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The Negative Effects of Television Essay


Violence in television programs and movies and its impact on children and families is not a new topic. Thirty years ago, Jesse Steinfeld, thenSurgeon General of the United States, warned Americans about the negative effects of television violence on the emotions and behaviors of children, "It is clear to me that the causal relationship between [exposure to] televised violence and antisocial behavior is sufficient to warrant appropriate and immediate remedial act ion. there comes a time when the data are sufficient to justify action. That time has come" (Surgeon General's Scientific Advisory Committee, 1972).

The negative effects of television certainly play a role in this.

The Negative Effects of Television

For the purposes of this paper, I will limit the definition of (mass) media to television, and, subsequently, violent (mass) media to television programs that contain violent acts. By children, I will be referring to people of age 18 and below who live in the U.S. since this group is the focus of the majority of the research data that I have used. I will begin my argument by acknowledging a counter argument to my position. I will then go on to discuss the negative effects of television on children. These effects include an increase in aggressive tendencies and an instilling of the idea that violence will go unpunished. Also included are the concepts of desensitization and stimulus addiction. Finally, I will discuss some potential solutions to the problem of television violence affecting our children.

Negative Effects of Television - Buzzle

When considering the negative effects of television on young children, most parents and early childhood educators see violence and aggression as the greatest concern. The most frequent reasons for this are as follows; children tend to imitate behaviour they view on television, frequent exposure to TV violence can make children think that violence is normal, even in real life, children who take in large quantities of televised violence tend to see the world as a frightening place and grow leery of neighbours and strangers, and children who see, over and over again, that violence is an acceptable solution to problems, tend to work out their problems in the same way. The later statement merits attention because young children's aggressive skills are acquired earlier than mental or social skills (Beaty, 1995). Consequently, "Children who admire aggressiveness in their heroes and heroines may see little reason for devoting time and effort to learning other ways of problem solving" (Singer, 1988).

Think of what you could do with an extra two months this year withoutthe negative effects of television to hold you back. You could easilywrite a short novel, paint a few pictures, start an environmental cleanup group, or teach yourself to play an instrument. What can't you dowith two extra months?Some video games may help the development of fine motor skills and coordination, but many of the concerns about the negative effects of television (eg, inactivity, asocial behaviour and violence) also apply to excessive exposure to video games. Violent video games should be discouraged because they have harmful effects on children’s mental development (,). Parents should be advised to familiarize themselves with various rating systems for video games and use this knowledge to make their decisions.

Children and TV: The Negative Effects of Television

I stopped watching TV with any regularity about 6 years ago, and it'smade a huge difference in my life. I still can't believe how manynegative effects of television I freed myself from.


At the time I actually gave it up more for temperament than any beliefin the negative effects of television - one day I just got sick of allthe commercials interrupting my shows so I canceled my cable anddecided to wait and rent the DVDs from the library.

Task 4. The Positive and Negative Effects of Television

If you are interested in avoiding the negative effects of television on children, make sure you learn about the parental TV guideline. The rating system can offer you an idea about what your kids may or may not watch.

Negative Effects of Reality Television | Popular Culture

Although proponents of the idea make a number of arguments concerning the negative effects of television and electronic media on indigenous peoples, many of these arguments can be refuted. Often, people will state that once indigenous people use new technology, they are no longer "Indian" anymore. Similar arguments are often made over subsistence technology. People will claim that once the Makah begin whaling with mechanical harpoons and motorboats instead of traditional canoes, they are no longer "true" Makah Indians; or if the Lakota Sioux use a mechanical bison-processing plant to ‘farm’ and raise bison, they are no longer "true" Sioux. But this assumes that cultural identity is based on some kind of technological toolkit, rather than a series of beliefs, social structures, and practices for survival. Do we consider our own identities to be rooted in merely what things we use?

The Negative Effects of Television In the argumentative essay “T.V

It is thought that many psychological processes associated with exposure to TV and electronic games are similar, particularly those regarding the development of attentional problems and aggressive behaviour. However, games may have more powerful effects due to active user engagement, identification with characters and repeated rehearsal and reinforcement. Gaming's interactive and absorbing qualities may substitute for interpersonal relationships and increase social isolation. Such isolation may provoke anxiety and depression, or, if coupled with reduced empathy (from exposure to violent games) may depress prosocial behaviour. Few studies have examined young children's use of electronic games, although a recent study found negative effects of television and video game exposure on attentional problems in middle childhood.

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Television and Media Essay - Negative Effects of TV Violence Argumentative Persuasive Topics

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The Negative Effects of Television

For most of you, as it was for me, I grew up watching three, four and even five hours of television a day. It was a part of my daily routine and it wasn't easy for me to break. I managed to do it when my family and I moved to a small city in the west. After we moved in we found out that you had to buy cable if you wanted to have television. So we attempted a little experiment. We decided that we were not going to get cable and just tough it like the good old pioneers. This was partly because we couldn't afford it after the great expense of buying a new house and out of the wishes of my wise mother. So the family tuned out and switched off. It was nuts for a while but then I began to notice some changes taking place in my family and myself. I started to realize that television increased violence and aggression in my siblings and I, detracted from the way our family interacted and finally I noticed its adverse effects on all of our school scores. I plan to show that these adverse effects of television are reason enough to give your TV to the neighbor.

Now your probley saying that people are naturally violent. Look at Gengis Kahn and Adolph Hitler. None of them grew up with television and they were still killing innocent people. From what I can tell if TV had been around they would have been a whole lot worse.

In the book Televisions Effects, a government study compiled by George A Comstock. It states on page twenty five, that children who had viewed violent programming exhibited more aggressive behavior than children who had viewed a sports program. In the study they were able to tell which children would exhibit this behavior this shows a correlation between violent programming and violent behavior.

Even if a naturally violent nature is the root of the problem we also need to recognize that the television is making those naturally aggressive and violent children even more so. We need to realize that these people have a hard time distinguishing between right and wrong. We need to help correct this problem by total abstinence to television. In the book The Plug-In Drug by Marie Winn, a book about the ill effects of television on the different aspects of human life, it states "It is particularly hard for parents to buy the Idea that television instigates aggressive behavior when its function in the home is so different, television keeps children quiet and passive, cuts down on loud and boisterous play, prevents outbursts between brothers and sisters." The sad fact of the matter is, parents sometimes have to work and are not able to spend nebulous amounts of time with their children. We need to stop allowing our children to be exposed to the violent distortion of reality that TV projects, Our children should be out playing sports or just romping around in the backyard. Activities that are proven to wear kids out and don't bombard them with all kinds of extremely violent stimuli. By destroying TV we can increase productive family time. Stop desensitizing our children to violence and begin to reteach our children good manners and good morals simply by our example. In a story by Ray Bradbury called The Veldt. We see the extreme end of this TV addiction when the existence of the children's parents is of less importance than continued access to the TV room.

Parents you need to let TV be a tool instead of a replacement. We must take up the reigns again raise our future generations the right way, by good old human contact.

Now you're probably thinking to yourself, how am I supposed to live without television. It's the peacemaker in our home. When it's on the children stay out of my hair and they stop fighting with each other. Anyway it's the only time that the family really gets together. It really helps our family get along.

You see not only have we replaced the parent with TV we have replaced the good old-fashioned family as well. I think the effects of television on the family and person are best stated in a quote by Urie Brofenbrenner "Like the sorcerer of old the television set casts its magic spell. freezing speech and action, turning the living into silent statues so long as the enchantment lasts. The primary danger of the television screen lies not so much in the behavior it produces - although there is danger there - as in the behavior that it prevents: the talks, the games, the family festivities and arguments through which much of a child's learning takes place and trough which his character is formed. Turning on the television set can turn off the process that transforms children into people." We neglect our responsibilities as parents and families to build children and future generations with character and moral values. When the TV is on we subject our children to the values of the world. We see TV as the fix all for the evening problem. Instead of playing, nurturing and loving we use the TV as the escape hatch. It lets the adults, the rolemodels, have their time and gives the children the necessary attention that they need. While at the same time allowing the parents to keep some semblance of sanity. You see why it is so easy for us to justify TV as a necessity. The bad thing about this is that children spend very little time interacting with adults and their other family members. All they ever see are two-dimensional flashes of lights and sound, merely impressions of a human soul. So good is TV at tricking the mind that we don't even realize that children are lacking something they desperately need, a strong family.

In the LDS church families are a very important thing. The LDS church encourages families to take at least one night of the week and set it aside for just the family. This time is spent singing songs, playing games, and doing small acts of service. A lot of good television free family time results on this night and many needed skills like cooking and cleaning are taught to sons and daughters.

We need to stop letting TV be our social outlet. It just isn't the same. We are so addicted that without it for even a short period of time we go stir crazy and have no idea how to entertain ourselves. We have forgotten how to enjoy ourselves and our own family members. We need to unplug and tune out. Read a book or even play a game of Monopoly with a younger sibling. We have lost the arts of interaction. We waste our lives away trying to escape, not realizing what we have around us, always wanting the next Scooby Snack, exploding truck or funniest home video.

The worst place that TV beats us upside the head is in the learning department. Its like letting Dirty Harry put a big 44 round trough your skull. Now your probley going to try and tell me about good educational programs like Bill Nye and Sesame Street. We can't forget the Discovery channel. Yes, these are the rare jewels of television programming. We need to concentrate our viewing time in these areas.

Television despite what programming may be on is an inefficient way to learn. TV is so easy to use and it is so easy to change to a totally different program if it becomes disinteresting or boring. I personally have noticed that whenever I get the remote in my hand I have to switch channels constantly. I think if you asked me what I saw on TV I could only tell you selected parts of the last five minutes.

In a study conducted by Canadian researchers three towns were surveyed. One had no TV capabilities. The second city had only one channel. The third city had many channels. When reading score were compared between the three town they found that the highest scores were from the city with no TV. The next highest from the city with one channel and tailing closely behind the second city was the third in last place with many TV stations. Now you might be thinking that this study is not so great because they didn't take into account income and education of the people studied. The thing that make this study so intriguing is that the same group was able to go back into the city that had no TV after it had television for about two years. They found that the scores in the first city had dropped down with the scores of the other two cities. A sad testimony to the ill effects of television.

One thing we fail to realize is that little things count when it comes to TV and how it relates to school performance. Things like reduced sleep time caused by late television viewing. Loss of productive play and self-learning time and a reduction of time spent on school work and studying. TV is like a drug, it acts like a good emotional and mental laxative. It lets us forget the things that we don't want to deal with and allows us to take the back seat and partake of the action guilt free. All the while we let our school books rot and our lessons pile up until we have no way to make up for the lost time. This wasted time is hard to fathom. Millions of man-hours wasted on what, a useless story, a few loud explosions and a dead policeman. We should be spending this time on reading, writing, arithmetic, and maybe even some thing we could turn into a career. You don't see an awful lot of people getting paid to watch television.

An interesting comparison was done of SAT test score before and after the introduction of television. They found that between the years of 1964 and 1981, The exact years when children who had been exposed to large doses of television during their language learning years came up to take the SAT challenge the researchers witnessed a steep decline from the years before television. I can see how this wasted time that was before used on studying and hobbies was now channeled into six and seven hours of viewing a day. (Plug-In Drug) Could mean the difference between Harvard University and Southern Utah University.

Television has proven to be one of the most effective drugs in human history. We can learn to live without it and we can learn to enjoy our families more. We must separate ourselves from that great monster. We must do as my family did and eliminate the need for television. I can honestly say that my grades went up. I had more time to read. We started to do things together as brothers and sister. Now we just have long conversations with each other. If you would like to see the good changes it can make in your life and the numerous benefits that abstinence provides then join me. Throw you TV's in the street.

Bazalgette, Cary, David Buckingham. In Front of the Children. Suffolk, Great Britain: St.

Edmundsbury press LTD, 1995.

Comstock, George A. Eli A. Rubinstien, and John P. Murray. Television and Social Behavior: Television's Effects: Further Explorations. Rockville, MD: National Institute of Mental Health, 1972.

Comstock, George A. Eli A. Rubinstien, and John P. Murray. Television and Social Behavior: Television and Social Learning. Rockville, MD: National Institute of Mental Health, 1972.

Winn, Marie. The Plug-In Drug. New York, NY: Viking Penguin Press, 1985.

Essay 1 - Positive and Negative Effects of Television

Essay 1 - Positive and Negative Effects of Television

Television has changed the way we see the world. Some would say this change has affected cultures negatively. How the television has changed the world negatively? What have been some of the positive changes? Positive Literacy Democratization of information Enrichment of Culture Negative Violence Disinformation Wastage of time In this era, also known as information age, Television plays significant role in disseminating information and shaping people’s opinions. Since its invention television has been used for several different purposes including but not limited to broadcasting information, imparting knowledge and providing entertainment to masses. This essay focuses on the positive and negative effects of television. Television has a lot of positive effects on society and culture. Television has played an important in child as well as adult literacy. Studies show that people are able to understand and memorize information better if they see visual images. As compared to radio programmes, which broadcast only voice, television programmes provide voice as well visuals which help the audience get a better understanding. For example, it is difficult to express and understand how the letters of alphabet look like via a radio program, on the contrary through television program people will be able to better understand because they will not only be able to hear the sound but also see how the letter looks like. Another advantage of television is information democratization. This means that television has made it easier to access and learn new information which was not available in public domain and used to be passed on from father to son and from mother to daughter. On the other hand television can have a significant negative impact on society and culture. Some television programmes may encourage violence within society especially among youth. For example, war movies and other programs that simulate violence on television have the potential to ignite and promote violence. Spreading disinformation among the masses is another disadvantage of television. For example, a lot of countries resort to providing incorrect news for shaping and direct public opinion as well as distracting from real issues. To conclude, television plays a very important role as a tool for broadcasting information to masses. It has the potential to change the way people think and therefore depending on its use it can either be beneficial or prove disastrous for society. It is therefore important to be discrete the use of television.


Positive and Negative Effects of Television (TV) on Children - Important India

Positive and Negative Effects of Television (TV) on Children

On June 27, 2015 By Samar Choudhury Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles

Positive and Negative Effects of Television onChildren

Television has both positive and negative effects on children. They are each discussed below:

Positive effects on children

The children of today are notably more smart and knowledgeable than their predecessors a few decades back. One of the major factors which have led to this enlightenment is the Television (TV) of today.

1. Children love watching Television and gather knowledge through this medium. Without doubt, it is far easier on the memory of the kid to retain some idea if the narrative or lecture is accompanied by the visual.

2. Through Television one gets to know details of incidents, discoveries and achievements visually, and the positive part is that even Children who catch fever and other discomforts while studying, do not need to be coaxed to gather visual information.

3. The advantages in gaining knowledge and information, which could be understood even by kids, were multiplied.

4. Television is a major source of entertainment for kids. There are many television channels that are dedicated for child related shows. Many of the kids shows are based on moral stories. These serials attempt at moral building and polishing without losing the entertainment aspect of it.

Negative effects on children

The negative or harmful effects of watching Television on Children are manifold.

1. The problem with children is that, they do not have the wisdom to discriminate, between what is good and what is bad for them.

2. Child gathers incomplete information from adult channels available on Television (TV). When we are saying that they should not view what is wrong, we are talking about several Adult channels which have been made accessible today. A child gathers incomplete knowledge from them and more often than not tries to repeat what he has seen being done.

3. We are also discussing the length of the programs which are interesting to kids. Interesting far more than their studies or other work more important, like the Cartoon channels. These characters are lovable but if viewed for long durations, disturb the concentrating power of children, in their studies.

4. Most of the movies do not depict a true picture of our society which has its adverse impact on the child’s mind.

5. The violence shown in these movies, which is another major factor, working as a deterrent for the young viewers.

6. The other point is the situation where the hero is shown as invincible. He fights 10 or 12 goons and wins in the end, after smashing them to pulp or riddling them with bullets. This does not happen in real life but the kid at this impressionable age believes it to be true. In some cases, he tries it out on his own, doing the stunts he has seen, resulting in serious injury.

We may conclude that, the advantages of Television are overshadowed by the adverse impact it has on a child’s mind. Restriction should be enforced against indiscriminate viewing. It is therefore a strong case to enforce restriction on indiscriminate viewing of Television by children.

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The positive and negative effects of TV advertisement

the positive and negative effects of TV advertisement.

Submitted by Nguyen Huu Truong on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 10:57

Advertisement plays a major role on TV in developed market economies. Despite the benefits of such information, many people are critical of the role of TV advertising. So this essay will show you both the positive and negative effects of TV advertisement.

First of all, it help the enterprises to present or to sell their products for people. it has wide-reaching ramifications for people. They can catch clearly what they want to buy without going to the super market to read the directions for use. By the only one call, the staffs will deliver to your home what you need. Secondly, it help the enterprises to save manpower and money. They don’t need to rent the advertising boards or marketing staff. People are more interested in it which has visually elegant effects instead of the bored advertising boards,…

On the other side, TV advertising has many negative effect too. Firstly, besides the development of the media industry, the advertising industry is growing too. So many advertising video are produced. They are inserted into the television programs and accounted for much broadcasting time. Secondly, TV advertising makes people feel frustrated. When your favorite movie is interrupted, you will feel very angry or be going crazy at that moment. Thirstly, there are many untrue advertising videos. The visual effects are better and better, they make the videos more spectacular. So when you see it in real life, you are disapointed about it. Due to the broadcasting time is very short, they only show the good side without the disavantages.

In general, TV advertising have both the positive and negative effects. It has many benefits for developing market economies. But it needs to be controlled on time and content to achieve the best effect.

it help the enterprises
it helps the enterprises

So when you see it in real life, you are disapointed about it.
Description: 'it' refers to what? Be sensitive to use 'it'.

Due to the broadcasting time is very short,
Description: check books how to use 'due to'.

Sentence: Secondly, it help the enterprises to save manpower and money.
Description: The fragment it help the is rare
Suggestion: Possible agreement error: Replace help with verb, past tense

Sentence: So when you see it in real life, you are disapointed about it.
Error: disapointed Suggestion: disappointed

Sentence: Due to the broadcasting time is very short, they only show the good side without the disavantages.
Error: disavantages Suggestion: disadvantages

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TV is not that bad - Television s positive and negative effects

'TV is not that bad' - Television's positive and negative effects.

Television is now wide spread in all communities almost every one has access to this medium on a daily basis. However the effects of television is not always positive.
What are some of the negative effects of television?
What can be done to minimize these bad effects?

Now a days its era of science and technology and television is one of the best inventions of science among the time. Although, it is very good way of audio-visual communication that relates the world in a new style but it does have some negative impact on the society that is not negotiable.

Firstly, it is a global fact that access of anything is bad whatever it would be in type. Watching TV for too long periods does not make sense, it also makes people lazy and pessimistic in daily life. It kills creativity of the audience too because they start watching it so recklessly. However, the advancement of technology has reduced the vision effect on eyesight, it rather invites the people to watch television more that makes the people sofa-spud. Moreover, television implements its own extraneous knowledge on the onlookers whether they are interested or not.

On the contrary, each coin has two sides, it depends on the audience which side they choose. The matter children are concerned they must be allowed to watch the television under the supervision of their parents or grand parents who could guide them for their pros and cons. In addition, the sensor boards should be thoughtful about the programs telecasted on television for instance many times it have happened in India that sensor boards had certified the program that later lead to the disorder in society. Such things create a particular feeling and cause hate or violence in the public.

To cap it up, it will be wise to say that television is not that bad how the people make it the way the watch, the need is to watch it wisely not blindly.

Now a days Nowadays its the contemporary century is known as the era of science and technology through which and television as is one of the best scientific inventions of science among the time has been introduced to people all across the world.
but it does have has (or u can say :"it is not free of defects") some negative impact on.
Each introduction must involve a "blueprint" to show what points are going to state in the essay. The introduction covers the first part of the topic, but it does not talk about the solutions. This part of the topic should be added to the introduction. For example you can write:" Therefor, for eradication of these negative effects, after finding their roots, some solutions should also be suggested.
You should support what you claim in the body by using some examples or descriptions. For example u should write why and how TV can make people lazy or why this device has some negative effects on creativity.

each coin has two sides, it depends on the audience which side they choose.

You are not going to talk about the advantages in this paragraph. You should open the paragraph with an appropriate topic sentence to show that this paragraph is about solutions of the stated negative aspects of TV.

The matter children are concerned they must be allowed to watch the television under the supervision of their parents or grand parents who could guide them for their pros and cons

In the second paragraph you did not mention the bad effects of TV on children. Thus, it is not reasonable to talk about this issue in the third paragraph. In the paragraph that u want to write about solutions, you should write about the ways by which the negative points- that were stated in the second paragraph- can be minimized. In this way, the coherency of the essay will be improved.

it will be wise to say that television is not that bad how the people make it the way the watch, the need is to watch it wisely not blindly.

The essay is about the negative effects of TV and the solutions for decreasing these effects. So, in conclusion, u should mention these things because the topic is not "TV is good or bad". In addition, before stating an ending sentence in a conclusion, you should restate the topic.

Negative Effects of Television on Children - College Essays

Negative Effects of Television on Children Negative Effects of Television on Children

Negative Effects of Television on Children
Fifty-nine percent of children younger than two years regularly watch an average of 1.3 hours of television a day. Television is one of the most common media that is affecting children’s lives. Television impacts a child on how much television they watch, their age, personality, and if they watch television with or without their parents. The idea is that children get influenced in what their watching, so if they are watching a negative show; it is most likely that they will have an aggressive behaviour. However, many people including children and teens are influenced by television which has many negative effects. Television has negative effects on children because it promotes violence among children, has negative effects on healthy child development, and exposes children to sexual content.
Hundreds of studies have shown that how violent shows on television effects children and teens. Kids may become aware to violence and more aggressive, when they watch programs that include violence. Because many violent acts are committed by “good kids”, so that’s why kids tend to follow violent shows. Even though, children are taught by their parents that it is not right to hit, television says that it is okay to hit, kick, and bite if you are the good guy. When a child tries to understand right or wrong, it leads to confusion. This leads to more violence because children do not know what is right or wrong for them, so that’s why their parents should be alert about what their child is watching. Also sometimes the bad characters in a cartoon program are not held responsible or punished, so children don’t know if they are correct. Also some of the young kids are frightened by scary and violent images. Sometimes telling the kids that the images aren’t real they would calm them, because they can’t yet figure out if its reality or fantasy. Some consequences that young kids might have for violence media are.

Essay's Statistics

The Negative Effects Of Television

The Negative Effects Of Television

The negative effects of television are huge.

Our passions, time, and even the our personal freedoms are sacrificed to the glowing tube day after day without us being aware of it.

Since its mass spread in the 1950s, TV has become so ubiquitous so fast most don't realize the changes it's wrought in our culture, or that the average American now loses 9 years of their life to the glowing box.

Social clubs are falling apart, municipalities cannot find enough residents to man their boards and commissions, and who has time to read books these days?

The negative effects of television certainly play a role in this.

If nothing else, you have to admit that if you choose to devote three hours of your day to watching TV, then that's three hours less that you have to spend doing something else, even if that something else is merely taking a nap in your hammock.

I find television to be very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book. - Groucho Marx

The Negative Effects Of Television: What Else Is There?

I stopped watching TV with any regularity about 6 years ago, and it's made a huge difference in my life. I still can't believe how many negative effects of television I freed myself from.

At the time I actually gave it up more for temperament than any belief in the negative effects of television - one day I just got sick of all the commercials interrupting my shows so I canceled my cable and decided to wait and rent the DVDs from the library.

After a brief period of restlessness, I plugged the gap with new activities - exercise, learning, socializing with friends. My life has been richer for it.

What have I accomplished with those hours?

Running a marathon, reading two books a week, creating this website, writing for pleasure, spending more time with friends, and going on a vegan and then raw food diet are some of the things I've found time for with no television in my life.

The Reasons For Escaping The Negative Effects of Television Stop Your Life From Slipping Away

The average American spends 4 1/2 hours a day watching TV (1). That's 1642 hours a year, or over two months. TWO MONTHS! The average 65 year old has wasted nine years of their life glued to a television.

Think of what you could do with an extra two months this year without the negative effects of television to hold you back. You could easily write a short novel, paint a few pictures, start an environmental clean up group, or teach yourself to play an instrument. What can't you do with two extra months?

Think of yourself on your deathbed. Will you want to trade back all those hours of Judge Judy for more time with your family and friends?

Television Causes Violence

Think of yourself slack-jawed in front of the blinking lights. What are you absorbing subconsciously that you're not even aware of? Violence is just the beginning.

Television Teaches Us To Be Passive Lemmings

One of the most insidious negative effects of television is that it teaches us to sit back and accept instead of acting and thinking.

I've noticed a huge increase in my ability to think outside the box since I unplugged my cable. I've pushed the boundaries of my life in all directions -dietarily, physically, and socially, and I honestly believe that the lack of television in my life is a huge contributor.

The voices coming over the box will tell you that beef is what's for dinner, that you need that sports car, and that the world is dangerous and beyond our ability to fix. All lies.

Television Is Making Us Stupid

A poll performed by the Associated Press in August 2007 reported one-quarter of all Americans did not read a book that year.

In the book "Technopoly," Neil Postman says television is slowing winning its struggle against the book.

"When media make war against each other, it is a case of world-views in collision," explains Postman. "On the one hand, there is the world of the printed word with its emphasis on logic, sequence, history, exposition, objectivity, detachment and discipline. On the other, there is the world of television with its emphasis on imagery, narrative, presentness, simultaneity, intimacy, immediate gratification, and quick emotional response."

All television is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching? -Nicholas Johnson

Television reduces the world to its simplest common denominators. It continuously pushes the boundaries of ignorance and idiocy. We are taught to worship Paris Hilton, but not Einstein.

Television Is Making Us Fat

While horrible diets certainly contribute, another of the negative effects of television is the endless hours spent sitting motionless in front of television, which is a major cause of the obesity epidemic gripping the country. 26.6% of the population of the United States were obese in 2007 (3).

If people were moving for those four and a half hours every day, chances are they'd be a lot thinner.

Television Makes Us Materialistic

Cut out the ads and you'll notice a huge difference. Though I have no hard statistics to back it up, I'd estimate that I've reduced my non-necessity purchases by at least half over the last 6 years.

I realize that I just don't need most of the crap that I used to buy. I can borrow most of the worthwhile stuff from the library or friends and produce less waste in the world. Spending that money on more important things is also nice.

How to Escape The Negative Effects of Television

My suggested route of cutting out the TV is to go cold turkey for at least a month. Consider unplugging the whole thing and throwing it in the basement or closet until your experiment is complete.

Don't slowly wean yourself off television's influence, but rather pull the bandaid all at once so the shock of the loss gives you a very clear view of what has changed. It's unsettling at first, but you'll grow to love it.

One thing that you should guard yourself against is replacing one addiction with another. If you usually spend a half hour checking you email on the computer every night and you suddenly find yourself spending 3 hours aimlessly surfing web pages, you'll know what you're doing.

What To Expect

Most likely, a person that spends four and a half hours a day watching TV is going to be pretty lost without their fix. The first day or so is going to be full of a lot of head scratching. What should you do with yourself?

Go to the library and pick up a book, and then, gasp, finish it in a few days. Go out for a walk with your wife (I've found that an after-dinner meander with a friend or loved one is one of the most pleasant parts of my day.)

Play some tennis, start teaching yourself to play the guitar, talk to your neighbor, join a book club, or get out and experience something new you've always wanted to try. You'll probably be amazed at how accomplished you feel by actually getting things done or shaking things up.

The Aftermath

When your trial is up, you'll still be in a world where most people think their screen is the height of entertainment. You may find yourself telling your girlfriend in vain about your new found chess skills and exercise habits.

Most people will probably not be interested in joining you. My advice is to not go crazy and rule out all Television. Every few months I'll end up watching a few minutes of TV at someone else's house, and I still use my TV to watch DVDs I rent from the library a few times a month.

It's what we do every day that matters. Rare exceptions have limited impact.

If you hear about some promising TV series which you just can't pass up, just wait for it to appear on DVD. In most cases, though, you'll probably find your old favorites rather stale. So cut the cable or satellite bill and save a lot of money, as well as a lot of time, over the course of your life.

I think you'll find, as I have, that your life is dramatically different without TV. Give it a shot. You'll probably be pleased, but even if you’re not, you've only lost 135 hours of sitcoms.

Following Up

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