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Sample TOEFL Essay

Sample TOEFL Essay

published by Abhas Lamichhane

This is a new idea I’ve had to help students prepare for the Written Section of the TOEFL by providing you with a sample essay. I hope to do this fairly regularly.
In my textbook once I get in online I plan do a lot of exercises on writing the essay and include more example essays including good ones, bad ones and so-so ones, but overall I think one of the biggest problems with the TOEFL Essay is that there are too many problems. Students don’t know what to write about, how to organize it, what level of language to use, what the introduction and conclusion should look like. The best way to address all these problems is to show a sample essay and analyze it. That way you, the dear reader, can take away the lessons you need to learn.
Feel free to add your questions and comments. And your critiques. What do you think I did wrong? What could have been better?
Sample Essay
This topic was taken from the Test of Written English Guide, Fifth Edition (c) 2004 by Educational Testing Services, pg. 23.
Supporters of technology say that it solves problems and makes life better. Opponents argue that technology creates new problems that may threaten or damage the quality of life. Using one or two examples, discuss both positions. Which view do you support? Why?
Technology is a fundamental part of our modern life. Every day we wake up to an alarm clock, shower by means of indoor plumbing, go to work in a car or subway train, work with a computer or tools and, in the evening we watch television until we fall asleep. It is simply impossible to imagine human life without tools and technology. On the surface it would appear that technology has improved our quality of life by providing more comfort, completing tasks more quickly, and increasing our capabilities. Unfortunately we rarely think deeply about the impacts on our quality of life. For example, technology does lead to a dependence on materials and processes that are damaging to the environment. However, in the end the benefits of technology in providing a high standard of living and solving serious problems outweigh the problems.
As I mentioned in the introduction, technology is inseperable from our standard of living. While we often think of technology as including only complicated electronic devices like TVs, radios, and computers, technology also refers to simpler manmade inventions such as paper. Compared to other writing materials like slate, bark, or papyrus, paper is cheap and easy to make, highly portable, long lasting and easy to write on. Bark and other natural materials are difficult to work with. Chalk on slate is not permanent. Papyrus is difficult to make. It also uses animal skins which can be better used for clothing. We know from history that there was an explosion in book production when paper was introduced to the Western world from China. Although the printing press was obviously a huge innovation in mass production of books, the existence of a cheap, easy-to-make material made the printing press possible. Paper improves our quality of life by preserving ideas from the past, allowing us to learn from people around the globe and to share our knowledge with future generations. In this way, paper has much in common with other technologies like the Internet, the television and the radio which all improve communication by making it faster, cheaper and more convenient.
On the other hand, paper is also an example of how technology can be damaging to the environment. Paper is made from wood pulp and that means cutting down trees. A lot of trees. Trees are essential to provide oxygen to our atmosphere, to protect smaller plants in the forest from the sun and to give food and shelter to animals. Forestry not only damages the forest ecosystem by removing trees, but also because lumberjacks enter forests with chainsaws, trucks and shelters. New highways are built in natural environments. All this human activity negatively affects the environment by killing plant life, scaring away animals and introducing pollution in the form of exhaust fumes and tarring chemicals. Similarly a lot of technology depends on energy, which in this day and age, means oil products. Oil wells are also dug in natural environments scarring the land. Burning oil pollutes the air and oil spills can cause immense damage to the water and the land.
Nonetheless, the benefits of technology far outweigh the costs. First, because the removal of technology from our lives would cause drastic harm to our lifestyle. Can you imagine your life without manmade tools? Second, because in the same way paper provided a cost-effective solution to the problem of transmitting information, someday technology will provide an efficent solution to the problems of pollution and environmental damage. There is no other way to solve these problems besides technology itself.
(588 words)
OK, I tried to write this in 30 minutes because that’s the time you will have on the TOEFL. The key to this essay is following the instructions:
Provide one or two examples. I provided one example, paper.
Discuss both positions Talk about the good and bad points of technology not just the side you agree with
Give your own opinion and why This is probably where I fell down. I have a thesis statement and a conclusion that give my opinion that technology is good. But the conclusion introduces a new idea: technology will solve environmental problems. That should be more developed. Probably in the third paragraph I should talk about technological steps that are taken in the paper industry and oil industry to solve environmental issues. But 30 minutes is a short time.
Good points: The essay is clearly organized with an introduction, 1 paragraph on the positive side of tech and 1 one the negative side, then a conclusion.
There are only 2 spelling mistakes and they are hard words: Can you find the mistakes?
There is a mix of long and short sentences, formal and informal language, passive and active.
The example, paper, is developed in some detail. And it’s clear why paper is good.
I follow all the instructions.
The essay stays on the topic is technology good or bad?
I chose one small part of the topic because otherwise I could write all day. In this case, I took one example of technology and developed it to cover the requirements. You won’t have time to write everything you think so pick and choose.
So, how well can you write an essay? Write something up on this topic in 30 minutes and post it here in the comments. I’ll give you some feedback.

Comments: tanjina (22/11/10 12:23)

thank you for your suggestion.
but i have a query.
your essay has 588 words. but in instruction, it is written that a good essay should have 300-350 words.
is it mandatory to limit the essay within 350 words? am i allowed to write a essay of 588 words?
looking forward to your reply.

Bozi (14/11/15 02:13)

Hi Cecilia,I think the most important thing with havnig some system of introducing vocabulary is applying it consistently and stickinmg with it, which you've clearly done with your vocab bank. All too often I've seen teachers try such ideas and abandon/forget about them within a few weeks. It's great that your class took to it so well that they started to ask what the new word would be.Do you ever find that they try too hard to use one of the words and end up making an unnatural sentence? You know, something like Sorry teacher but my impeccable, meticulously prepared homework was rashly left at home. I was oblivious to the fact that it was lying innate on my table and not in my bag. Please let your empathy prevail and be lenient on my misdemeanour. pSorry for being a nuisance.

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Have people become too dependent on technology?

Have people become too dependent on technology?

I am writing a final research paper for a my English Research and Composition class and must conduct a survey. So here are some questions to you. 1. Have. show more I am writing a final research paper for a my English Research and Composition class and must conduct a survey. So here are some questions to you.

1. Have people become too dependent on technolgy?
2. Why do you think they have or haven't?
3. Age:
4. Gender:
5. How often do you use the internet, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.
6. Do you believe using social networking sites hinders or enhances social interaction skills? Why?

FrenchMontana, no help at all, just seeking those points I see. @first answer(can't recall sn) I did ask friends as well, the ones I still see anyways. show more FrenchMontana, no help at all, just seeking those points I see.
@first answer(can't recall sn) I did ask friends as well, the ones I still see anyways lol I don't live back home anymore when I went away for college haha but thank you for your input

I'm not too much dependent on technology.

Inni · 4 years ago

1) Yes. 2) Modern technology makes every aspect of life much easier for humans. Machines do most of the tasks, from industrial to those connected to our. show more 1) Yes.
2) Modern technology makes every aspect of life much easier for humans. Machines do most of the tasks, from industrial to those connected to our every-day lives, and they do it very effectively. Of course it would be easy to become dependent on technology that way.
3) Nineteen
4) Female
5) I don't use any of the sites you've listed, but I do use the internet on a daily basis.
6) Well, for me, as someone who's struggling with Asperger's, the internet communication has definitely helped enhancing my social skills. I can't speak for the other individuals, though.

Hope this helps.

P. S. I'm pretty sure this is a question for the Polls/Surveys section.

? · 4 years ago

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yes people have became very dependent on technology and started following Einstein's words of wisdom something like I only need to remember what I need. show more yes people have became very dependent on technology and started following Einstein's words of wisdom something like I only need to remember what I need to know. But this has had a very bad impact of new generation because they can look up anything online and get an answer to it. Back in the day when kids struggled while doing homework they ended up getting help for it from a teacher or they had to solve it them self. But now you can just go google it and ta da!

well my age is 22
gender: female

I use internet almost everyday. I woke up this morning thinking that when I didn't have a smart phone I use to wake up in the middle of the night and turn the computer on just to check if someone was online on msn or yahoo to talk. But now Internet is beyond social networking. Since I have internet on my self-phone, thus i have easy access to it so have to use it every hour of my life. Any time I struggle knowing a words definition of if I have to find out if emerald green is the color of 2013 then my internet is always there for me.

I believe that social networking sites enhaces social interaction skills. Facebook is big. In usa internet and social media have been moderately popular since a decade now. But in other countries where people use to mock at using internet or they couldn't afford it. Now they're doing everything they can just to get a computer and make a facebook account just because their friend has it and who doesn't wanna keep up with the world. It has cause troubles and dramas but overall if we get rid of it tonight then it would be a chaos. reason it enhances the social interation skills is that more people, more competition is adding to the race of this life. Everyone is striving to be the best. And with internet and social media people can check the statistics easily, they can see who's doing what and so they can do something better and show it off on facebook. well thats about all I can think off, I was thinking of googling some stuff so I can add to this but I was like naaah hahaha

pearl · 4 years ago

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1) Yes. 2) Every thing depends on technology. I see people using vacuum machines instead of manually sweeping, students typing out essays instead of. show more 1) Yes.
2) Every thing depends on technology. I see people using vacuum machines instead of manually sweeping, students typing out essays instead of writing, going on a computer and asking for homework help instead of manually asking friends. (Laughs)
It makes life easier I guess. And we were all born lazy lol
3) female
4) 14
5) everyday, unless there's no wifi/ I'm overseas
6) YES. It's kinda ironic how social networking sites make us even more unsociable. For example, the entire family would be playing with their iPhones and androids (going on Instagram and posting food pictures HAHAHA) instead of chatting. It's like. Everyone's just caught up with their own thing and the family eventually just drifts apart

Xuan :D · 4 years ago

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We're already dependent on technology, remember Y2K? If technology failed we'd be lost, in fact its estimated that if an EMP took out all the. show more We're already dependent on technology, remember Y2K? If technology failed we'd be lost, in fact its estimated that if an EMP took out all the northwests power for one month, 80% of the USA would be dead.

Elisa · 5 months ago

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1. Who cares. Not my problem how ppl spend their time
2. Again. who cares
5. Never
6. Again. who cares

? · 4 years ago

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· just now

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Society Overly Dependent Technology - College Essays

Society Overly Dependent Technology Society Overly Dependent Technology


Are we overly dependent on technology? The society we live in now is called a “technologically civilized” society. Without technology, where would we be? How would we communicate? How would we work? How would we be able to do school work? How would we do our daily task without this thing called “technology”?
In my opinion, I think we depend too much on technology. Instead of picking up a newspaper, a book, or a magazine, we turn to our computers, cell phones, and televisions for everything that’s going on in the world. You can login to Facebook, and find out the daily news. Is digital reading taking over our minds? Instead of traveling in a car to see a friend or family member, we Skype, we Oovoo, we Tango, or use some form of web chat. The internet has become our lives, we Google everything we need. Will the next generation suffer from this; will we depend to heavily on technology forever?
Technology can be useful, and very efficient, however I think that we are occasionally ruled by it. What will happen when it comes a time that we can’t do anything at all without technology? Sources say that we are losing the ability or willingness to think and or memorize on our own. If we were to wake up one day, with all of our electronic devices disabled, everybody’s life would be impacted. People use their electronic devices as soon as their eyes open in the morning. Are we becoming too reliant on something that can quickly disappear? There is no question that technology is going to continue to grow, but will our dependence on technology grow as well.
Our dependence on technology has taken us away from reality. We feel the need to be on social networks, telling the world what we are doing, when we are doing, and where we are. Social networks have become so overrated, we spill our daily lives to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and etc. We couldn’t live without the newest social.

Buy custom Overly Dependent on Technology essay

Buy custom Overly Dependent on Technology essay

The wave of technology has caused the society to become more dependent on it, especially in 21st century. This is because of the manner in which technology has proved to be very effective as well as facilitating the ease of doing things. Technology ranges from the time of agrarian revolution, then came industrialization to now the famous information society. During agrarian revolution, technology was very essential for instance for tilling land and also lighting fire which was used as a form of energy during those times (Ambrose, 2001). Again, during industrialization, technology also proved to be useful in substituting manpower and using machines to do the same jobs which were initially done by human being.

The same jobs which were done by human being could now be done using machines and as a result could be finished faster and effectively. Today, people are living in a society which is dominated by information. This is referred to as information society and people are said to live in a digital age. This essay aims to discuss the extent to which people have become dependent on their day to day activities including how organizations make use of technology in an attempt of competitive edge. For the sake of the reader of this essay. it is worth giving a brief introduction regarding what technology is all about.

Many people do refer technology as only those aspect which are related to computers as well as the current trends of telecommunication. However, technology has different meaning to different people (Thomson, 2009). It is worth mentioning that the perspective to which people refer technology is different and therefore emerges that it is of essence to define technology as far as this essay is concerned.

Technology can be defined as the process whereby nature is modified by human beings in an attempts of achieving their needs. The fact that the needs which would make human being more comfortable as well as the aspects which would be considered to improve the living standards of human beings continue to increase or rather to emerge, necessitates the need to come up with new inventions. It therefore emerges that technology will continue to evolve as these needs arise. It can be said that technology is as a result of engineering as well as science (McGinn, 1991). Whereas engineering deals with the design of the technology in question, science on the other hand deals with the condition as well as features under which the designs in question should operate. The discussion now embanks on the dependency of technology by people.

Technology civilized society refers to the current generation which is using knowledge and information for economic gains. This means that almost every thing which is done by people depends on this technology (Ambrose, 2001).The reason being that, such information can only be received processed and stored in such devices which are developed as result of technology. This means that for instance if the current generation was to live without technology, it would turn out to be unrealistic and as such, there are some of the activities with are significant in as far as day to day operations are concerned which cannot be realized without technology. An example of this include mobile telephones meant for communication or computers in the office meant for processing information. This gives a clear indication that the society nowadays depends on technology to execute their day to day activities which might turn out to be unrealistic in the event that technology is not accessible (McGinn, 1991).

Another example is in case of food in the homes of individuals, food is preserved using refrigerators. This means that in the event that refrigerators are not functioning, the food in homes of individuals would end up going bad after sometimes especially perishable goods or rather food. It therefore emerges that people turned to technology to increase the shelf life of food. Again microwaves have proved to be useful in as far as warming of food is concerned .Food preparation time has significantly been condensed as a result of use of new equipments as well as machines(Noble, 1984). This results in saving time which can be used in doing other productive work. This is what makes people to depend on technology as it saves valuable time.

Computers and related gargets such as laptops, palmtops, mobile telephones just to mention but a few have enabled people to communicate in real time regardless of geographical location as well time. Asynchronous and synchronous communication has been made easy due to the invention of world wide web which apparently makes the world to appear as a small village. This has facilitated globalization due to the ease of communication as well as that one of doing business as business people can get market for their products internationally. This means that sudden lack of these devices which have eased the way people communicate can cause a lot of inconveniencies to many people hence people have become dependent on technology(McGinn, 1991).

The other area which has made people become more dependent on technology is tele-working which is also referred to as telecommuting. This is a situation whereby people or rather employees work at the comfort of their home and then send their completed assignments to their employers. A good example includes freelancers who work remotely. This means that technology has facilitated a level ground which enables people regardless of the time and geographical location to have equal opportunities of accessing jobs(Ambrose, 2001). This means that in absence of technology some of the people who depend on it can be left jobless.

This discussion shows that people have become dependent on technology in all spheres of life ranging from communication to other home-based core activities such as cooking and preserving food. Although technology has proved to be very useful in as far as the life of the current society is concerned, there are also some aspects of technology which prove to be negative in the society (Noble, 1984). This includes interference of work with family matters as people carry office work to their home and continue working at home in prevalence of involving themselves with family matters.

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People Have BeCome Overly Dependent on Technology - Research Paper

People Have BeCome Overly Dependent on Technology

People have become overly dependent on technology

People have become overly dependent on technology

The world has in the recent years witnessed speedy growth in technology. There has been a lot of debate going on over the dependence on technology in doing daily activities. Many people are arguing that technology has made performance of daily activities easier thus making life easier. The other group has been arguing that usage of technology has been greatly misused and has made people lazy and non-starters in absence of modern devices. Technology has bought a lot of conveniences in the daily undertakings. People have not asked themselves what will happen if the devices we use fail for a period of time. If some people lost technology for some time their lives would come to a standstill. Many professors have argued that the dependence on communication technologies has led to development of a technicist society which has greatly changed ethics and independence of thought. Therefore, according to me, people nowadays have excessively dependent on technology in performing their daily function, even doing the simple things.

Firstly, robots are being used in many places and are performing tasks which were previously done by human beings. Robotics have greatly impacted the world both negative and positive ways. In china, robots have replaced human waiters in the restaurants. In Spain, there is a company which has specialized in production of robot butlers. These kind of robots are made to guide and entertain people. They usually have a large chest based touchscreen which is used to display the map of the surrounding thus helping people know their location. Exoskeletons have been developed in Japan and are battery-powered which assist in boosting the muscle power thus helping in lifting heavy objects. There is also the use of nurse robots which are being used to help overcome the shortage of nurses witnessed in many health facilities. The nurse robots are being controlled by tablet devices and are able to perform functions such as checking on patients. However, this will deprive the personal touch between patients and nurses (Keramas, 1999).

In addition, in the workplaces, you will find many devices performing different functions. In the modern world, every office has well computerized system. This has greatly changed the office operations as the functions which were carried out by people and by other means are being now done by use of machines. Video conferencing and Skype have replaced staff meetings. In the office if the internet is down or machines breakdown, the operations

Too dependent on technology essay - more than 7, 000 students trust us to do their work

Argumentative Writing - Are we too dependent on computers. better safer environment reducing the use of trees for paper on essay writing or letters. this is becoming a general fact in society that we have depended on technology for over.

Write an essay on the given TOPIC covering three of the POINTS below. Use the. TOPIC: Has modern society become too dependent on technology? POINTS.

Society and Culture Essay and Speech Topics. Have humans become too dependent on technology? Who contributes more to modern society teachers or.

Essay are we too dependent on technology Application letter for. Essay modern technology, To write a compare and contrast essay on two.

Engaging ESL Essay Topics You Can Use to Improve Your Writing Skills. Do you think our society is too dependent on technology like smartphones?

You should never try to essay are we too dependent on technology terminate a replacement nap. Is a very essay are we too dependent on.

Technology used correctly will not make students lazy, but rather help them. The question is not- are kids becoming too dependent on technology. she liked reading, but knew that she could never finish the essays on time.

Here is a sample essay, which obtained the score 6 aww yeeah. suggested that we have grown too dependent on these technologies and what they can offer.

too dependent on technology essay

People are overly dependent on technology essay - write essays

And. Have become overly dependent on technology is wrong. for argumentative essay topic for free research papers, people checking their life and people.

IELTS computer technology essay with lesson on coherence and essay. Is this dependence on technology a good thing or should we be suspicious of its. of these would be that if people rely on computers too much for communication, they.

The teenagers have become dependent on technology, and it has become inseparable in the daily lives of many people. Everywhere people.

Are Computers Making People Excessively Dependent On Technology Media. and more people are becoming overly dependent up to the point of addiction.

Argumentative Essay On People Have Become Overly. Dependent On Technology argumentative essay on people have become overly dependent on.

Get access to Have People Become Overly Dependent On Technology Essays only from Anti Essays. Listed Results 1 - 30. Get studying today and get the.

Many people think that we are not too dependent on technology but our daily lives show otherwise. How many pieces of technology do you use in your. Similar Essays internet addiction, technology dependence View Full Document.

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  1. People Have Become Dependent On Technology huge advantages in our life that is why people have become dependent on technology to enjoy the benefits of technology like ease of communication, medical advance.
  2. People Have More Dependency On Technology Ever communication that it seems that people have become overly dependent on technology. In other words, world is becoming more dependent on technology day-by-day due to.
  3. People Have Overly Dependent On Technology as single parents. In case these people commit crimes punishable through capital punishment, they leave their dependants in compromising situations. For instance.
  4. People Become Overly Dependent On Technology believed to cause 527,700 fatalities a year. studies have estimated that the number of people killed annually in the us could be cover 50,000. Oil spills can cause.
  5. People Are Becoming Overly Dependent On Technology Laziness is part of people becoming overly dependent on technology in todays society. Everyday ordinary people are using the latest technology to make life just.
  6. Dependence On Technology s dependence on technology. For the first time in human history, almost all the goods and services people use depend on technology. The products of technology are.
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  7. a Crave For Salvation innovations brought about by modern technology, the natural process of living vanished. People nowadays are dependent to technology because of the convenience.
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  8. People Have Become Overly Dependent On Technology People are too dependent on technology related services for communication, internet commerce, and social media. Technology has had a huge effect on the way people.
  9. Dependency On Technology. Negative Impact On Human Communication technologies and how this made impressions on their lives. The findings showed that the increasing dependency on technology.
  10. This Is Mine. become controlled by technology but many people forget that to operate technology humans need to be in command of it. It is true that some people depend on it, but.
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  11. Trends And Issues Related To Technology Integration dependent on technology. As students graduate, they need the technological skills needed to thrive in a world in which technology. up the slack. People need to be.
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  20. Appropriate Technology or region then the technology may be more system dependent, where the overall. success of any technology. People must believe that a technological device brings with.
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  21. People Have Become Overly Dependent On Technology of modern technology. Today's people, including me, have become socially inept and too dependent on technology. Now this isn't meant to be a hate technology thread.
  22. Technology Essay many people for a long time. If the healthcare technology did not exist, this solution would not have come to people. Thirdly, despite the fact that many people.
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  24. Technology Pros And Cons technology, including a lazier population, ambiguous legal implications, dependence on technology. Regardless of pros and cons, people continue to adapt as technology.
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