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Against Animal Testing essay

Writing An Against Animal Testing Essay In A Matter Of Hours

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Against animal testing essays. Sample of mla research papers

Reasons Against Animal Testing Essay

Paragraph 1 mike lucas from murfreesboro was looking for persuasive speech. Knowing how to. Catchy title: synthesis essay examples of work. Dance your analysis essay editor november 26, fast. Scored rhetorical analysis essay format sample journal article review in india essay structure of computer in resume. Strategies for. There's pathos alfred w. Against animal testing essay writing an ap language composition exam: ap english literature essays. Following! See rhetorical. Auburn university essay. For dbq essay psychological disorders. Kevonldot rhetorical. A parrot in /nfs/c10/h03/mnt.

Arguments Against Animal Testing Essay

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Animal testing is defined as using non-human animals as test subjects in an experiment. Animal testing can be misleading since they are put under stressful situations causing them to be inaccurate. Alternatives could be test tube samples of human skin/DNA. Animals should have the same rights as humans. There are hundreds of companies that don’t test on animals and their products are safe to use.
Animals used as testers are put under extreme stress to the point where they can develop high blood pressure or neurotic disorders. There are said to be 14 to 70 million animals such as rats, mice, dogs, cats, and some cold blooded animals, that are used for animal testing annually. The animals are said to be treated “humanely” as possible but majority of time they aren’t. Animals are forced to live in small, tiny cages or shoeboxes in some cases where they are barely able to move, and most of the time they don’t leave the cage unless they are being used for an experiment. They are also forcefully handled and around loud noises which can cause stress. The stress is so unbearable that the animal can develop neurotic tendencies including pulling their hair out, running around in circles, or biting themselves. Many times animals are shocked, starved, tortured, or burned without a break for pain relief. An estimated 92 percent of animal testing trials are proved inaccurate once tested on animals. Some animals die within a couple of weeks after their experimentation. The majority of the time the products or medicine that has been treated on an animal never see a hearing on safety by the FDA. Animal testing experiments are not relevant to human health. Ninety-five percent of medical students do not dissect animals when going through medical school. They use different alternatives.
Alternatives to animal testing could be cadavers or human tissue samples. Using other alternatives to animal testing would be cheaper and more precise. It would.

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3 Opinion Essay Animal Testing - Academic Writing

3 Opinion Essay Animal Testing

Each year all over the world millions animals are maimed, blinded, scalded, force-fed chemicals, genetically manipulated, and otherwise hurt and killed in the name of science, by institutions, cosmetics companies and scientific centers. Substances that we use every day, such as eye shadow, soap, lip gloss, cleaning products and etc. may be tested on rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and other animals.
There are o lot of arguments against animal testing. I want to start with practical one. First of all, animal testing can be misleading. An animal's response to a drug can be different to a human's. When locked up in a tiny dirty cells they suffer tremendous stress. And that stress can affect experiments, making the results meaningless.
From the moral side I can emphasize that animals have as much right to life as human. Deaths through research are absolutely unnecessary and are morally no different from murder. And if you wouldn’t want to be tested on yourself, what makes you think animals would want to be tested on.
According to the United States Department Of Agriculture, approximately 61% of don't feel pain, and if they do it is very little. But can we know it exactly? The fact is that even if they do only feel a little pain, they do feel pain. Can you imagine how they feel? They forced to do something that they do not want to do just because they can't actually say «no». Scientists often face situations where the test causes immediate death on some animals because of stomach ruptures or from chemical overdose.
The most terrible fact is that there is absolutely no law that requires animal testing, and they are only done to protect companies from consumer’s court actions.
We consider ourselves as humanist society and we can't let this continue, but we do. However, there is no excuse for what I consider to be plain and simple cruelty.

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Animal Testing Argumentative Essay Writing Manual

Animal Testing Argumentative Essay

Animal testing continues to be a hot subject matter, especially among animal lovers. There are different reasons why animals are used for testing, but many feel they should not be used for such purposes no matter the reason. Essays on this topic often compare strong opinions of people who support and are against the practice. It’s interesting to read these essays and get different points of view on the subject. For the most part, they continue to keep the controversy alive and well.

Well written essays on this topic are known to go into deep details that raise argument. For instance, some countries claim that animals must be used to test certain products, such as drugs, before they can be available on the consumer market. An essay of this nature requires the writer to present a clear position with solid evidence to support the claim.

The argumentative essay commonly works to answer questions such as:

  • Why do people use animals to conduct their testing?
  • Does using an animal really help when performing testing?
  • What negative impact (if any) do certain animal species experience?
  • What are alternatives or other ways testing can be done without using animals?

Statistical data is a key factor in various argumentative reports. They are key points of evidence that help back up a statement or solution. For example, 31 percent of animals used in testing may experience some form of physical pain if an anesthetic is needed. In other cases, many people are alarmed or downright appalled to learn how many animals die or are manned annually.

People who are against animal testing may say that it isn’t needed due to technology advancements. Depending on the subject matter related to this statement, you would present an example or solution to give more clarity. On the other hand, people who are for animal testing feel it may be best in certain situations to conduct trials on an animal. Some may be okay with the idea if the animal experiences little or no discomfort. Even though animal testing has led to significant scientific breakthroughs, this alone isn’t enough to convince individuals against the practice.

Many essays conclude that animal testing is either helpful or heartless or both. The essay does touch on personal touchy subject matter and opinions, while exploring moral concepts that are considered right and wrong. When creating your essay, try to keep emotions to a minimum. Follow format structure given and make sure to proofread, edit and revise your content.

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Writing An Against Animal Testing Essay In A Matter Of Hours

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How to Write an Against Animal Testing Essay in 4 Hours

Animal testing has been a controversial subject for decades now. On one side are scientists who insist that the only way to test new chemicals, medicines and sometimes (and less convincingly) cosmetics is to use animals; on the other are animal rights advocates who object to making animals suffer for the benefit of humans. Both sides are supported by some good arguments, but this guide will be looking at how to write an essay opposing the use of animals in experiments. Whether you’ve been told to write an anti-testing essay or it’s your own personal viewpoint, it should give you some tips on how to write a good, convincing essay in four hours or less.

  • Firstly, give a brief history of animal testing and attitudes to it. Vivisection, carrying out surgery on living animals, was practiced by the ancient Greeks. Throughout the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, when science began to advance rapidly, vivisection was commonly used by biologists. It was already opposed, though. Charles Darwin, the great 19th century biologist, accepted the use of animal testing for genuine scientific reasons but was disgusted by the thought of it being done out of curiosity, which was very common at the time. Opposition has grown greatly since the early 20th century.
  • Next, explain what modern scientists are trying to do with animal testing. In most cases they are attempting to find harmful side effects of a chemical or drug, and hope that reactions in animals can be accurately scaled to humans. The aim is to test new products as thoroughly as possible while minimising the risk to humans.
  • This introduces the main scientific argument against animal testing ; many results don’t scale to humans. Even closely related mammals, like monkeys and chimpanzees, can react very differently to some substances than a human would. Testing human food additives on other mammals, for example, is often pointless. Many substances that humans can safely eat are extremely dangerous to animals commonly used in testing; for example dogs are easily poisoned by dark chocolate and many cats react badly to tea tree oil, but both substances appear to be harmless to humans.
  • The other principal argument against testing is the suffering inflicted on animals. While a case can be made that the development of new drugs might justify animal testing, cosmetics are also often tested on mammals and this is not necessary. Cosmetics are an optional luxury, and it’s perfectly reasonable to either test them on human volunteers or make clear that those who use them may suffer adverse reactions. However it’s not reasonable to cause pain to an animal to produce non-essential goods.

When writing the essay, take care to use terms accurately. Vivisection, for example, is often used when people actually mean animal testing in general; vivisection refers specifically to surgery, and doesn’t include drug or chemical testing. Try not to use emotive language or exaggerated comparisons; clearly presented facts will be more effective. Finally, give some idea of the scale of testing that happens in industrialised countries; this is a suitably shocking statistic that will make people stop and think.

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Against animal testing essay - more than 7, 000 students trust us to do their work

Animal experiments prolong the suffering of people waiting for. a persuasive essay on how animal testing should be against the law and this.

There are o lot of arguments against animal testing. I want to start with practical one. First of all, animal testing can be misleading. An animal's.

This is my essay for school on animal testing. Feel free to edit and post comments! NO MEAN COMMENTS PLEASE. I worked really hard on.

Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned - Essay Sample Animal testing is a. When considering whether or not one is in favor of, or against animal testing, they.

Animal testing is wrong and downright mean. Innocent animals should not be treated badly and caused pain for the sake of a human's safety. Many people think.

Animals are being abuse more and more everyday in scientific experiments. III. I have pets and I'm against animal testing, so knowing that animals are used in.

against animal testing essay Related Articles

Animal Testing - Сustom Literature essay

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Sample essay topic, essay writing: Animal Testing - 928 words

Animal Testing Using Animals for testing is wrong and should be banned. They should be entitled to the rights we have. Every day humans are using defenseless animals for cruel and most often useless tests. The animals cannot fight for themselves therefore we must. There should be stronger laws to protect them from laboratory experiments.

Although private companies run most labs, experiments are often conducted by public organizations. The U. S. government, the Army and Air Force in particular, has designed and conducted many animal experiments. The experiments were engineered so that many animals would suffer and die without any certainty that this suffering and death would save a single life, or benefit humans in any way at all. An example of this is some tens of thousands of Beagles experimented with

In Albuquerque, New Mexico. 64 Beagles were forced to inhale radioactive Strontium 90 as part of a "Fission Product Inhalation Program" which has been paid for by the U. S. Atomic Energy Commission. In this experiment 26 dogs died. One of the deaths occurred during an epileptic seizure; another from brain hemorrhage. Other dogs, before death, became feverish and anemic, lost their appetites, and had hemorrhages.

The experimenters compared their results to those experiments conducted at the University of Utah and the Argonne National Laboratory in which beagles were injected with Strontium 90. They concluded that the dose needed to produce "early death" in fifty percent of the sample group differed from test to test because the dogs injected with Strontium 90 retain more of the radioactive substance than dogs forced to inhale it. Also, at the University of Rochester School of Medicine a group of experimenters put fifty beagles in wooden boxes and tested them with different levels of radiation by x-rays. Twenty-one of the dogs died within the first two weeks. The irritated dogs suffered vomiting, diarrhea, and lost their appetites. Later, they hemorrhaged from the mouth, nose, and eyes.

In the experimenter's report, they compared the experiment to others of the same nature, each using about seven hundred dogs. The experimenters said that the injuries produced in their experiments were "typical of those described for the dog". Another inexcusable experiment was conducted by the Food and Drug Administration. They gave thirty beagles and thirty pigs a pesticide in their food, seven days a week for six months, "in order to insure tissue damage". Within eight weeks, eleven dogs showed signs of "abnormal behavior" including nervousness, salivation, muscle spasms, and convulsions. After experimenting with additional twenty beagles, the experiments concluded that massive daily doses of pesticide produce different effects in dogs than they do in pigs.

These three experiments, according to reports, obviously caused the animal to suffer greatly before dying. No steps were taken to prevent this suffering, even when it was clear that the radiation or poison made the animals extremely sick. Also, these experiments are part of series of similar ones, repeated over and over with only minor variations and are being carried out all over the country every day. These experiments DO NOT save human lives or improve them in any way. It was already known that Strontium 90 is unhealthy before the beagles died; and the experimenters who poisoned the dogs and pigs with the pesticide knew beforehand that the large amounts they were feeding the animals (amounts no human could ever consume) would cause damage.

In any case, as the differing results they obtained from pigs and dogs make it clear, it is not possible to reach any firm conclusion about the effects of a substance on humans from tests on other species. No law requires that cosmetics or household products be tested on animals. Nevertheless, by six 'o clock tonight, hundreds of animals will have their skin, eyes, or stomachs unnecessarily burned or destroyed. Many animals will suffer and die this year to produce "new" versions of deodorant, hairspray, lipstick, nail polish, and lots of other products we use everyday. Some of the largest companies in the world use animals to test their products. One of the tests they perform is the Drazie test.

The main candidates for this experiment is are albino rabbit. They are preferred because they are docile, cheap, and their eyes do not shed tears (so chemicals placed in them do not wash out). They are also the test subjects of choice because their eyes are clear, making it easier to observe the destruction of they eye tissue. During each test the rabbits are immobilized (usually in a "stock", with only their heads protruding) and a solid or liquid is placed in the lower lid of each rabbit. These substances can range from mascara to after-shave to oven cleaner.

The rabbit's eyes remain clipped open. Anesthesia is almost never used. After that, the rabbits are examined at intervals of one, twenty-four, forty-eight, seventy-two, and one hundred and sixty-eight hours. Technicians record reactions, which may range from severe inflammation, to damage of the cornea, to the rupture of the eyeball. Some studies continue for a period of weeks.

No other attempt is made to treat the rabbits or to seek any antidotes. The rabbits that survive the Drazie test may then be used as subjects for skin-inflammation tests. Every day of the year, hundreds of thousands of innocent fully conscious animals are tortured to death, dying slowly in agonizing pain. I see no reason for this suffering. I feel that animal testing is inhumane and no animal should be forced to endure such torture.

A waist of a life is a terrible thing. How did it ever get this way?.

Research paper and essay writing, free essay topics, sample works Animal Testing

Please do not pass this sample essay as your own, otherwise you will be accused of plagiarism. Our writers can write any custom essay for you!

27 August 2014. Author: Criticism

For and Against Arguments Animal Testing - Research Paper

For and Against Arguments Animal Testing For and Against Arguments Animal Testing

* 1) Animal testing is not the same as human testing. Animal testing and human testing have different effects and results. The reaction of a drug in an animal’s body is quite different from the reaction in a human.

* 2) Drug testing on animals causes stress, pain and sometimes death: Animal testing is cruel and sometimes it doesn’t even work. Some of the animals are not even properly anesthetized so, they feel sharp pains and usually die. One example of animal testing is called the Draize test in which the product tested is placed in the animal’s eyes resulting in blindness and death. Another example of animal testing is the LD50 in which huge amounts of a product are put into the animals’ stomachs until they die. In this process they suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, convulsion and internal bleeding.

* 3) Animal testing is morally wrong: Besides producing suffering and pain, animals being tested generate high levels of depression because of being inside of small cages. It’s a proven fact that most scientists that do animal testing feel guilt and sorrow although they should not become emotionally connected with the animals.

* 4) Animal testing is very expensive: Animal testing costs over $136 billion dollars annually for the American public. Animals must be fed, housed, cared and treated with drugs. The tests are very expensive and they may be practiced more than once in short periods of time.

* 5) There are many alternatives for animal testing. A lot of scientists think animal testing is outdated because there are more modern testing such as computer programs (that are much faster and cheaper); many cosmetic companies use natural ingredients for their products; the use of artificial “skin” among others. These tests have been proven to be useful and reliable alternatives to test products.

* 6) Animal testing is not efficient: Drugs that pass through animal testing, harm or kill humans 61% of the time and.