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Tma03 Dd101 - Essay by Juliekelly3

Tma03 Dd101 Essay

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For this assignment we will be using Qualitative and Quantitative evidence to comment on identities in 2 Parts. Qualitative is evidence which is not in numerical form and Quantitative can be counted and turned into percentages/data.

Part 1 - Using the data in the tables provided what can you say (a) about the reasons people give for international migration from and to the UK and (b) the balance between UK nationals living in the EU and EU nationals living in the UK?

Using Table 1 as evidence I think they are some striking changes, in both 1997 and 2007, the main areas for inflow and outflow were definite Jobs, Formal Study and to accompany someone. Definite Jobs have seen some interesting changes, in 97 outflow (32%) was just a bit higher than inflow (19%) but 10 years later in 07 there has been a reverse has far as numbers are concerned but expressed as percentages they are at 30% and 29% which could make you think it even, but the amount of people coming into the country were 200+ on those leaving.

Study is also another interesting set of numbers firstly we can see the amount of people coming her to Study is very disproportionate to those leaving to Study elsewhere in 97 28% of all people entering the country were here for Formal Study by comparison those leaving for Formal Study were just 5% although later in 07 that percentage stays the same the Inflow is virtually the same but the actual number is quite significantly higher.

A summery to explain the above numbers is that All Reasons in 1997 are not to dissimilar the Inflow is higher at 327 and the Outflow is at 279 but in 2007 the number of people coming and going increasing but more noticeably in inflow making the percentages not seam as drastic.

The first thing I noticed numerically on this table is that the number of EU nationals all put to together living in the UK is almost double the UK nationals living elsewhere. You can see there are people from each EU state.

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Dd101 Tma1

As demonstrated on City Road ('Making social lives on City Road', 2009), many people use the same roads, visit the same shops and communicate with the same people, but this does not mean these people are the same. We all perceive people, places and objects differently and our perceptions of these define how we live our lives. Differences between the ways we live depend on our connections to people and places, and how we use these differences to our advantage.

I am studying the Denton section of Hyde Road, and how hundreds of people use this street in different ways to live their lives.

A difference is made between the ways people from different ethnic backgrounds are facilitated for. In City Road, Janet Symmons ('Making social lives on City Road', 2009, scene 2) has a shop which provides materials from different parts of the world, such as food and hair products, that are bought by a variety of people who want to keep their own ethnic identities in the City Road communities. Hyde Road differs from this because there are no such shops. As a lot further down the road in a town called Gorton has many African shops, takeaways and hairdressers, many non-British people choose to live there. This explains why walking down Hyde Road we do not see a diversity within the ethnicity of people. This difference has been made over time because as more African people move out of our community, there are less business opportunities available to facilitate them. As more African people move to Gorton, more businesses will open there and therefore the difference continues to grow.

Many people use Hyde Road to get to somewhere else and because of this there are; countless bus stops for the main bus route to Manchester, numerous crossings for pedestrians to be able to safely cross the busy road to get to Crown Point North Retail Park, and also a very busy main junction. There are 3 pedestrian crossings within 200 metres, which helps facilitate pedestrians use the road as well.

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TMA1DD101 Social Science I have lived in Chinnor Village for almost 6 years. It is situated in South Oxfordshire and sits on the M40 motorway corridor. I will be focusing on the High Street. It is approximately one mile long with a shopping parade which was purpose built with residential accommodation above. I will compare how it has changed in the last five years that I have lived there. I will look at the shops, the traffic and people who use the street.

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Psychology is an evidenced based science and this has led to many differences of opinion over what constitutes reliable evidence and how that evidence should be interpreted. The types of evidence Different psychological methods and theories have gained and lost popularity over the last century, for example, the problems of acquiring reliable and comprehensive data from the method of eliciting subjective self reports of cognitions from people in ‘introspectionism’, led to.

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TMA01 My role varies in the class room; everyday brings a new learning opportunity. I am currently working three full days a week with year six. A class made up of twenty three very bright, talented nine to ten year old boys and girls and there very inspiring and motivated teacher. Although I say I work three days but more often then not it turns into a full week. (The children have that affect on.

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TMA01 Summarise and discuss the presentation of mental health in the two newspaper articles given in Appendix 1 The mental conditions that obstructed with our thinking, feelings, moods, and our ability to associate with other people or carry out our daily functions are referred to as mental illness. It has no regards for race, age, religion and is not a result of weakness or lack of character or our upbringing. (Pilgrim, 2010). In this essay, I will summarise and discuss the two.

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DD101 TMA01 Drawing from what I have learned from the study materials, I will be looking at High Street in Hirwaun and outlining some of the inequalities in comparison to City Road. Even though both City Road and High Street are over 200 years old and began as just country lanes, they have very different layouts. City Road is much longer with complex junctions and High Street is only 20 meters long with a simple layout. High Street is, though, one of the major roads through.

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For the first assignment I have studied the 2 charts given and showing my findings below. Chart 1 The data shows that twice as many older people have been questioned compared to 18-24 year olds. There are only 2 questions in relation to “Community” compared to 10 for neighbours and 1 neutral question. This shows that the balance of questions is displaced and also that interviewees could be placed in more than one question depending on how they interpret the question. There are.

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The street which has been chosen for this assignment is high street in the small city.This street is a good example of observing some inequalities and differences which are demonstrating themselves ,in more or less obvious ways and compare and contrast them with some of those found on City Road ,Cardiff.It will explore things such as. change over time ,compete use of the space gender, material infrastructure all of these launch out some differences and inequalities in patterns, which.

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Investigation whether the global superiority effect is affected by the types of symbol in reaction times Abstract This study examined whether participant’s response times to global target were faster than local targets. Participants had to identify global and local shapes and letters as quick as possible and the response times which were recorded to the computer data. The study was a replication of Navon’s (1977), (cited in Ness Smith and Thirkettle, 2014) experiment but differed, as it.

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TMA03 - Research Paper

  • tma03 part analysis Tma03 1) PROMPT ANALYSIS FORBES ARTICLE Presentation – is the information presented in a clear and readable way? Yes Relevance – is.
  • Tma03 - B120 Research – TMA03 - B120 Income statement (also referred to as profit and loss statement (P&L), revenue statement, statement of financial.
  • TMA03 DD101 Using the data in the table provided, what can you say about the ethnicity of the population in the national parks of England and Wales? TMA03 DD101 APRIL 2014. Question 1 Using the data in the table provided, what can you say about the ethnicity of the population in the national.
  • tma03 TMA03 - PART 1. ASSIGNMENT PLAN Go through each heading and explain what the table is telling me. Why would the figure be what it is – for what.

Are social harms always considered as crime?
To consider the question regarding all social harms being crimes we must first establish what is meant by both crime and social harm and also identify similarities and entanglements. This essay will attempt to establish the connection or entanglement between social harm and crime by referring to some topical examples which have achieved both national and international publicity and examination.
Generally a crime is considered to be an act or omission (deliberate or unintended) which constitutes an offence under existing National and/or International law.
Social harm is not so easily defined because of the wide ranging aspects it covers. However we could consider it to be the endangerment/damage (fair /unfair), exploitation of and neglect to individuals/groups and accepted norms of society. This comes under the broad umbrella of Social Justice and there are numerous examples of entanglement between what is termed a social harm and what is considered as a crime. The key word here, being ‘Justice,’ and it is some of these I will be looking at.
So, we see from these definitions they both relate to unfair/unjust actions by one or more individuals which create a problem and/or imbalance in what is acceptable to normal society. There has to be flexibility in stating that all social harms are crimes due to the fact that from an international perspective, there are differences in what actions or omissions are defined as crime in some countries as opposed to others. However, the basic principles of justice and equality are the same in all cases, how they are interpreted may be different.
As we can see from the introduction, crimes can be reasonably easy to identify as they are established, in writing, by law. Social harms or injustices, while not in themselves specified directly by law, can result in or be connected to actions which are identified as criminal.
Take, for example, the widely publicised event of Hurricane.

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Degree Level DD101

Question: TMA 03 Examine the argument that neighbourly relations are routinely subject to processes of making and remaking.

Answer: People have their own established ideas about how we should live together, the definition of a good neighbour and whether our own personal identity can affect our social identities, but are all of these things linked? And if something goes amiss could these cause relations to fall apart.

A personal identity is a person’s own idea of who he or she is ‘People behave in ways which will tell others who they are, what they’re doing and what they expect and want to happen’ (Goffman cited in Taylor 2009, page 172) He believed that we are all actors and we live our lives how we want so we get the outcome we so desire. From the way we act to the way we talk we are creating an image of ourselves that we want other people to believe. The sociologist Garfinkel thought that the best way to study society was to look at how people live their day to day lives. ‘Garfinkel suggests that so. (short extract)

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  • Subject: Introducing the social sciences
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  • Year: 1st
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  • Date submitted: May 09, 2013
  • Date written: March, 2010
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    Dd101 - Tma03 than average amount of hotels in the area. Word count: 516 References: DD101 Introducing the Social Sciences (2011) Assignment Booklet 2011B p. 22, 25 27 Dd101 Tma03 For the first assignment I have studied the 2 charts given and showing my findings below. Chart 1 The data shows that twice as many older people have been Dd101 Tma03 2013 PART 1: Using the data provided on pages 20 and 21, what can you say about the relationships people have with their neighbours and the immediate community? Dd101 Tma 03 TMA03 DD101 PART 1 Looking at the tables of information on the population of Glasgow City compared to Scotland as a whole. It is

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    [Part 1] What do the tables show about housing in England?

    This essay will describe the information from three tables on housing in England, focusing on quantitative data collected from the National Statistic publications ‘Social Trends’. The three tables consist of information from the following; Housing stock: by region and the type of dwelling during 2006 and 2007, ethnic group: by tenure in 2007 and also housebuilding completions: by number of have the high bedrooms [do you mean by number of bedrooms?]. They provide an overview of the UK society today, drawing together social and economic data from organisations, government departments across the four nations of the United Kingdom [the data are only about England, not the whole of the UK].

    [this is a good introduction, but as I mentioned in my advice, a full introduction was not needed for this part of the TMA, as you only have 500 words and a proper introduction uses up a good chunk of it. Despite this, this first paragraph is good in its content and it would have been perfect for a full-length essay]

    Table one provides statistics of housing stock details: by region and type of dwelling in 2006 to 2007. These dwellings consist of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses and also purpose-built, converted flats or maisonettes. Semi-detached houses and bungalows have the highest dwellings in the region [which region?], and flat/maisonette conversions in the North East, East Midlands and West Midlands have the lowest percentage. Subsequently, semi-detached properties are the highest [high?] in all regions except London [yes, and can you say a bit more about the anomalies in London?] where[as] terraced and purpose built properties are higher [than what?] in the South East and South West. Semi-detached properties are the highest [in which region?] and flat/maisonette properties in London have the lowest dwellings [not really. London has the highest percentage of purpose-built flats or maisonette.

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    Outline the argument that supermarket power is a ‘zero-sum’ game
    Basic necessities such as food are required for survival and we rely particularly on supermarkets and small businesses to make them available for purchase in contemporary UK. Power is a combination of influence control and/or dominance. Supermarket are to some extreme shaping our shopping choices by the variety they choose to stock and by seduction. Recent years have seen the supermarket gain a considerable degree of power by extending their ranges of goods and services, extending opening hours and expanding into local areas with superstores and convenience stores as well as on the High Street. Supermarkets expansion has resulted in the suffering and closure of many small local businesses. Dennis Wrong, Socioligist states that in a situation where the gain of one is equivalent to the loss of another so the net gain is zero, it is a ‘zero-sum’ game. This essay examines the relationship between supermarket power and a ‘zero- sum’ game. It shows how the supermarkets gain is balanced by the loss to others and outlines the ‘positive sum’ games of power.
    The concept of power is viewed in variety of ways by different groups, I feel this depends on the angle you are viewing things from. Contemporary UK has four huge supermarket chains, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco often referred to as ‘giants’ by the economy which indicates the level of power and dominance they have in the market. Every consumer has personal preferences and rights of choice when it comes to making purchases of goods and services. These preferences some would argue, are influenced or controlled by the varieties made available to us along with other contributory factors. With the four supermarket chains dominating the food market, the power they have over what they offer to consumers limits the choices of the consumer. Some would argue that this is not the case, and consumers are given more choice by the supermarkets extending.

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