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TATA Steel Graduate and Internship Opportunities, Careers and Employability Service

Careers and Employability Service UniLife Channel TATA Steel Graduate and Internship Opportunities

If you’re looking for a career that’s truly world-class, TATA Steel offers graduate and internship
opportunities on a different scale.

With a global network of steel production and processing facilities, and an exceptional commercial organisation, our strong heritage and deep roots all contribute to a unique culture of commitment, quality and challenge. And our complexity, scale and ambition make us the perfect place to realise your talent and potential.

Whether you’re looking for crucial workplace experience, or the first step in a truly individually tailored career, you want to be part of a world-class business where the standards and ambition match your own, where you can hit the ground running, and where your big ideas will find the resources they need to succeed. As Europe’s second-largest steel maker, with sites across the UK producing a wide range of steels for applications as diverse as food packaging, construction, rail, automotive and aviation, we can offer exactly that.

Our Graduates take on significant responsibility from day one, but you’ll be rewarded well for it, with a competitive salary and excellent benefits. Moreover, you’ll have our full support as you extend and develop your expertise; not only will we pay for membership of your professional body, we’ll also give you access to a mentor and support you in studying for further professional qualifications.

Internships last from 3 to 12 months, and attract a competitive salary and benefits. For those who perform to a consistently high level during your placement and return to the company in a graduate role, there’s the additional attraction of applying for one of two annual sponsorships which recognise the contribution your talent will make to our business.

In either case, you’ll have a track record of achievement throughout your education, and will already have developed an interest in the area for which you’re applying.

We’re looking for analytical thinkers, with the abilty to rapidly assimilate and apply new concepts, and a positive attitude to the opportunities you’ll encounter.

We’re proud of the part we play in providing the material that’s shaping a better twenty-first century; and if you’re looking for a role where you can really see the impact you make, there’s no more exciting place to start your career.

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Pontypridd. Cardiff. Newport
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The University of South Wales is a registered charity.
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A Tata Reflection - Neha - s Internship Experience At Tata Steel - IIM Indore

A Tata Reflection – Neha’s Internship Experience At Tata Steel – IIM Indore

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A Tata Reflection – Neha’s Internship Experience At Tata Steel – IIM Indore

Second year at IIM Indore has started and I am back settling with heaps of case studies and chatting with classmates who have interned in different domains in different parts of the world. As I continue on this journey of studying at IIM Indore, the summer internship at Tata Steel has provided me with perspectives and insights about the steel industry, the company and especially about myself.

Having worked as a software engineer and a sales person in the past, the marketing and strategy intern role threw unique challenges at me. I was elated to be a part of the new products and business team at Tata Steel office in Kolkata. In my first week of internship, as I was unaware of the steel industry, I had to understand the industry and Tata Steel’s products. Initially I could see myself complaining: “My mentor does not give me enough work” too. Soon I learnt to self-manage and plan my weekly goals. The key deliverables and milestones set aside for me challenged me to think analytically and work together as a team. I watched the team celebrate birthdays, discuss customer feedback and safety issues inside the organisation together. My mentor was extremely supportive. I was surprised by how much my role required me to interact with everybody involved in the supply chain. The output of my project will soon be used in Tata Steel’s marketing campaigns.

Also, internship gave me the freedom to explore two Indian states – West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. I had never stayed in these places before. It was exciting to explore and savour the local cuisine and culture alone.

Overall I had a great Summer Internship, I learnt about the Steel Industry from the lenses of Tata Steel. It was all about building trust, influencing people, building networks and a great learning experience. I enjoyed interacting with myriad set of people – The fabricators, dealers, end consumers, quality specialists at Jamshedpur and interns from other B-schools. Interning at a Tata company was like working with my family. While I expected to use my IIM-I marketing and strategy lessons during my internship, I was surprised to see myself translating subtle HR concepts to action more than anything else. Since my internship brought me close to customers, I plan to take courses which give me an in-depth knowledge of understanding consumer behaviour and B2C marketing.

——– About the Author: Neha Adiga is the secretary of Idanim – the drama club at IIM Indore. She enjoys art, literature and traveling.

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My internship experience at Mount Vernon Police Department taught me the valuable lessons for my life. I realized that the internship experience is a key to the successful and rewarding career. To begin with, the internship gave me a chance to connect the information that I learnt in class with the events that happen in the professional circles. I can solve the problems by thinking outside the box because analyzing the issues critically is being among the skills being vital at the Department. My interaction with my mentors gave me confidence that this will have a positive impact on my future endeavors. I learnt that every question has an answer, and that no question can go unchallenged at the organization that adores professionalism. I asked the questions that were answered promptly, and my inquisitive nature proved to be vital because it made me learn the things that only the really inquisitive mind could grasp.

At the Department, time was of the essence to every daily activity. I improved my time management skills beyond the levels that I could not imagine. Just like at any law enforcement department, punctuality was of the utmost importance at Mount Vernon Police Department. Reporting late and leaving the work station earlier from the required time was strictly out of the station’s order. Similarly, missing the deadlines or extending the datelines was outlawed totally. It is believed that experience builds the character, and that a good one impact on the personality is priceless. My internship put me in such an environment that helped me to cultivate the virtues of patience, perseverance, and humility. I fostered strong working relationships with all staff members and with everyone that I had the professional contact with. This gave me the opportunity to build an extensive network of people that I believe will be the great value in my life. I became open to the new and different ideas. Truthfully, my internship put me ahead of many my peers in many aspects. Every day, I was assigned different tasks to perform within a given timeline. My supervisor was an excellent example of the footsteps I would like to follow in my profession. I learnt to express myself in a clear, respectful and professional manner. My internship period gave me the time to chart my career path because now I know what I want to do after finishing my college. My internship experience has also added a feather to my curriculum vitae cap. I have the invaluable references that will give me the recommendations to any prospective employers. I believe I am well-equipped with the professional tips and sound pieces of advice to enable me adapting to any working environment. The work ethics was highly valued and the professionalism firmly upheld. The organizational nature of my host organization inculcated the useful work ethics for all employees. For instance, all members carried out their duties with decorum. The virtues like respecting co-workers, being flexible, not taking part in the office politics, not being arrogant, keeping your time, dressing in the official attire, being willing to perform the assigned tasks with enthusiasm, and having the positive attitude were common among the staff. These values have shaped my outlook, and I would be confident working at any office anywhere in the world. Another treasured skill that employers are looking for in any applicant is a perfect team working ability.

At the department, I learnt that working as a team produced the results fast; hence, enhanced the productivity. As the team members, we worked in harmony because we felt that we were the part of the common course. Trust was built as well as the enhanced support for one another. For most tasks, there was a team leader, and different styles of managing the team were brought to the fore. Needless to say, my leadership skills have passed via the tremendous improvement. The leaders are made, not necessarily born, and to become an effective leader a lot of efforts are required. In conclusion, I do not regret my time spent at Mount Vernon Police Department. I will forever be grateful to all those that ensured me to have the memorable and educational experience. I have learnt the valuable lessons that will put me ahead of the competition in future.

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Final Internship Final Internship

Project Report On


Under the guidance of
“Mr. M.R.S.S. Srinivas (Manager Accounts)
& Mr. Kumar Sunil (Accounts Head)”

Submitted as a part of academic curriculum for the award of
The degree of
Post Graduate Program in Management
Indian Institute of Management

Ashish Priyadarshi

“To Whom It May Concern”

This is to certify that the Internship Dissertation, titled
“ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES IN TATA STEEL, WEST BOKARO”, is a bonafide work carried out by me at Tata Steel Ltd.
It is the record of an original & independent study carried out by me, under the able supervision of Mr M.R.S.S. Srinivas (Manager Accounts).

Signature of the Intern
Ashish Priyadarshi

Company guide’s certificate

“To Whom It May Concern”

This is to certify that the Internship Dissertation, titled “Analysis of Financial Activities in Tata Steel, West Bokaro” submitted by Mr. ASHISH PRIYADARSHI is a bonafide work carried out by him at TATA STEEL LTD. under my guidance. The matter embodies in this dissertation has not been submitted earlier for award of any degree or diloma to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I recommend its submission for evaluation.

Signature of company guide

The immense help and support received from Tata Steel Limited overwhelmed me throughout during my summer internship.

It was a great opportunity to work with Tata Steel Limited, pioneering in steel industry. My sincere gratitude goes to Mr. Kumar Sunil (Accounts Head) for providing me opportunity to work at Finance & Account Department in West Bokaro Division of Tata Steel Limited which has.

Tata Steel Career


Tata Steel is an equal opportunity employer and strives to attract the best available talent and ensure diversity in its workforce.

Long before its human resources policy was formally written down in 2001, Tata Steel’s employment philosophy and practices were based on the recognition that its people are integral to its success. The core principles in Human Resources policy that are now applied across the Tata Steel Group worldwide are: equality of opportunity, continuing personal development, fairness, mutual trust and teamwork.

The Tata Steel Group believes that being the best possible employer helps to recruit and retain the best employees. An equal opportunity, merit-oriented, gender-neutral employer, remuneration and career progression is based entirely on responsibility and performance at Tata Steel. The Company has leveraged its growth projects to diversify its workforce through positive discrimination in favour of local, marginalised communities and women.

Clear, honest, two-way communication between management and employees at all levels is intrinsic to the culture of the Tata Steel Group. Any issues relating to the progress, plans and prospects of the business are discussed openly and with a sense of shared purpose among senior management and employee representatives.

Working for Tata Steel in an innovative and technology-driven environment is never dull. Initiative, innovation, teamwork and leadership are some of the key qualities we look for. To know more about existing opportunities at the various operations of the company, training & development opportunities, career progression, and everything else that is fundamental to life at Tata Steel, click on the tabs below.

Tata Steel - Work Placements, Work Experience and Internships

Tata Steel - Work Placements, Work Experience and Internships

Tata Steel � A part of life.

The Tata Steel Vision
Imagine what the world would be like without steel. No hospitals, schools, transportation systems, even paperclips; the list is endless!

Tata Steel is a leading supplier to many of the most demanding markets around the world including: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Energy & Power Generation, Engineering, Metal Goods, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Rail and Security & Defence

Tata Steel metal is used globally in projects such as the Bugatti Veyron and the Petronas Towers. During South Africa�s preparations for the 2010 Football World Cup, Tata Steel was included in the construction of the new King Shaka International Airport at Durban. Closer to home we have won contracts for the 2012 Olympic games and our metal has been used in the new Wembley Stadium.

We are passionate about making the world a better place. Using the perfect blend of world-class manufacturing processes, innovative research centres and inspired individuals; we can achieve the vision of becoming leaders in our field.

What we look for
To achieve our vision, we look for people with the qualities that will fit into our way of thinking; these include passion, drive, enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to adapt to new challenges. We are looking for innovative minds and skills that go beyond just pure academic ability in order to drive change and really make a difference

Tata Steel Training and Development
Tata Steel has the size and diversity to tailor careers by providing real life projects from the outset and challenges that will be interesting, dynamic and relevant to the business. Those entering the company receive on the job and formal training designed to develop management and technical skills.

However, the training will not stop there. Tata Steel is committed to Professional Accreditation/Chartership for every graduate, providing a professional mentor and training that is accredited by professional bodies.

Fast facts:
Number of employees. The combined Tata Steel Group has approx 80,000 employees
Number of graduate / placement vacancies per year. Approx 60 - 90
Degree disciplines and class required: Any degree discipline, preferably on for a 2.1 or first class degree. A relevant degree subject is required for technical positions.
Career paths: Engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical, civil, environmental), Metallurgy, Research & Development, Process Control, Manufacturing, Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain & Logistics, Sales & Marketing, and Supplies.
Salary and benefits: Competitive (see our website for full details).

What can Tata Steel offer you?
Tata Steel offers 3 and 12-month placements for undergraduates, which will provide opportunities for you to learn, develop and gain experience in your chosen field. The size of the company means we are able to offer real work projects, with a genuine business need. Over the course of your placement you will become an integral part of the business and the opportunities provided will mean the experience gained will be invaluable when returning to University. A placement with Tata Steel allows you to put your studies into context; the age-old questions of.

When am I ever going to need to do this?
I really enjoy this module; I wonder how it fits in the real world?

. Will be answered through your work placement. The experience you gain will also help you in deciding what module options you will choose to study when you return to university.

What do you need to succeed?

Our placement programme is a way for us to identify potential graduates - a good placement could mean the offer of a graduate position with us after completion of your studies. To succeed in Tata Steel, we are looking for people with qualities that will fit into our way of thinking; these include passion, drive, enthusiasm, imagination and the ability to adapt to new challenges. We are looking for innovative minds and skills that go beyond just pure academic ability in order to drive change and really make a difference.

For engineering and technical functions, a relevant degree is required, but for all other functions we accept any degree subject. You should be expecting to achieve at least a 2:2 in your degree, preferably a 2.1 or first class grade

Big Choice Group: Youth Recruitment | Education | Marketing

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Internship at Tata Steel Limited

Internship at Tata Steel Limited – Shrinivas from IIT(BHU)

September 15, 2015

Action is the foundational key to all success. Shrinivas (guy in blue shirt in the centre of the first row) is pursuing integrated masters in Metallurgical & Material Science and shares his wonderful experience of internship days.

It was 11th May, my 22nd birthday and I was at the SNTI auditorium, Jamshedpur.
“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go! “. In a delighted mood I was reading this message on the welcome card at the orientation of the Inspire Summer internship program of Tata Steel Limited (TSL). I was selected as a part of the two member team for the 2 month long Mind Over Matter program at the R&D department.

I am Shrinivas Vithal Kulkarni, currently in 4th year, School of Material Science and Technology, IIT (BHU), Varanasi. The two months at R&D, Tata steel gave me one of the most incredible experience I have had during my college days as it taught me to work with utmost dedication (the last time I worked hard was for JEE- 2012!) and a good deal of skills which will be helpful for the rest of my life.

Mind Over Matter is TSL’s annual innovation challenge for students. It is a perfect blend of learning through exposure to industrial problems and conventional research methods. Launched in 2014, the program challenges students to conceptualize solutions for real product and manufacturing challenges. The best ideas are invited to Tata Steel to create prototypes of their ideas.

We had to form a two member team and give a research proposal on one of the 10 topics posted by Tata steel. Getting selected for the internship was not an easy task as none of the topics were a part of our engineering curriculum. I teamed up with my roommate (a damn diligent guy), but unfortunately he was down with typhoid. So after going through a gob of research papers I somehow managed to write and submit an abstract on “Design and development of Inorganic Passivation to avoid early rusting of rebar”

That time of my life must have been fortuitous as I got selected for the Mind Over Matter intern! And I realized that I had accomplished my aim of having a good internship (read PAID internship!) at the end of the 3rd year.

A pre-placement offer and cash prizes worth Rs.2 lacs were at stake for the winners of the contest so the only thing we decided was to put in our 200 % efforts so that later we don’t have to regret. Keeping this in mind we headed for Jamshedpur, which was sweltering in one of the deadliest summers of India.

We were given accommodation at Tata steel’s GT-4 hostel. Leaving aside the summer weather and mess food, rest everything was perfect. After not sleeping for 2-3 nights, sprinkling water on the bed for cooling, sleeping on the floor of hostel’s AC computer room, I finally bought a cooler! The HR team of TSL must have taken a lot of efforts for us. The whole intern was perfectly planned. Welcome gifts, arranging bus facilities, organizing sports events and the cultural night, getting our stipend cheques on time, and yes the most memorable were the gifts we got on the last day. Everything was meticulously planned and carried out.

Our guide Mr. Manindra Manna was one of the most patient persons I have ever met in my life. He listened patiently to each and every query of ours and cleared our doubts with utmost care and attention. Every employee of the lab was cooperative and helped us in every possible manner. Our project was titled “Design and development of Inorganic Passivation to avoid early rusting of rebar” (for those who didn’t get it, it simply means developing some inorganic layer to avoid corrosion of steel rebars). During the abstract submission I had gone through a plethora of research papers, this helped us to have a head start for our project, as other teams were still in their literature survey stage for almost two weeks, we directly started with our practical work.

We weren’t allowed to use labs after 5pm. So Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm we toiled in the labs. (After repeating the experiments for so many times I became so adept that after 3 weeks into the internship I didn’t require a weighing balance to measure 2 grams of zinc oxide). After 5 pm the time was for exploring restaurants in Jamshedpur and preparing presentations/planning for the next day.

After two weeks we were given the task to use waste solution ( called as WPL- Waste Pickling Liquor) generated from the TUBE DIVISION to extract zinc and use it to form an anti-corrosive zinc phosphate layer layer on the steel rebar. Two days before the review presentation we had no results to show but miraculously I got a thought in my mind, tested it and it changed the game! We were able to extract zinc ions from the solution successfully.

Following were the achieved targets during the intern:

  • Earlier cost of the process: Rs.400 per metric ton of rebar.
  • Current cost: Rs.100 per metric ton of rebar.
  • Our process will use the zinc ions obtained from a waste solution hence the cost of treatment of the waste solution before disposal will be saved.
  • 10,000 liters of WPL per month is obtained the TUBE DIVISION so approx. 24 metric tons of zinc phosphate can be extracted per year.
  • Positive impact on the environment as the highly acidic waste is being reused and zinc, iron ions are not discarded into the soil.
  • Studied the effect of nano silica and oxide layer of rebar on the zinc phosphate layer formation.

Meanwhile during the internship:

  • My teammate ( who happens to be my roommate since 3 years ) is from Jamshedpur. So I had a nice time eating his mom’s delicious food and exploring Jamshedpur on his bike (There are really quite a few good restaurants there)
  • Many of our seniors from IIT (BHU) are placed at TSL so we were on partying spree!
  • Went for a trek to Dalma hills.
  • Met a girl (who was also an intern) and had a nice time with her. (Rest is left to the reader’s imagination!).

Thus, in these two months I got a classic taste of good conversations, cuisine and cavort!
Results of the Mind over Matter contest were to be announced after the final presentations to be given in front of a team of judges from TSL’s different departments.

Two days before the finals: We presented the work before our research group and we were appreciated like never before. With full confidence we were prepared for the final presentation.
We were given 10 minutes to give our final presentation. Top three winning teams were to be awarded with a PPO and cash prizes worth Rs. 225000. But the immense amount work we had put in (not only us rather almost every team had worked equally hard) didn’t make us nervous at all.
After the presentation: We finished the presentation well in time and answered every question. Everyone liked it! (One of the employees there came to me and said: “first prize toh tumko hi milna hai! Stop worrying”)

And soon the results were announced. Unfortunately our name was nowhere in the top 3. We had lost the contest. Dejected, I couldn’t think of anything else for the next few days. Only one thought was there in my mind – why didn’t we win? Why did this happen? But later on I stopped feeling sad for myself and the only reason was the efforts I had put in. I knew I had given my best.
There was only one answer to my questions: Whatever happens is for the best.

Failure is a comma, not a full stop. Insulating yourself against failure doesn’t ensure success, it only makes success more elusive. Plan for future. Embrace failure. Tomorrow will still be there, no matter how dire today feels.

I would like to conclude by quoting a few lines by Baruch Spinoza, a Dutch philosopher. He says,” Reality is perfection. If circumstances are seen as unfortunate, it is only because of our inadequate conception of reality.”

If Shrinivas’s experience motivates you, you can check the latest internships in Jamshedpur.

Editor’s note- Have you got an internship story to share? A chance to win cool Internshala T and other cash prizes by sharing your internship story here.

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