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Hi tech gadgets essay

Hi tech gadgets essay

Posted: Roman_V Date: 30.03.2016

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The rapid race of technological development is affecting every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Consumer electronic products are making our lives more comfortable and entertaining.

New and more innovative models are coming onto this saturated market all time.

Nanotechnology is a new market, which promises to bring smaller, lighter, more portable devices.

And being investor is not enough to be successful. It couldn’t be the guaranty of your prosperity. Usually innovative, modified project becomes the leader of the market. So investor should always ask himself whether his gadgets are really good (modern and qualitative), because lots a cat in gloves catches no mice.

For example, the technology has deeply changed our lifestyle in the field of mobile telecommunications. This market seems to be saturated but it’s still growing, because industry is looking forward for new sources of growth. Besides traditional functions offered by mobile phones, they offer gadgets for you dog.

Another approach is to encourage people to use their phones more than they do at the moment. New services offer lots of extra capacity at lower prices. Letmegiveanexample. Extending mobile coverage enables the subscribers to make calls wherever they are.

At the same time do the gadgets have only a good impact?

Today parents are increasingly worried about their children, they losing themselves in individualistic activities such as television viewing and computer games. On average children devote 5 hours a day to screen media. Although children generally have a few favorite programs, they mostly use television to kill time when they are bored and have nothing special to do. Now children are no longer playing outside but shutting themselves away in their rooms.

To sum up, technological development has changed forever the way we work and view the world.

The Advantages of High-Tech Gadgets

The Advantages of High-Tech Gadgets

High-tech gadgets and devices exist in almost every industry. Medical industries use software to treat some tumors, business sectors use PDAs and small payment processors to enhance work productivity, and digital reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle and Sony E-Reader allow individuals to read on-demand books and literature. The sticker price of high-tech gadgets is usually high, but gadget owners have the convenience to use these types of devices just about anywhere.

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The majority of high-tech gadgets are extremely mobile and portable; this gives the owner the chance to use it at any time and any place. Consider netbooks that weigh an average of 2 to 3 lbs. and fit conveniently into small carrying cases or backpacks. High-tech gadgets that use GPS (global positioning system) technology are the ultimate mobile devices, which allow individuals to see and plan travel routes instantly. Wristwatches have also come a long way with high-tech features. Stanley/Brando manufactures a watch with a built-in LED flashlight, while Fossil produces a high-tech watch with a built-in Palm Operating System and a touch screen. All of these mobile, high-tech gadgets allow for convenience.


There are lots of high-tech gadgets that contain multiple capabilities. Gadget owners can use just one or two devices to handle many tasks. For example, PDAs (personal digital assistants), some mp3 players and other similar smartphone devices use mobile operating systems and user interfaces to allow for Internet surfing, voice communications and task scheduling. In many of these high-tech devices, wireless technology--a protocol that provides instant connectivity and communications--gets built into laptop computers, mobile PDAs, cell phones, and e-readers like the Amazon Kindle.

Personal Productivity

High-tech gadgets increase personal and professional productivity. Employees connect to the office from a home computer with secure VPN (virtual private networking) technology. Some sales people use PDAs, mobile computers and other high-tech devices to submit work orders and contact business associates. Sales transactions can even be instantly completed with the use of convenient devices like the Square--a mobile credit card reader just about 1 inch long that connects to most mobile devices. Business professionals and college students are two consumer groups that use high-tech gadgets to finish projects and collaborate with others through mobile technologies while at home, in the dorm or at the office.


High-tech gadgets pave the way for new devices to be produced. Computer processors are made faster with the use of two, three and four CPUs (central processing units) to enhance efficiency and speed. Technology companies and inventors continually research and find ways to tweak current high-tech gadgets in order to make processing more efficient, and expand the capabilities of consumer and business products.

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Рассказ Влияние современных технологий на нашу жизнь на английском

People in contemporary world can hardly imagine their lives without machines. Every day either a new gadget is invented or an old one is improved. Different people appreciate new inventions differently. Some suppose that sophisticated gadgets are really useful and necessary, while others find them absolutely awful as they influence people badly. As for me, I am pretty sure that gadgets make people`s lives easier.

Firstly, they do all kinds of dirty and hard work, as cleaning. Secondly, devices can save a lot of time as well as storage space. For instance, a computer disk can contain the same amount of information as several thick books.So, machines help people in different spheres.

However, opponents of this point of view are definitely sure that gadgets affect people negatively. People are reluctant to work due to the influence of machines. People become lazy and disorganized. They just expect their latest gadgets to do everything instead of them. Moreover, according to scientists, a great number of widespread devices produce radiation that can cause serious health problems. Furthermore, more and more people are becoming addicted to their modern gadgets, for instance computers, TVs or mobile phones. So, they neglect their home obligations, work or school and spend all their spare time in front of a laptop screen or a TV-set.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that in spite of all drawbacks, gadgets have, their benefits are much more considerable, as they save people`s time and let them enjoy life.

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Positive And Negative Impact Of Technology On Children - My Essay Point

Impact Of Technology On Children

Today’s modern life is surrounded with tech products. The technology has been growing rapidly for quite some time, and has now become an important part of life. The technology has its impact on people of all fields and ages. Yeah, it has impacts on children as well.

As you know, everything has its positive and negative impacts. Same is the case with the technology’s impacts on children. For the proper growth of your children, it is highly necessary for you to have knowledge of positive and negative impacts of technology on them. Check them out below.

Impact of technology on children. Photo By David Young-Wolff

Positive Impacts of Technology on Children

The technology has been proven to be useful in education. Children can access the web and get the detailed knowledge about any topic. The education games help them to perform well in academics.

All kids like to play video games. When playing such games with their friends/relatives, they earn the competition skills. The competition skills that children learn from the video games help them compete with others in the real world.

Negative Impacts of Technology on Children

The technology is causing many health issues in children. The surveys conducted from time to time tell that due to increasing use of gadgets, children are suffering from the health problems like back pain, weak eyesight etc. Due to less physical activities, the fatness is common to see in today’s children.

Technological gadgets have posed a bad impact on social relationships. Children are addicted to gadgets. They don’t have time to sit with their parents and to spend some good time with them. They prefer to connect with their friends and relatives via text messaging, chatting etc. rather than meeting them actually. Means, they are connected with others in the virtual world, but not in the real world.

Poor Academic Performance

Technology has been found to have its negative impact on academic performance on most of children. There are many technological gadgets to which children are addicted. They waste their valuable time on these silly gadgets without worrying about the studies. This is resulting in their poor academic performance.

Negative Impact on Character

This is one of the biggest problems created by growing technology. Children are future of our country, our world. The sad thing is that due to increasing technology, children have been found going away from their moral values. Internet is working as curse for children’s character. Rather than using Internet in productive manner, children use it as source of adult content.

Negative Impact on Writing Skills

Writing is an art which every person must own. Technology has its negative effect on writing skills of children. Standard English is not used in the text messaging, chatting. While writing text messages, no one cares about the spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is resulting in poor writing skills of children.

Well, it is quite clear that there are more bad impacts than the positive impacts of technology on children. In fact, the positive or negative effects of any particular thing depend on how we use it. By limiting the involvement of technology in children’s life, we can easily bring an end to all negative impacts listed above.

We hope this essay helped you in your assignment. You can also submit your essay on and help out others, click here .

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Essay: Modern Technological Gadgets

Essay: Modern Technological Gadgets

It is evident that modern technological gadgets can wear out and get obsolete and therefore have to be repaired or disposed off. However this is not the case here where the tools are periodically renewed through customary rituals or spells; rather, they are the recognizable difficulty of being obsolete (Zipes, 2001). When Ron’s wand gets fractured in a misfortune, it begins to take action like a wrecked electrical gadget with uncovered live wires which also release smoke and sparks. Though he tries to fix it with the ‘spellotape’ this was almost useless (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 74). Another such broken gadget in Harry Potter is the broomstick that was issued by the school and “vibrated if you flew them too high, or always flew slightly to the left” (Rowling, Chamber of Secrets, 109).

In the very first book of the series, Harry learns mastery in the sport of Quidditch. mostly because of his own will and intelligence, but also because we see that he holds an expensive broomstick (Rowling, Goblet of Fire, 8). In the second book, Malfoy lands up with a newer model of broomstick for his team. Harry, distressed and despaired, does not know how to compete this. [But he attempts to obtain the Firebolt, which was formulated for international fight.

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Gadgets and the world of technology - essay for uiuc admission

"gadgets and the world of technology" - essay for uiuc admission

Essay for UIUC transfer. pl suggest changes,i've less than a few hours left to submit,i'm applying as an international transfer student

In an essay of 300 words or less, please discuss your academic interests and/or professional goals.

I have always been fascinated by gadgets and the world of technology and am interested in knowing how things work.Ever since reading about the stories of Google, Apple ,Microsoft etc. I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur. a technology entrepreneur. Since then I learnt a few languages like Java. Python, Flex, VB.NET,C++ etc. disassembling applications and some ethical hacking. In my 10th grade. I wrote an open source browser called <. > in VB.NET. It has the feature of letting the user specify the transparency of the application windows and has been downloaded by over a hundred thousand users. I have completed around 80 to 90 challenges in popular hacking challenge sites on the web.I'm also interested in robotics. and have participated in a couple of competitions in my college, and how networks and communication systems work. In school, my favorite subjects have always been math and physics. this explains my interest in electrical engineering and computer science. I had appeared in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in 2009 and had secured a rank of <3000> among 400,000 applicants and then joined the <. > choosing electronics engineering as my major. I would like to transfer to the University of Illinois as it is one of the best places to study electrical engineering and a place where I believe I can realize my dreams.

the <. >'s are just to remain anonymous

I don't think your writing skills are there yet. The admission essay is not about what you have accomplished. It is about showing yourself. Do that

Thanks for the advice ,I've never been good at writing but considering the fact that I have only a few hours left,what should I do?

EF_Kevin Threads: 8
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Author: You can help a lot of people by visiting the "Unanswered" threads! [Contributor] 125

Let's just get rid of "am":
I have always been fascinated by gadgets and the world of technology and am interested in knowing how things work.

If you use a comma, us "I" again, but if you do not use "I" again no comma is necessary:
I'm also interested in robotics and have participated.
I'm also interested in robot ics, and I have participated.

Google this: comma use in compound sentences

I would like to transfer to the University of Illinois as it is one of the best places to--- I think you can say something more specific than "it is one o the best places to. " You could write something that tells WHY it is better than other places.