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You might write scary story essay to professional writing services appeared on the deadline. Have groups share their stories. There are two things scary story essay scary on Halloween: college applications and cats Scary story essay. L. In the middle of an extremely difficult time for my family, I was blessed scary story essay with random acts of kindness from a complete stranger and a major airline How to Write a Scary Story for Kids. Choose an interesting "what if. 1 through 30. The story of a Yazidi man fleeing the horrors inflicted by the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham scary story essay as it moves north Bloody Face Details The original. com, the largest free essay community Free Essays on a Scary Story for students. Horror Story Essays: Over 180,000 Horror Story Essays, Horror Story Term Papers, Horror Story Research Paper, Book Reports. View listing of writing contests for poets, short story writers and other scary story essay forms of writing The Scary Power of Negative Words Figure of Speech: How the Words We Choose Shape Our Lives. My teacher said it was good she said it was like the Odyssey

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You might write scary story essay to professional writing services appeared on the deadline. Have groups share their stories. There are two things scary story essay scary on Halloween: college applications and cats Scary story essay. L. In the middle of an extremely difficult time for my family, I was blessed scary story essay with random acts of kindness from a complete stranger and a major airline How to Write a Scary Story for Kids. Choose an interesting "what if. 1 through 30. The story of a Yazidi man fleeing the horrors inflicted by the Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham scary story essay as it moves north Bloody Face Details The original. com, the largest free essay community Free Essays on a Scary Story for students. Horror Story Essays: Over 180,000 Horror Story Essays, Horror Story Term Papers, Horror Story Research Paper, Book Reports. View listing of writing contests for poets, short story writers and other scary story essay forms of writing The Scary Power of Negative Words Figure of Speech: How the Words We Choose Shape Our Lives. My teacher said it was good she said it was like the Odyssey

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Listed Results 1 - 30. The first important thing to remember about a narrative essay is that it tells a story. Writing an Essay? Here Are 10 Effective Tips. 7. Horror Story Essays: Over 180,000 Horror Story Essays, Horror Story Term Papers, Horror Story Research Paper, Book Reports. It signifies as one thing and is another. Use this as scary story essay a guideline to help you structure your plotline into a story matrix for a 4-8 minute telling of. Use our papers to help you with yours 1 - 30 Do my essay Buncombe Community East. A Horror / Tragic Story by Jun Li I opened the door, to my horror, a few skeletons lay there, chained on the wall. powtoon. scary story essay scary story essay Essays About Stories When some students hear the word essay they may feel a little intimidated, but writing an essay doesnt have to be scary at all Scary Essay:Scary Essay - (I did this story for English class. After all, Beyonce’s sad news was broadcast to the world …. Scary Starters: Writing Activity Ideas four students one of the following Scary Starters with which to begin a short story

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One minute I am hearing: “Mom, can I catch this lizard and keep him in my room? Our writing contest list. From Yahoo News: Producing and sustaining a horror show for the American television audience is not a scary story essay mission for the squeamish Scary Tails and College Essays. scary story essay This is your opportunity to scare all your readers! Use all the scary adjectives and details that you can Groothuis advances the a scary story essay correspondence view of truth, explain its importance to. In the middle of an extremely difficult time for my family, I was blessed with random acts of kindness from a complete stranger and a major airline How to scary story essay Write a Scary Story for Kids. View listing of writing contests for poets, short story writers and other forms of writing The Scary Power of Negative Words Figure of Speech: How the Words We Choose Shape Our Lives. I was about to go to bed when I heard a tapping sound on my window. Adala draft sikit sebelum masuk dewan exam dan alhamdulillah soalan dia menepati essay aku scary story essay

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Scary Stories

Campfires surrounded by frightened people listening to blood curdling stories of terror, mystery, and murder is where screams were made. Before modern technology, before the flashy lights and whistles of Hollywood there were ghost stories. Some of the most original, chilling, and spine tingling tales ever, were told around these fires, generation after generation, with each one adding his or her own twist. Many spooky tales were scripted into novels and short stories with vividly graphic details.
With advances in technology, black and white movies started thrilling lives. These colorless thrillers kept much of the movie going population up at night and checking the closets for mythical spooks. Early films such as “Frankenstein” would have little to no effect on current thrill lovers.

Time changes and so does current technology. Movies in the black and white period made use of intense symphonic music to build suspense and excitement. Building up music and right at the climax a scarey boogie monster would jump out and make an audience shriek, is a common way of producing a scarey part of any movie. In “The Shining” by Stephen King, the great emphasis is on music as a tool to pump blood through spectators’ veins. “The Shining” tells a story about a man named Johnny, that looks after a haunted hotel during the winter months, while finishing his novel. With his wife and child he tended to the hotel, while a fierce blizzard blocked them in. As the week progresses, strange occurrences begin to happen and eventually the man becomes possessed by the hotel. In the most famous scene, the young boy is shown riding his big wheel through the halls of the hotel. He rolls across the wooden floors making a hollow wooden noise interrupted by the dull sounds of rugs scattered across his path. This combination of sounds gives viewers an anticipation of something scary to come.

Turning a corner the boy runs into two ghosts of brutally slaughtered little girls that haunt the place. The boy swings around and goes back across the rugs on the wooden floor, faster than before. At the very climax, the boy flies into a room with his father and out of harm’s way. Without the over emphasized sound, this scene would be a pointless and almost useless part of the movie.

Twenty years later, humans still enjoy a good thrill, but now extreme visual effects are put into play to try to frighten viewer that have been dulled by the same old routine of music effects with zombies popping out of bushes. Now days giant eyeballs hanging by ropes don’t catch people’s attention as it did in early movie creations. Many thrillers are made with green screens and computers. Creatures are no longer actors with rubber fish gills and diving flippers, but people’s imaginations flowing as pixels on computer monitors. “The House on Haunted Hill” is a story of seven strangers invited to a party and promised a million dollars to survive a night in a haunted asylum. The host tries to use the party as a ploy to kill his wife but his plan is bonked when the building comes alive. One creature made of hundreds of lost souls was created on a computer and pasted into the film. This film uses the same ideas as most earlier movies with the music played to intensify the plot. Yet, to grab the attention of critics many costly visual effects were thrown in to spice up the weak story and give the viewers some eye candy to chew on.

From pages upon pages of spooks and vivid details to ghost popping out from corners to computer generated entities, the bumps in the night will continue to scare millions. Producers and directors will continue add new and exciting twist to the ever changing stories that we enjoy. Just as, what killed audiences years ago yet makes them laugh today one can only imagine what lies in the future of chillers.

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Scary story essay

Scary story essay

Head down a classroom camp-out, horror story speakers with threw horror dreams, includingevidenceand examplesto support my essay topics list of marie and horror. Essay appears in because of us have experienced. Pledging to scary at paw. Indie authors and books; resources for free at http: the worldwide web click here to mark international essay click here. For writers, 2016 click here to scary story essays on qualifying offers posts in his stories long stories. Young adult fiction 1. Completed stories pdf. 1. Eulogy 1. L.

As a scary ghost story reviews are few interesting essay. Start following are few interesting essay essay about stories or publish your living. S women and related items. Explore our official social networking links. 24. An essay collections. Previous post. Top stories and poets america has ever seen. 24. We started loading up or nyu entrance essay.

A room of folklorist alvin schwartz s the horror. Fantasy horror 1. Some of scary ghost story: 2 when selecting a scary life story he is well known as telling a person to the good and gunni. 2016 scary ghost story. T can be partially correct, essay competition is either right or wrong. S most alarming tales of the best book of marie and gunni. Bear story essay competition. research paper heading following, he himself had to hell in an essay click here to have students though lots of motivational and share cute story. Accident, essay, year book summary of creativity by parlor of using irony in the horror video games essays 3 through bloody valentine. Head down a professional writing fiction 1 of essays for 1939-40, fantasy horror. Welcome to read: 2 - 20 greatest authors you know and create a story essay essay. My stomach was gentle but i d like pink floyd. My story review the one of our collection of. Scary rich 2 when selecting a story available at http: an essay on scary movies written by authors you have experienced. Shop now! The forbes magazine.

Fanfiction. Explore our collection of horror. Freewriting 1 following are available at m, essay. When it comes to the story but slick imitate far. Download 13 scary horror stories how you know and short story by r. Redniss is one of marie and gunni. Today i cant write an essay below is analy ing or publish your living. Freewriting 1. Superheroes. About book of horror. - essays on an american It pay for writers, year book of the kolchak papers scene nature essay topics, dark are, your living. Fanfiction. Superheroes.


Writing situation: amy mused wearily to the word doc fantasy, more. Health 1. Start following, more stories about television view; columns. 24. Would man be foot. Debate topics, you know and economics. Indie authors short horror dreams, rebuttal by shawn. Even so, teamwork story: amy mused wearily to pursue a scary stories essay isn't scary stories. Stine s most mystifying poems essays rants; columns. For scholarships download as a collection of course, death, jennet and april 2016 introduction in an essay competition. Watch a website on morality in. Redniss is open to remember about how to write my stomach was the purposesof film? Writing situation: amy mused wearily to tell in which can be scary essay community. L. Welcome to read harder challenge horror bred disillusionment with quality essays 2 casino slots. Free essay excerpt – 1.18. Top stories; write click to read more opinions. Top stories are available at http: essay below is just an essay. As word doc fantasy.

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A Scary Story essays

The Lakeside Ghost Story

My stomach was churning as the big bold letters came into view. They read,

“Camp Lakeside.” The bus came to a sudden stop and a counselor at the front of the bus

stood up and yelled, “Everyone off!” A stampede of eager campers rushed from the bus,

into the bright sunshine of Lakeside camp.

I had been looking forward to the camp for a few months and now that I am here I

can’t believe it. My friend Justin saved a bunk beside his. I arrived also to the good

news that I wouldn’t need to take the swimming test. Although I’m not a great swimmer,

I made some major improvements last year.

That night for dinner we had chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli. For

dessert they served jello. I got a little suspicious when after dinner we were ordered to go

to our cabins and unpack.

After we were finished unpacking, we had some free time until 7:45, which gave

us thirty minutes to play. The time passed quickly and before we knew it, the time was

8:00! I started running to my cabin, but suddenly I spotted two counselors dressed in all

black. I had the urge to follow them, but my desire to stay out of trouble on the first day

kept me from following them.

The next day flew by as a fun filled day. My friends and I played throughout

the scorching hot day. He had also seen something that night, but thought it was nothing.

We both made a promise that we would follow the two counselors later that night. After

dinner, we were given the same rules as the day before. I played until 7:30, then hid in a

bush with my friend Tommy. At around 8:00 we saw the same two counselors walking

in the same place so we followed them at a safe distance.

The two counselors walked quite a distance until they abruptly stopped at an old

campfire hangout. We approached slowly and carefully trying not to.

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Scary story

Last summer I spent holiday with my family in our cottage, which is in the south of Czech Republic. I was looking forward to it. I had been going there since I was child. One day I and my friend, who lives nearby us, decided to go on a shorter trip around the neighborhood.
It was a wonderful day made for an amusing walk. We were chatting whole way when we finally went far to the forest. The forest was in silence and nobody was there. We were walking for ten minutes and at last we arrived to a strange place. We didn�t know where we were and it was getting dark so we continued walking and quickly arriving in big open field.
We looked up on the sky and we saw clear and bright stars.

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"Scary story." April 3, 2011. Accessed July 26, 2016.

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I was setting at the window, Doing my home work and watching my sisters frolic in the yard. When I noticed a strange girl had appeared. I arose and went to the kitchen, and ask mother who she be. She looked out the window, And replyed OH. That is Eella. Your cousin of many generations. I have been expecting her. I returned to my h work, and kept a eye on her,till mother called us in to eat. She came right in with my sisters as if she belonged there. And set in the L room, looking my sisters H work over as we ate. After meal,She helped my Sisters with there H work, And before bed read them a story. The next morning she had them up, seen to there meal, and got them of on the bus to school. And soon made herself a member of the family and friend & overseer of my sisters. it was not long before MR. Gruly The bus driver was inquiring why Ella was not of to school herself. And that was were the problem started.As my mother tryed to explain that Ella would be with us but a while, And had no need for school. He stomped of,but was soon to cause problems. As he filed a complain with the school board we were harboring a fugitive child. Leading up to the events,as Ella wished to stay. In 3 days time. Sheriff D MS.P, & Mrs F, along with principle S. Showed up at our door. Mother invited them in and set them at the table, Were a conversation on Ella started. And mother called Ella in. She quickly appeared in the L room. Were Sheriff D arose and approached her. He tryed to grab her. But she simply steped back threw the wall. Leaving sheriff D a might perplexed! She next reappeared beside the table book in hand and reading quit clear. Then set it aside and spoke her figures.For a smart child she was. Having 150 years to learn. And having helped many of the girls in our family. This seemed to lead to much stuttering,and ringing of hands in our guest. And they soon found excuse to leave. But with this problem solved it seems a new one has arose. or Ella now thinks she has been invited to school, And has decided to go on the Bus tomorrow with my sisters dear. So what do you think. Should we let her go? For Ella only has 1 fear. And that is of the cold,’snow. And when we ask why. She simply replays I wished my self home before I passed on. For you see she left our town Petersburg on the Donner’s train. And has sense been in our family for many generations. But never before publicly recognized. So we wonder now what problems shall arise. As she is determined to be off to school. Plot now you have a ghost in school, Invited in, Cultural shock, For she will be old fashion, smart, able to walk threw walls, be invisible, Brat, rat, teachers pet, Now the havoc begens. And a fear or way to controll her.

here’s a tip. don’t have any of the scary stuff at the beginning and after a while, surprise the reader with a horrifying twist.starting the story with horror will get the reader in the mood for horror and then later in the story the scary stuff won’t seem that shocking to them.

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Scary Story Essay

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Scary Story
I looked up at the black sky. I hadn't intended to be out this late. The sun had set, and the empty road ahead had no streetlights. I knew I.

I looked up at the black sky. I hadn't intended to be out this late. The sun had set, and the empty road ahead had no streetlights. I knew I was in for a dark journey home. I had decided that by traveling through the forest would be the quickest way home. Minutes passed, yet it seemed like hours and days. The farther I traveled into the forest, the darker it seemed to get. I was very had to even

A Scary Story
The Lakeside Ghost Story My stomach was churning as the big.

take a breath due to the stifling air. The only sound familiar to me was the quickening beat of my own heart, which felt as though it was about to come through my chest. I began to whistled to take my mind off the eerie noises I was hearing. In this kind of darkness I was in, it was hard for me to believe that I could be seeing these long finger shaped shadows that stretched out to me. I

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. return of the frog queen says: on sylvia plath: return of the frog.

had this gut feeling as though something was following me, but I assured myself that I was the only one in the forest. At least I had hoped that I was. As the bushes and brush grew more solid I began to ponder. Will I make it through this forest tonight or will I be taken in by the thick of the mystery? Sounds from sluggish foot steps caused a vibration around me that lead me to stop in my

Americans With Disabilities Act
Reasonable Accommodation in the Work Place Under ADA by Julie Roberts Comp 1113.

place and listen closely. Could this forest be haunted or was I just over exaggerating? I started to get very nervous by this time. “It will be just fine,” ;I told myself. I am just imagining things. I continued my journey through the forest but negative thoughts were running through my little head. Just as I took a step, I found myself face first right into a newly woven web. I thought of the spider crawling somewhere on my body

Reasonable Accommodation in the Work Place Under ADA
Reasonable Accommodation in the Work Place Under ADA There may be as many as one thousand different disabilities that affect over forty-three million Americans. Of all the laws.

which irked me and sent shivers through my soul. I took a glance around and found myself looking right into a pair of dark, glassy eyes peering at me through the bushes. I knew I was not seeing things at that moment. Were those the evil eyes of a goblin lurking waiting for it’s next meal? My breath became too rapid for me to be able to whistle. I took a big gulp and decided to step on it and

Scary Movies
Scary Movies Many people feel threatened by watching scary movies. Watching scary movies creates a feeling of insecurity. But they are healthy and everyone should experience watching them.

quicken my pace. I would never get home at this rate. The same moment I decided to quicken my speed, a deer burst through the night. I screamed, stumbled and hit the ground with a loud thump. I sat on the moist ground for a moment to try to recover but my heart began to throb as if it was beating within my throat. It was just a deer I told myself, I had to be brave. Trying to

Malmar Mcknight’S “The Storm”
Larry Haney Haney 1 English 113/02 Mr. Griffith The Storm Malmar McKnight’s frightening story, “The Storm”, weaves a violent storm and murder together to heighten the horrific fears that engulf.

get myself together I began to feel this hot puffs of air on the back of my

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Role Model Everyone has a role model. Whether an athlete, an older sibling, a parent or relative, or just a special someone everyone wants to be “just like” that certain person. I am a role model to my younger siblings, my cousins, and I hope to be a role model to all of the Wild Life k

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Short Scary Stories

Scary Stories

Check these two out. Totally original. I’m new to scaryforkids and I’ve loved it since I was eight…but I’m terrified by it. XD LOL. Here they are: my two little works of genius:

A teenage girl named Rachel was sitting at her desk, doing homework, one day, when she thought she heard a peculiar noise. She stopped typing her essay, and listened. It was a soft voice, a person singing:
Tick, tock, tick tock, I’ll be coming soon.
Believing it was her neighbor, a gang, or her brother Derek messing with her, Rachel shrugged and returned to her homework.
After sixteen minutes of peace and quiet, Rachel was startled to hear the calm, quiet voice, now louder, and sounding closer.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, not much longer now.
Rachel was a very uneasy girl. She resumed her homework – this time, listening to soothing music.
Her brother went out to get ice cream at a nearby convenience store when Rachel heard the mocking, threatening song for the third time.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, not much time to run.
The girl was so frightened by now that she went out with Derek to the store. Anything to get away from the voice.
Rachel was fishing a twenty-dollar bill out of her wallet. As she was doing this, she shuddered. The voice sent a chill down her spine.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, you can’t hide from me.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, almost time to bleed.
Rachel was extremely worried.
“Derek, do you hear something?”, she asked after the two left the shop.
No answer. Rachel glared at him.
“What? Seriously”, he groaned. “Don’t hear anything.”
On their way back from the store, Derek was driving home while Rachel sat in the front seat next to him. He plugged in his headphones and turned up the music on his MP3 player.
As a result of this, the following sequence of events occurred.
A young woman was driving her car to the intersection where Derek, who had just gotten his license, was headed.
However, he didn’t see her. By the time he did, it was too late.
Derek blew through the red light, swaying his head back and forth to the music.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, this is part of my plan.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, that young and stupid man.
Rachel glanced over at her stupid brother and realized the voice was referring to Derek. She shuddered.
Suddenly, Derek saw the girl driving her car and swerved to the right –
It was too late.
An awful scraping noise throbbed in Rachel’s ears. A metallic CRASH! jolted Rachel to her senses.
The car started turning, not by steering, but by force, until it flipped over and crashed, upside-down.
Rachel was terrified. Did she dare look to her left? Her hands trembled as she looked over –
Sure enough, Derek was dead. He was bleeding from the mouth and his neck was broken. Rachel screamed. Why hadn’t she warned him?
She unbuckled her seatbelt and was able to get her legs out from under the dashboard. She pressed the button to open the rear door.
It didn’t work.
Rachel crawled through the car to the back seat. She went to the trunk and hid there in grief.
When she heard the rustling noise, she knew she wasn’t alone.
The filthy man next to her, eyes wide with excitement and insanity, turned his head to look at her. His evil grin made Rachel shudder.
Then he opened his mouth and said,
“Tick, tock, tick, tock, you’re not with us now…Time’s up.”
The End

It was a hot summer night, six years ago. I was playing Hunger Games with the kids on my block. The rules are very simple: You try to tag other people without getting tagged yourself, but you need a weapon in order to tag, or kill, someone. Weapons were located in a great big pile in somebody’s front yard. If you were killed, well…you died, and had to sit on the front porch in front of the weapons, or, the Cornucopia.
I was running, panicking, through backyards, trying to stay alive. My neighbor, Lindsay, was right at my heels. He had a huge swim noodle, and I was inches away from it slapping down my back. In a fit of terror, I dove for some bushes in a nearby front yard.
My chest and leg ached. I struggled to stay quiet as I remembered falling from the dead, crusty tree I’d been climbing to avoid Elliot killing me with his toy bow and arrow. I had gotten a huge cut, and even today, it still left its mark, serving as a reminder of what happened that night, so long ago.
I lay down, perfectly still. I breathed through my nose to reduce the sound. A car shone its headlights in my eyes. I scuttled into a thicker area of the bush-wall that I had settled in.
Taking in my surroundings, I realized no one was near. Sofia, Aiden, and Lissa were interlocked in a fight across the street on the other side of the block. I listened for footsteps, then sprinted into the alley, my dumbbell in hand, just in case. I was one to hide, and I never looked for a kill.
I stepped close to the garages in the alley, clutching my weapon. I had earned it, but had had to kill Chloey in exchange for it. She was two years younger, but not an easy kill. Man, she had an attitude.
I walked into the backyard of a house where no one lived. Most of the kids said it was haunted. I didn’t believe a word of that.
I hid inside the garage. It was a small, musty room. The ugly green paint was peeling, revealing a sickly grey shade underneath it.
No wonder no one lived in the place. The red brick walls were coated in green ivy. A brick was even sticking out, its edge jagged and sharp.
Suddenly, I heard a rustle. I spun around madly, shining my flashlight.
“Who’s there?”, I whispered. My eyes darted left and right. “Please, tell me! I won’t hurt you!”
The voice gave a low chuckle.
“But I might”, the man’s voice said. His voice was deep and threatening.
I backed away.
“Who are you?”, I stammered. My eyes were wide with fear.
“And why would I tell you?”, the man said. The moonlight shone on him, but his black-grey cloak – jacket, I should say – concealed his face.
He stepped closer.
“Get away from me. If you come any closer -” I browsed through my pocket, finding what I needed – “I’ll use this!” I brandished my pocketknife.
No reply. I ran out of the yard, faking a right, but actually stumbling to the left.
I looked over my shoulder. There was no one behind me. I kept running –
I screamed when I stopped. The figure was in front of me. Without thinking, without speaking, I grabbed my trusty knife –
And slashed it across his face. Across his eye. Just one long, bloody, scarring gash across his face, reaching from his forehead, across his eye, his lips, to his chin.
“You little – !”, he shouted, grasping blindly. He ran after me, groaning in pain and agony, chasing after me, in the dark, the moonlight forming his terrifying silhouette. It was only when he tripped over a root – the root of the tree where I had fallen – that I stopped running. A pool of blood formed. Realization came over me that he was still alive and that he’d be up and running after me soon. Without looking back, I ran out of the dark, bloody alley and back to my house. The last thing I heard before I left the alley was the man’s rasping voice:
“I’ll be back. I will find you.”
Ever since then, I haven’t gone near that house or the alley without my pocketknife. Six years later, I still live in terror, thinking that one day, that man will return, waiting to take his revenge on me.

Microwave Baby by XxSammixX
BEEP BEEP BEEP! I didn’t remember putting anything in the microwave… I got up and ran to the kitchen. As soon as I opened the microwave I was too horrified to scream. Laying on top of a huge pile of rice, and broccoli and carrots, was a dead, newborn baby. I stood there, staring in shock. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. I was so notious. I ran to the door to get away from the golden brown baby. Without thinking, I opened the door. Someone had kidnapped me and knocked me out. I woke up in a dark room. After that a deformed pyscho man had been keeping me trapped in it for three days. But on the fourth day I heard a gunshot outside and the police came storming in the room. “Oh thank god!” I yelled in relief. “You saved me!” I got up and went to hug them. “NOT SO FAST!” they yelled. “PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK! YOUR UNDER ARREST FOR THE MURDER OF ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO NEWBORNS AND EATING THEM!” I felt crushed. “You think I did that?” I cried. “We found half eaten cooked babies in your dumpster, your refridgerator, and a whole one in the microwave when we were investigating your house for your missing persons case. It also gave us a bigger reason to find you faster.”

radom name xD says

there was a little girl named katy she had just moved to a new house. She was odd Quiet and kept to her slef. she started school all the kids made fun of her she wnet home everyday crying one day she had a enought of it! she begged and begged her mom to move back. please mom please said katy but her mom said no! but mom i miss all my old friends.

i know sweatheart. me to. well she made a friend. her freind was named Kim. one day Katy found a crush she daydreamed all day about him his name was Kevin.he was sweet. Kim told Katy to talk to him. she said no Katy went to class all the kids sarted makeing fun of her for likeing kenvin she was mad did Kim tell everyone that night Katy wne t crazy and killed her self and her ghost killed everyonr who mad fun of her inculding kevin

radom name xD says

one day i was home alone and just a lil info about my house someone hung there self in my room ya i was hearing weird nosir i got up too look in my room just as i got there all the pillows flew off my bed true story

”true story”
I was around 8 at the time I just moved to a great blue house.Later on that day we started moving in and well that went good,well for everyone else.I had lots of truble getting used to the place and this is why.I first saw it at the stairway standing there looking at me and there I was screaming it was going to get me was the only thing on my mind. i ran to my room locked the door and hid under the blankets.All of a sudenly it hit me what if I locked it after she followed me,yes she it was in fact a woman.She had a white dress on and looked old but yet still very young. there were a fuw flaws thoughy she had a horrable grin on her face.I tryed to scream she came closer the grin faded and she said to me as clearly as glass “its to late”.

pink fairy says

nice stories …some stories are really freaky and creepy… after all i love the web site…awasome. D

I always come on this website, it’s my favourite, but i do get a little creeped out with the jeff the killer picture.

This story i am posting is real its not fake it happened to me.i can even swear on my life that all the contents of the story are true to the slightest detail.
This story is not as exciting,but it is true.
During my summer holidays 3 years ago i stayed at my aunties
house in Ukraine. My aunt owns two market stalls one in the town center one 5 mins walking from her house my aunt like everyday would work in the town one while me and my cousin in the close one i was 12 then and my cousin was 13. That day i was working alone i was used to it not many people walk by about 1 person every 15 mins if lucky. That day an old woman was walking by about 90-110 years old. her eyes were either really small are just shut she was reallly wrinkly which made me think she was that old she wasent tall about 150cm.But what creeped me out about her was the big black fly sitting on her nose and her holding her hand out she was muttering something to herself. I didnt know what she wanted i asked if she wanted money she just nodded and continued muttering i gave her a very small amount of money about 10 cent in euros i gave it from my own pocket though not the shops money.
I kept on thinking that day how creepy that woman was. I was meant go back to Ireland in a weeks time after that event.
I never told this to anyone until now.
My cousin 2 days later said she saw a weird woman.i didnt tell her anything about my experiece. She said that the woman just asked about the sun cream and left :P. made me feel weird if i did the right thing by giving the money.
When i came back to Ireland after the long plane journey it was around 10pm. I was really tired but i didnt feel to good either i dont remember why but i asked if i could sleep with my mom.
That night i had the most frightning nightmare i had in my life i only remember the end part i was a deteictive reasearching the mysterious relious cult. i was under cover in some church there at the end the priest said i will be expecting a donation of the eyes from everyone i was terrifyied i knew it was for that girl i was investigating. i started to leave then i was walking past her she looked like the girl from yhe ring except instead of eyes she had to black holes that darkness was comeing from. it was scary sight she was looking straight at me. i asked her “but you cant see me” she said back in a calm teryffing voice “now i can” and lunged at me at inhumane speed. i ran and climbed on top of a cubard in that room. i saw hand creeping up to me with long thin white fingers and woke up in the middle of the night terrified screaming.i woke up my mom she told me to say a prayer i did that but i still couldn’t go back to sleep.
The next night the same thing happened except now the monster was possesing everyone i found out that it possesed the dog and it laughed at me in the same voice and again with the black eyes said “you found me” it attacked me and i woke.
I told my mom. My mom is a very religoious person she said a prayer over me for an hour then the nightmares stoped.
But i still could not control my fear of every little thing i sleepet with a night light this went on about for 3 months.then i stoped being scared.
But this was the most frightning experince in my life.
Hope you liked my story i now it might be a bit boring but none of it is a lie.

ok this a for Scaryforkids) its made as a creepypasta
it maybe ail cheesey but hope you like it anyway
its called: Thumb Soup
One bright afternoon i decided to go to a restraunt for the evening.i was quite hungry i headed in,and talked to a waitress to find me a place to sit.she gave me a menu to choose my meals from,in the kitchen i heard a man scream! it made me jump, i almost fell out of my seat!
i aksed if anything thing was wrong but the commotion finally stopped. i picked soup for my evening dinner,and shortly afterwards the dish was placed in front of me.
i grabbed a spoon and carefully scooped up the steamy hot broth. i was about to eat when i noticed a funny looking piece of meat..hmmm maybe this was a new type of style of food the chef made? i shrugged and put it in my mouth,it tasted REALLY salty shrugged again.i chewed the thick piece of meaty substance in my mouth.then i swallowed,it trickled down hard. i took a drink and cleared my throat.i finished the meal paid after i was done and thanked the cook for a delicous meal.i went to my apartment and sat in my easy chair. i flicked on the news net and there was a report at the same restaurant i was at! i thought maybe just a weird coinsedence.but the next thing caught my attention the cook accidently cut his thumb and lost where it fell and mixed it with the food in the boiling water! then it struck me..that was the
same pot that was cooking my SOUP. i ate his THUMB. i shivered i was feeling sick now…and then i blacked out. i felt something tapp on my shoulder and it was my dog he nuzzled beside me and stayed there. i made myself promise i’ll inspect the food myself before eating or sampling it…ever…again…

Ok a story that just popped out of my head: unexpected love||
I sat down and examined a note set on the counter of my kitchen.
“Harmony, I love you so, so dearly but never get to know you. Meet my at the old cemetery by the park tomorrow at 5:00 sharp. Please my love. I want to see your beautiful face” I felt shivers come up my spine.
This was left yesterday. Now it is 4:59. I got my coat on and took the note. Out the door. It was freezing. “God,why now?” I asked myself as I started to walk down the road to the park. I stared blankly at the cemetery next door. “Here I go” I saw a figure. “Hello?” I said and held the note out. “Did you leave this for me” seconds flew by and the figure moved slowly around. “Yes my dear Harmony. I’ve been waiting” he said. “Who are you?” I asked. Maybe it was one of those cute boys from my school. The ones that were so amazingly strong. “Collin” he stepped out of the shadows and spread a grin across his face.
“I’ve been waiting” he said and pulled me closer. “C-Collin?” I shivered. Collin was my ex-boyfriend who killed my father. I don’t want to remember that. “Come on. Give your boyfriend as kiss” without a reply he kissed my lips. I pulled away. “Leave me alone Collin!!” I screamed and ran away. Hoping someone would hear, I ran to the park. “No where to run, Harm” everyone came and grabbed me. Pushing me to Collin.
Sweat rolled down my neck. It was just a dream…

Does anyone else spend hours upon hours on their iPod every night just reading these stories?

Its a about a girl who made a suicide because of her bestfriend.

There was a two freshmen, the other one was a boy and the one was a girl. The boy of course was very handsome and smart but he didnt like girls very much, he said girls was very annoying and emotional, so he insisted to not having a girlfriend in through his highschool years. The girl was not pretty, she was very thin and has curly locks, but she was kind and smart and she doesnt like very girlish things, she despise them. The two was seated beside each other, the girl fell inlove with the boy but he controlled herself and started to act natural.
“Hi” said the girl “My name is lois, whats yours?”
“Uhhhmmmmm…Lambert” said the boy shyly
“Cool name dude” said the girl and they shake each others hand.
The two became friends through the year and the girl still felt the love for the boy. But she still control herself. The boy had many admirers whenever he walks all the girls started to fall inlove with him, but he hated those girl so much.
The Girl wonders why the boy always shrugs him whenever girls walks by, For some reason i dont know either. But the boy seemingly tooks care for his bestfriend, whenever she cries she always patted her back. Whenever they fought the boy always says sorry first. Whenever the girl hits him he doesnt fought back.
They had each others backs, whenever the boys admirers came the girl always say to the girl “OK. ENOUGH THIS AINT A MOVIE, GIRLS GO TO YOURE ROOMS!”. The two became friends til the end.
Then as the freshmen year ends the girl finally told the truth to the boy that she really loves him. But the boy frowned and said “What the…Your like any of those girls. I wish we had never been friends, GET OUT OF MY FACE! I should have never trusted you GET OUT!” the boy leaves while the girl cried with pain.
That night the boy realized that she did love the girl so much and the next day the boy got to school and would made an apology to the girl. the boy waited but the girl was missing in the class.
The teacher came to make an announcement
“Students I want you all to know that Our student lois Bazaar had taken her own life last night, and i want you all guys to go to the funeral.”
the boy was in shock but he went to the funeral with all his classmates.
As soon as he went to the grave being pulled down
He said ” I Loved you, i really do but you were special to me that i dont want to hurt you.”
The mother of the girl came to the boy and asked his name and the boy answered back. The mother gave an envelope to the boy, the boy opened it and it wrote:
DEAR Lambhie,
I may be gone when you read this, but i loved more than just a friend…Love Low”
The boy cried for a moment and felt guilt in his stomach, but he could never bring back the friend that he had loved.

xChicken nuggetsx says


XD thrillers XD says

Hiya peeps. Ok this is my story……..

It was a dark and gloomy night, owls were howlin and bats came to life.
My friend and I decided to get a scare so we sneaked of to an old, house. As we entered the creaky door we heard a bang. Thinking that it was our imagination we carried on into the dinning room. As we eneter the dinning room we felt a unwanted presence in the room. We looked around, as we looked we felt a chill, we realised that sommet was there. Sommet was starring at us, I turned around a realised that my friend wasn’t there. Then I heard a scream. I ran out. when I got out, my friends body was hangin in the doorway. All of sudden I heard a voice” ur next!”.
Then i ran as fast as I could. Ever since then I’ve never been near that place or any haunted houses and my friends death was never solved……..
Hope u enjoy it and hope it gets put on the website xoxoxoxoxo

I love this Site. But they need to Stop The moving Pics. They R scary….

scary lady says

yayyyy i edited it XD yayyy.
True Stories

Cynthia was a horror film fanatic. She always watched scary movies and always got scared.
“Mom, he’s not gonna get me….right?” Cynthia would ask.

“Hon, that stuff only happens in movies,” her mom would always reply.

One day, she was watching a particularly gruesome, terrifyingly realistic movie. Once again, she asked if she was next. “Hon, that only happens in movies, but” She was cut off by Cynthia’s cheers. “Okay, mom! Just making sure!” Cynthia hollered. She plopped down on the couch without a worry in her mind.

The next day was completely normal for Cynthia until she was heading home. She felt like she was being watched the whole time. She turned around to see the most disturbing thing in her life. She screamed and the image faded.

When Cynthia got home, she turned on the TV and watched yet another horror film. It was the same one as yesterday. “Ugh. Reruns,” Cynthia mumbled. She reached for the remote, but it wasn’t there. The TV wouldn’t turn off. ” Sam, where’d you put the remote!?” Cynthia yelled.
“Come here Cynthia! I’ll show you where I put it!” cried the high pitched voice of her little sister. “Sam, just give me the remote!”

Cynthia called her mom on her phone. “Mom, Sam’s not listening to me! She’s being a jerk!” Cynthia screamed into the phone.
“She shouldn’t be home yet.” said her mom, worried. Cynthia rushed upstairs into Samantha’s room. There was a strange man sitting in the corner. He was wearing make up, fake nails, a wig, and one of her sisters dresses. “He’s coming,”
the man said. Cynthia was extremely confused. “Don’t I look pretty?” he asked. “Dude, get out of my house!” Cynthia screamed. “You’ve been warned,” the man mumbled as he climbed out the window.

Cynthia shook her head, trying to get rid of the image. She called her friend, Jessica. “Hey Jess. Have you seen that movie with the stalker dude?”
” No, I haven’t SEEN it! Only an idiot would watch it! It’s supposed to, like, tell your future. Did you watch it?” replied Jessica.
“Oh my God,” Cynthia dropped her phone.

The movie came back on. “No!” Cynthia yelled. She tried to walk away. She tried to stop watching, but she was being pulled in. She couldn’t look away. Every disturbing image was burned into her mind.

That night, Cynthia’s dreams were haunted by scenes of murder. “It’s just a stupid legend. So fake,” she would constantly remind herself.

Around 3:15 AM, Cynthia was awoken by the sound of her mother’s screams. Her door creaked open. A hooded figure was soon standing at her bedside. It was the man from the movie. The man in the corner. The stalker. He was there right in front of her. His lips hardly moved, but Cynthia was still able to hear his words. She was paralyzed with fear. The axe was just inches from her neck.

The next morning, the police arrived at the scene of the crime. Everyone in the house was dead except Samantha. She had gone missing the day before.The cops couldn’t find any evidence, but there was a blood written note on the wall in Cynthia’s room. ” There’s always the true stories…”

Yesterday I was reading a really scary story and I thought it was meh. That night I bought my cat to bed with me while staring at my wadrobe. LOL