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Research Paper Writing Help

Research Paper Writing Help

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Write My Research Paper

Write My Research Paper

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Nerd Paradise: How to Write a 20 Page Research Paper in Under a Day

Posted on: 10 Cado 7:0 - 5.27.29

So you've procrastinated again. You told yourself you wouldn't do this 2 months ago when your professor assigned you this. But you procrastinated anyway. Shame on you. It's due in a few hours. What are you going to do?

Pick a Topic
  • The more "legally-oriented" your topic is, the better. You'll see why.
  • It has to be something you feel strongly about. Strong as in it makes you want to open your window and yell and shake your fist about it at joggers passing by. That strong.
  • It also has to be something that you already know some stuff about.
  • It also needs to have some depth to it. It can't be like "We should have free pizza in lecture every Friday". That's lame. -Unless you're really creative, then that could possibly work if your professor has a sense of humor and you really can write 20 pages about something silly like that.
Make a list
  • . of every possible outcome that this issue could cause in
    • . the near future
    • . the far future
  • . of every person that this topic affects.
  • . of any instances where this topic has come in the news.
  • . what you would do about this topic if you had the chance/power/enough-sugar
  • . any little detail you can think of
The important thing about this is to think of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING, no matter how silly or far-fetched. It'll make your professor go "hmm, didn't think about that one". You can even get your friends to help you with this one. The more the merrier. It's best to do this on a computer, because.
Reorder everything

Put your most obvious argument first.

Then put weird off the wall stuff, regardless of importance.

Put the strongest argument for your case next.

Now list the incidents that will help argue for your point. Don't know of any incidents in the news to help argue your point? That's ok. Make up some, except keep it really really generic. When it comes time to quote the source, remember this: There are over 6 billion people in the world. There are countless newspapers and other sources that document people doing. stuff. If you list incidents that are generic enough and your topic isn't extremely weird, at least one person out there has done something notable/stupid/crazy enough to make it to the news. Also, people have sued each other over everything imaginable. Find a court case database. Your topic has SOMEHOW manifested itself in court at some point in history. I can almost guarantee it. Just make sure that the situations you come up with are physically possible.

Now, list everything that could be construed to be the answer to the question "if elected, what would you do about this issue?"

It's best to keep all this in the form of an outline.


Now add several lines of space under each bullet. Keep adding spaces until your text document has reached the goal size of your paper.

Now print it out.

Get the hell away from your computer
  • I'm serious.
  • No really, get away from the computer.
  • Go outside and sit under a tree. If you hate outside, or if it's too cold for humans to survive, or if there's a band of rabid dogs roaming your neighborhood, good. It'll help you write faster.

The reason why you should do this is because everyone magically becomes ADD when they are near a computer. You can check your AIM messages later.

Write a fiery rant in each of the spaces you alloted. Get pumped. Just don't begin every paragraph with "I swear upon my father's grave. " Also try not to repeat yourself too much. Be very specific. Talk to your reader as though they've never heard of your subject before. Write at about the same size that your typed version will be. Don't worry too much if you don't fill in all the spaces. But if you feel strongly enough about your topic, then this really shouldn't be a problem. If you're like me and can't think linearly you can skip around as much as you want.

Go Back Inside

Type everything. You'll also notice more things occur to you as you type. Go ahead and throw them in in the corresponding categories. Don't jump around too much at this point though. Maintain focus and bash out that essay as fast as possible. Although you should do this as fast as possible, be a typo nazi. Those little things really make it evident you did this at the last minute.

Time for that whole "research" part

Believe it or not, nothing you said was original. Remember what I said earlier about 6 billion people? Apply now. Pick each topic/case/scenario/subpoint. Anything you had to say about those has already been said by some scholar or professor or newspaper. Google it up. It won't take long. Take a few key words from your main argument of each section and see what you get. Paraphrase their main argument or quote a few lines. Add the proper citations. Do NOT plagiarize.

  • Some word processors are capable of non-integer spacing. Try 2.1 or 2.2 spacing.
  • There's also the Good ol' Margin trick
  • Title page
  • Did your professor specify to use MLA citations? She/he didn't? Good. APA citation guidelines are much more friendly with website sources. Check it out.


Good job. Have a cookie.

User Comments: 19

Post by x246 on 10 Cado 7:3 - 14.72.20

If your word processor won't allow non-integer spacing, there is another way to add at least a few more inches of text with punctuation. After finishing your writing, create a punctuation mark (a period works just fine) that is a font size larger than the one you used to write the paper. Change the color of the mark to white, then copy and paste it once into every line of your work. Do not skip any lines, as it will be apparent that the spacing is not uniform. This is really only an option for those professors that require a hard copy to grade. Happy cheating!

Post by eofpi on 10 Cado 7:3 - 18.94.68

x246, I had a high school teacher who had had a student that used non-integer line spacing (2.1 lines or something, instead of the required double-spacing). The teacher counted the lines and discovered the student was one line short of the required minimum for the paper. He was quite displeased.

At the time I took his class, nobody had attempted messing with font kerning (or at least hadn't been caught; font and size was specified), but that isn't too hard to detect by direct comparison of two different papers.

Post by marmo on 10 Cado 7:4 - 14.99.38

[Mod edit: you can use the <you tube> and </you tube> tags around a youtube URL to actually embed the video in the post]

video of the punctuation font size trick

I haven't tried it yet, but I'd imagine the difference in size is negligible, so long as it's a paper that you are printing out to turn in, it just may work. I would assume that if you are emailing the file (like you would in an online class), that it would be something easily found out.

Post by c5407057@pjjkp.com on 10 Cado 8:2 - 18.95.49

the "make all your punctuation one font size larger" method will add a not too shabby amount of length to any paper

Post by 1NPH1N1TY on 10 Cado 8:3 - 5.96.30

Even though it's against most style guides that deal with properly kerned fonts, I usually will put two spaces after a period. Half of my professors appreciated it because they still think it's correct, and the other half would forgive me or just not notice it.

Post by kwidener on 10 Cado 10:3 - 14.70.37

What I find most interesting about this paper is the "Time for that whole research part." It is extremely true that no matter what you are going to say, many people have already done said it before. It is an interesting way to write a paper - thoughts first and sources later.

Post by asoto3n1 on 10 Cado 10:5 - 3.97.13

hey loves! a another way to add a pretty decent amount of space is to change the size between all the letters. I haven't turned it in, but i looked at it and compared it to another paper without the added space and it looks pretty legit to me. and even if you're having to turn your paper in online your teacher would have to be going the extra mile to find what you changed. Go to Format -> Font -> Character Spacing (should be the option next to "Font" at the top of the little box that pops up) -> Spacing -> Expanded by -> edit number in box. it might automatically come up with "1" but i think that looks wayyy to obvious. on a paper thats just starting to be five pages ".25" adds three lines and ".5" adds five. so on a twenty page paper ".5" adds twenty lines. and ".25" is practically nothing and at ".5" i still can't tell a difference. <3 enjooyyyyyy.

Post by tadamadeline on 11 Ineo 5:0 - 13.56.55

"20 page" should be hyphenated. *20-page.
So should "off the wall".

[Mod-Edit: Use the [Edit] button instead of double posting.]

Post by awesomeguy on 11 Ineo 5:0 - 14.86.11

Actually, "off the wall" is perfectly correct. And "20 page" is now generally accepted to be correct either way.

Post by DrLCJenkins on 11 Cresco 13:3 - 8.65.2

LOL. This is some good stuff. ^)

Post by franksmith366 on 12 Ineo 3:1 - 10.17.78

Hi there, I'm a spam bot who had his post edited.

Post by ndm on 12 Ineo 4:1 - 7.23.75

The correct forum/comment link syntax is:

<link url="http://this.isa.url/">this link</link>

Post by lucb1e on 12 Ineo 4:1 - 11.98.1

Looks like a spam message to me.

Post by ndm on 12 Ineo 4:2 - 6.21.13

Post by nellie on 12 Cado 14:4 - 16.98.40

I'm a retired science/writing professor, and my question is: Do you think we're that stupid to not recognize all the fiddling with spacing and margins? Actually, those things are so irrelevant, that it's laughable. What we're looking for is CONTENT supported with CREDIBLE evidence. Rather than fumbling with key words, going with the first hit, we want you delve into the RESEARCH. This is science, and I would have accepted a three page paper with convincing documentation

Post by OmnipotentEntity on 12 Cado 14:5 - 1.41.69

I'm a retired science/writing professor, and my question is: Do you think we're that stupid to not recognize all the fiddling with spacing and margins? Actually, those things are so irrelevant, that it's laughable. What we're looking for is CONTENT supported with CREDIBLE evidence. Rather than fumbling with key words, going with the first hit, we want you delve into the RESEARCH. This is science, and I would have accepted a three page paper with convincing documentation

Hi there Mr. Retired Science/Writing Professor. This is a post on the internet. I hope that you don't take it too seriously. I personally do not think you're stupid enough not to recognize that margins and spacing has been screwed with, especially because you have an entire stack of papers all with the same margins and spacing, except for 1 or 2. And also more and more papers are being turned in electronically. A more subtle spacing trick is per letter spacing, but even that you can pick out if you're paying attention.

I've graded papers too, and I know where you're coming from. But again, this is a post on the internet. It's primary readership seems to be high schoolers, who aren't really doing research papers for the most part anyway.

Honestly though, I hope that as a Science Teacher you encouraged your students to use LaTeX rather than Word.

Post by kc[135576=] on 13 Ineo 5:2 - 19.87.31

You know, the irony in high school English classes (at least for me) is that we are taught no English in class. No grammar, no writing, no reading skills, no vocabulary. Nothing. I mean I write more in my AP Spanish class (in Spanish, of course). All we do in English class is read and analyze the text. The teacher picks cards and students are selected to read a paragraph or two of a chapter that they should have read a week ago as homework, yet they still have trouble pronouncing words over 7 letters long, and read with no emotion whatsoever.

You know something's wrong when you're asked to analyze and write a paper on an obscure detail on the fifth line on page 24 that occurs once in the entire text, and after you start to get all creative by coming up with your own original interpretations of what it COULD mean, the teacher gives you a C+ because you "haven't demonstarted understanding of the text in the way it was taught [by the teacher]". I mean, if teachers ask you to analyze, they want to read your personal opinion, right? WRONG. My teacher says __this__, ergo you write about __this__ and not __that__. Teachers make us analyze what certain aspects of books could mean, by picking up clues from context and the implied tone of the author. But when we write, my teacher leaves a comment on every paper: "I'm confused. What does this maen? [sic]" Seriously? You can't even analyze what I'm trying to say?

I feel like English classes should teach students how to write meaningful essays to prepare them for college or at least teach them English vocabulary so we could do better on standards tests. Instead of horrible teachers that are incompetent and underpaid, schools deserve better teachers. And better students for that matter. You don't have to like English class, or even the English language.

Post by Domelopoli on 15 Ineo 6:2 - 6.81.57

This post is AWESOME. LOL. I am in my last semester of collage and need to finish my final paper. I know I can't literally finish my final paper under-a-day but at least those tips can help me work faster on my project. really helpful for a procrastinator like me :P

Post by STanksalvala on 15 Vigeo 12:0 - 14.25.14

Somewhat dangerous advice in that you're telling people to work backwards. I do like some advice, like choosing something you're passionate about. If you really are facing a deadline, writing a paper like this is better than nothing, for sure. If you're interested in learning how to genuinely write faster, no cheats required, I've written a book on the topic entitled The Practical Guide to Writing Great College Papers Fast.

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Research Paper Writing as a Part of Student’s Curriculum

Research Paper Writing as a Part of Student’s Curriculum Help with Writing Your Research Papers

Research paper writing is an important part of any student’s curriculum. This writing task generates student’s abilities to work on his own, search for necessary primary sources, analyze them and make appropriate conclusions. Of course, the more practice one has, the better he or she is in completing research papers. Nevertheless, even a beginner in this field of activities can produce a coherent and corresponding to all requirements and parameters paper.

The first thing one needs to know about research paper as an academic piece of writing is that it’s an investigation of certain problem, issue or phenomenon. Both format and content are of great importance. Before writing a research paper. a student needs to conduct research in the field of his interest. Experts advise to turn to primary sources first, meaning if you research the problem of rhetoric, your primary source will be Aristotle’s “Ars Rhetorica”. Then one may turn to books and journal articles which investigate the same issues.

What You Need to Know About Research Paper Writing

Although essay combines both your own thoughts and facts you retrieve from primary and secondary sources, the attention is paid to your ability to recognize the contribution of previous researchers into this topic (by citing them and their works) and also to your ability to evaluate problems and phenomena with the help of well-known facts. Thus, in many cases the usage of pronoun “I” is strictly prohibited while completing a research paper, since research paper is considered to be an unbiased piece of writing. Therefore, one should always rely on facts and trustworthy data which can be checked later for authenticity.

The research paper format is as important as its content. Points may be deducted from your grade for the wrong format of the paper even if the material exposed in it is brilliant. One needs not to forget to follow the recommendations given by professor and format his/her paper according to the given citation style.

A lot of students doubt practical value of research paper. Some claim that writing a research paper won’t work out any important abilities in your character and doesn’t influence one’s performance in given field of activities. However, it’s not so. The truth is that writing a research paper helps student generate almost all his abilities while choosing the topic or conducting the research itself, while structuring the text of the research paper and drawing conclusions. All these abilities will be very useful in future, at your future workplace. Whenever you work, in business, sales, marketing, finance etc. you’ll always face the need to get more information about your clients, certain services, new technologies etc. This is when the abilities gained while gathering material for research papers will come in handy.

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Use a lot of sources. To get a broader perspective you need to dig deeper and rely on more than 5 sources. It's better to spend some more time on the research stage than to realize your topic has already been explored by another scholar in the middle of your writing process and there's nothing you can add to it. You should find several sources with the relevant information you can use in the paper.

Use deductive reasoning. It's not that easy to come up with a clear and specific topic right away. The deductive reasoning which Sherlock Holmes was a great fan of can help you do the trick. It means that you can start off by noting some general topics you'd like to discuss in your paper. And then you should take a few steps to narrow them down and focus on something very specific.

Make it arguable. The main point of your paper is to defend your viewpoint by presenting evidence from the sources you've found. That's why the topic you choose has to be controversial. Also, don't forget to check if there's a scientific report on a similar topic to avoid plagiarism.

If you encounter any difficulties during the writing process, you may order cheap research papers at our service.

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Research Paper Writing

Research Paper Writing

Research paper writing has always been a fundamental ingredient in professional education and research. It focuses on various elements of writing as well as the learning applicability capacity of an individual. Skimming trough the text books and getting good grades is certainly possible without showing signs of the comprehension developed during the process. Research paper writing involves not only the information gathering skills but also focuses on the learning application part that is an essential part of the learning process.

While writing a research paper, one should keep in mind the basic structure of a research paper. Typically, a research paper consists of the Abstract, Introduction, Problem Identification, Problem Analysis, Providing solutions on the problem and presenting new horizons for future research that may refine the existing solution.

A research paper encompasses all these essential components that need to be defined and represented in an efficient manner to serve the basic purpose of disseminating your research work. A research paper should be able to provide not only a gist of your research endeavour but also a complete explanation of the processes and techniques involved. Academic research paper writing therefore involves a lot of dexterity in order to represent the research work in a correct manner.

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Research paper writing is really complicated process. In writing a research paper you should remember that there are many standards and requirements in plan construction, title, conclusion, interpretation and so forth. In writing a research paper. the structural composition must always be kept in mind. One must always represent the correct information at the correct part of the paper. Under the abstract, a brief overview of a few lines must be incorporated to represent the main theme of the research paper. Writing a research paper outline, writing a research paper introduction and writing a research paper conclusion are essential steps to writing a good research paper.

A well written research paper focuses on conciseness and objectivity and peculiarly avoids cliches and filler words. The common misconception that the research paper should be focused on ancillary objectives is now prosaic and mundane. In writing a research paper, there is a special emphasis on focusing on the key issues and not straying on to unwanted discussion that has nothing to do with the fundamental content and concept of the research paper.

Problem definition is perhaps the most critical aspects of research paper writing. Research paper writing requires ability to abstract your mind from the side issues and emphasize crucial problems.

Writing a research paper is an ardent task. Correct rules need to be followed to come up with a well knitted and coherent research paper. A research paper that is devoid of all these characteristics fails to deliver its purpose to the audience even if the underlying research has been performed immaculately and the analytical procedures have all been carried out carefully. Writing a research paper using the proper methodology embellishes the research work to make it more interesting and comprehendible. An articulate representation of ideas and findings of a research weighs heavily on the quality of research paper writing.

A well written research paper always elucidates the problem statement with utmost clarity so as to enable the reader to comprehend the basic essence and reason of the research paper. Writing an effective research paper always involves coherence of ideas and a focused desire to exhibit the solution to the problem. Also we shouldn't forget about research paper writing styles. High quality research paper writing demands substantial knowledge in this sphere.

Custom research paper writing is a process of writing research papers carried out by professional academic writers who custom write research papers on the topic ordered by customers. Custom research paper writing is usually provided by custom writing companies which employ freelance academic writers who are experienced in writing research papers in different disciplines, deadline-oriented to deliver customized research paper on time and are able to write research papers in different citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian or Harvard)

There are a lot of online research paper writing services and companies which are committed to provide professional research paper writing help and to deliver original research papers of high quality. But only few of them provide really high quality custom written research papers. Most of them are created by inexperienced people who adhere to commercial benefits. Some of them are called "cheating" or "fraudulent" sites whose purpose is to cheat students. It is carried out by delivering plagiarized research papers stolen from free research paper databases.

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