you will discover that there is a new class of Habitat - the Fishing Class. When you check it you should see where you have discovered all of the Pokemon types you can Fish for, and where you have not. Table that for the moment.

Remember the stairs that lead down to the water, which in turn leads to the P2 Labs . Backtrack to the stairs and head down, then Fish from the shore and Surf out to fish the Water Holes to catch a Feebas from Fishing, and a Milotic from Fishing the Water Holes. That will complete the Fishing Habitat for Route 1.

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Striaton City

Nuvema Town Sheet Music by turtwig163 on DeviantArt

This is my transcription of the song:
Pokemon Black and White- Nuvema Town (Kanoko Town)

Now, I only transcribed the treble cleff and not the bass clef. Reason being, I transcribed the song using my VIOLIN not a piano. Since violins play the treble clef, I had no way to transcribe the bass and show no effort into transcribing the bass clef whatsoever. I also improvised rhythm and tempo.

If you want to hear me play this, click this link:

Pokemon (C) Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri
Original Composition by Junichi Matsuda

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Pokémon Black and White

Pokémon Black and White/Nuvema Town Contents Nuvema Town [ edit ]

The game begins with a short cutscene. It shows Professor Juniper leaving her lab and traveling to the player's house. She will leave the house after a few seconds. The main game will then begin. You and your friend, Cheren are waiting in your room for your other friend, Bianca to show up. When she finally arrives, the three of you will open the box on your desk. Inside the box are three Poké Balls. These Poké Balls contain the Grass-Type Snivy, the Fire-Type Tepig and the Water-Type Oshawott. Tap the Poké Ball that contains the Starter you want. You will then be asked to confirm your selection. Tap yes to receive your Starter. It doesn't really matter which Starter you choose, as none of the Starters have an advantage over the types of the first two Gyms. Once you have made your decision, Bianca will choose the Starter with a weakness to yours, leaving Cheren with the Starter that has an advantage over yours. Bianca will then challenge you to a battle.

Rival: Bianca [ edit ]

If you lose to Cheren, he will gloat about his victory before leaving the room. If you win, however, he will leave the room, upset that he lost. Either way, follow him and Bianca downstairs.

You will find Cheren and Bianca apologizing to your mom for the mess your room is now in. After a bit more dialogue, they will leave. Your mom will then speak to you and give you an Xtransceiver (this is actually called the "cross-transceiver", don't let the "X" confuse you). Leave your house and you'll find yourself in Nuvema Town. You'll see Bianca walk south, scaring away a flock of Pidove in the process (Woobat if you're playing during the night). Follow her down the road and enter the house on the left. Inside, you'll find Bianca's dad shouting at her because he doesn't want his daughter to go on a journey. Bianca will then leave the house and head over to Prof. Juniper's Lab. Leave Bianca's house and head to the northwest corner of the town, where you'll meet up with Bianca and Cheren. The three of you will enter Prof. Juniper's lab. After a chunk of dialogue, Prof. Juniper will ask if you want to nickname your Pokémon. Nickname your Starter if you want. Juniper will then ask you to complete the Pokédex for her. Select 'yes' and you will obtain a Pokédex. Now, leave the lab and you will come face-to-face with your mom. Bianca and Cheren exit the lab also and stand with you. Your mom gives each of you a Town Map, which brings up a detailed map of the Unova region when activated.

Now that all that's done, head northeast onto Route 1!

Starter Pokémon [ edit ]

Snivy is one of the three starter Pokémon, and is a pure Grass type from start to finish. It focuses on Speed, Defense, and Special Defense, and uses a variety of Grass type attacks. It should mainly be used to stall your opponents rather than an all out attacker, and can learn some useful defensive moves such as Reflect and Light Screen as well as whittle down HP with Toxic and Leech Seed. Both Physical attacks such as Vine Whip and Leaf Blade and Special attacks such as Leaf Tornado and Giga Drain are learned at a fairly regular pace, and are accompanied by other useful moves such as Growth and Coil, which help compensate for its lack of offensive power. However, it's pure Grass typing gives it a myriad of weaknesses, and the lack of non-Grass type attacks, even using TMs, means that you'll frequently have to use other Pokémon. Out of the three Unova starters, Snivy is probably the least useful.

Tepig starts as a pure Fire type, but becomes part-fighting once it evolves into Pignite, much like its counterparts in Generations 3 and 4. It emphasizes HP and raw power at the expense of Speed and defensive strength, making it Snivy's rough opposite. Overall, Tepig is a solid Pokémon in a region that has no surplus of solid Fire Pokémon. Although it has trouble fully taking advantage of its typing and stats without TMs, it has enough things going for it to make it a worthy team member. Once it's an Emboar is gains a neutrality to Rock type moves, at the expense of a weakness to Flying and Psychic types. Tepig starts a bit slowly, not learning its first truly powerful moves until levels 15 to 17. At this point, it learns the useful physical Fire move Flame Charge, which also boosts speed, evolves into Pignite, and gains the useful Arm Thrust, which is particularly excellent for the second gym. Afterwards, it learns a variety of attacks, covering multiple types, until it eventually learns staples such as Flamethrower. Additionally, it can learn a wide variety of TMs, including more Fire and Fighting moves.

Oshawott is a Water type Pokémon that, like Snivy, remains monotyped throughout its evolution.It is the most balanced of the starting Pokémon, despite an emphasis on Special Attack. Oshawott, as a whole, is a recommended choice for beginners. Its balanced stats, lack of weaknesses, and useful moves make it an easy pick. Oshawott quickly learns Water Gun, which works well with its stats. When it evolves into Dewott at level 17, it gains the mighty Razor Shell, a powerful physical Water move that remains useful the entire game. Over the long run, it learns better Special Water moves to replace Water Gun, such as Water Pulse and Surf by TM, as well as a few other useful moves such as Revenge. Its TM options are less than Tepig's but there are still valuable options, such as some powerful Ice attacks.

Table of Contents

Nuvema Town - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

Nuvema Town

Nuvema Town (Japanese: カノコタウンKanoko Town ) is situated in the southeastern part of the Unova region. Like Pallet Town. New Bark Town. Littleroot Town. Twinleaf Town. Aspertia City and Vaniville Town. Nuvema Town is where the journey begins for the player. It is where the protagonists of the Generation V games Pokémon Black and White. the player. Bianca and Cheren. start their journeys, as well as being their hometown. However, it's a normal location in Black 2 and White 2. games in which it has been replaced by Aspertia City.

Professor Juniper 's laboratory is located here. The town features the same windmills that appear in New Bark Town in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. as well as a view of the ocean. Pidove and Woobat can be seen flying around town during the day and night, respectively.

After Alder has been defeated, Bianca will be available to battle the player on weekends. In Black 2 and White 2, she can also be battled with the Memory Link.

Contents Places of interest Player's house

The player's house lies in the middle of Nuvema Town and is where the player lives before beginning their journey. The player's mother lives here. The player, Bianca. and Cheren get their starter Pokémon from Professor Juniper here at the start of their journeys, and promptly challenge the player to a battle. There are two stories in the house, the first being a living room and kitchen area, while upstairs on the second story is the player's bedroom. It contains a Wii controlled with a Wii Remote, connected to a television, and a PC. although this PC only includes information on "Pokémon Basics". Looker meets the player here and gives a Super Rod after entering the Hall of Fame for the first time.

In Black 2 and White 2. Hilbert /Hilda 's mother mistakes Nate /Rosa for her own child, before realizing that they were actually the player. She continues to heal the player's Pokémon as in Black and White, commenting on how she may want to go on a journey to find her child; however, she worries that they would return while she was gone. She does not refer her child by his/her name, unless Memory Link has been established. The PC in the Hilbert/Hilda's room looks as if it has not been used in a long time.

Bianca's house

Bianca 's house is located in the southwest of Nuvema Town. Bianca's house is home to her mother and father. Upstairs is Bianca's room which contains a bookshelf lined with Pokémon picture books, a shelf and two cabinets filled with goods, two plants and a desk. Her bed has pink covers and is on a turquoise rug. A window is on the back wall, with a desk in the bottom-right corner.

In Black and White, when the player first visits her house, her father is shouting at her for going on her journey but she goes on her journey anyway.

In Black 2 and White 2, her mom and dad continue to reside in their house.

Cheren's house

Cheren 's house is located in the southeast of Nuvema Town. Cheren's house is home to his mother and father. Cheren's room has five shelves of books, a widescreen TV, a PC with information on how to play the game, a maroon rug in front of the television, and a bed with brown covers in the bottom-right. A sliding window is located above the staircase.

In Black 2 and White 2, his mom and dad continue to reside in their house.

"Adventure Rule No. 1"The X Button opens the menu!"Adventure Rule No. 2"Record your progress with SAVE."There is nothing else on here. "

Professor Juniper's lab

Professor Juniper's lab in the anime

Professor Juniper 's lab lies in the northwest of Nuvema Town; when the player first starts their journey Bianca and Cheren are waiting for the player outside. When the trio go inside Professor Juniper is waiting for them. She lets the player nickname their Pokémon before giving the player a Pokédex. When spoken to, Professor Juniper asks to see the player's Pokédex and count the number of Pokémon seen in Unova Pokédex; she will give three prizes based on the total number of Pokémon encountered. Cedric Juniper can be found here after the player has entered the Hall of Fame. He provides a count of Pokémon caught against the National Pokédex. After the tutorial on how to catch Pokémon, the Patrat Professor Juniper caught can be seen wandering around the lab.

Demographics Pokémon Black and White

The population of Nuvema Town is 10 (excluding the player. Bianca and Cheren ).

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Nuvema Town Harbor and Airport Tower

Nuvema Town made its first appearance in In The Shadow of Zekrom! . It is Trip 's and Bianca 's hometown. Part of it is shown to have a harbor and an airport with an airport tower. Professor Juniper 's lab is located here with a variety of Pokémon living there. Nuvema Town also has houses and shops.

Ash. Delia. and Professor Oak arrived by airplane, and were greeted by Professor Juniper. Soon afterwards. Ash left Nuvema Town to begin his journey in Unova.

Ash returned to Nuvema Town along with his friends Iris and Cilan in New Places. Familiar Faces! . from where they departed to the White Ruins. and again in Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! . when they decided to travel to the Kanto region by taking a cruiseship there.

In the manga

Nuvema Town in Pokémon Adventures

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Nuvema Town appeared in the first chapter of Pokémon Adventures where Black receives the gift holding the Pokémon Snivy. Tepig. and Oshawott.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Nuvema Town in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format .
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats .

Post-Game Nuvema Town - Pok - mon Black and White Guide

Post-Game Nuvema Town

After you beat the game and let the game save after the ending credits, then the next time that you play, you will be in your room in Nuvema town. Go downstairs to find your Mom talking to. a clone of herself? It turns out that it's actually Looker, from Pokémon Platinum. After removing his disguise, he tells you that six of the Seven Sages of Team Plasma are scattered around Unova, and he asks you to help track them down and defeat them. Then he gives you the Super Rod, which he admits has nothing to do with the search for the Seven Sages.

Outside, Cheren and Bianca will meet up with you and talk to you. Bianca tells you of her plans to go to Black City (if you're playing Black) or White Forest (if you're playing White). Then Cedric Juniper will step outside and give each one of you the National Pokédex! Yay! Now you can catch the pokémon from other regions!

What you can do in the game now

Now that you have beaten the main game, there are still plenty of things left for you to do. Here is a list, which I have attempted to put in order from easiest to hardest.

  • Catch pokémon from older games (check the list of pokémon locations )
  • Fight trainers around Unova, all of whom have pokémon at level 60-65.
  • Receive the Lustrous Orb, Adamant Orb, and Griseous Orb from the Shadow Triad on Marvelous Bridge .
  • Visit White Forest or Black City, depending on your game version.
  • Visit the Poké Transfer Lab to send pokémon from older games to your Black or White game. You need to have two DS systems to do this. Pokémon who are transferred via Poké Transfer can't be sent back.
  • Catch Landorus by bringing both Tornadus and Thundurus to Abundant Shrine (you will have to trade one of them from another cartridge).
  • Catch Volcarona in Relic Castle
  • Catch Kyurem in Giant Chasm
  • Receive HM06 Dive in Undella Town, and then dive for treasure, including the Arceus Plates.
  • Find the Six Sages
  • Battle Game Freak Morimoto in the Game Freak Building in the eastern part of Castelia City.
  • Battle Cynthia in Undella Town
  • Have rematches with the Elite Four, and battle the Champion afterward.

There is a whole eastern part of Unova that you haven't been able to access until now. You can reach it by either going east from Nimbasa City or east from Opelucid City. It doesn't really matter which way you go, since the trainers that you will encounter are all going to have pokémon of level 60-65. Wild pokémon in normal grass in these new areas will be a maximum of about level 50, while the ones that you find in dark grass and water environments will be level 55 and up.

If you're wondering where N went, find the Six Sages.