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Cerberus Ate My Homework Picture, Cerberus Ate My Homework Image

Cerberus Ate My Homework Picture

In my AP Drawing class, my teacher gave us a problem, and our problem was to somehow connect Greek Mythology to "todays day in age" or along that line. I chose Cerberus because he is my favorite, he is the gaurdian of hell. You can see underneath his paws are a few pages of homework I never turned in, and claimed that the dog ate my homework.

The guesstemation of time taken on this acrylic painting would be about 8 hours, give or take.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece just as much as I had fun creating it!

Cerberus Painting (c) Me

I put a lot of effort into this, so please don't steal it.

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Neil Gaiman s Journal: The Dog Ate My Homework


Actually my homework is pretty much all that the dog* hasn't eaten. Shoelaces and shoes are her favourites. The blog was swallowed by a failed attempt to blog from my phone (I wrote a great long blog on the phone today on a blogging app while at the dentist's, and then tried to attach a picture, did it wrong and sent the blog off into the netherworld instead. Probably my own fault for talking about the second book in the American Gods sequence.)

But I'm still doing the giant American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition proofread and copy-edit. (It'll be out in June.)

I'm going to finish that before I reconstruct the blog entry. So, for your enjoyment and curiousity, I'm reposting the Prisoners of Gravity episode on Sandman from 1993.

If you've ever wondered what Charles Vess or Jill Thompson or Craig Russell or Karen Berger or Dave Mckean looked like 17 years ago (or longer -- Mark Askwith was collecting the interviews for a while), or what baby Neil was like, now's your chance.

PS: Oh, okay. That's not really baby Neil. I was probably 32.

This is Baby Neil.

* Lola. Cabal does not eat anything he is not meant to. Sometimes he doesn't eat things he is actually meant to eat either.

Dog Ate My Homework - Crazy Puzzle Popper Blitz Mania on the App Store

Dog Ate My Homework - Crazy Puzzle Popper Blitz Mania Description

“Oh no! My dogs ate my homework!"

Get back your homework! But to do that, you have to find the right dog who ate it!

This simple game of speed will test your eyes and reflexes! A game that gets challenging every time you get the answer right!

Imagine all of your cute doggies rushing in,

Not to hug you,
Not to cuddle with you,
Not to lick you,
Not to play with you,
BUT to eat your homework!

Will you make another one? No!
Go to school without it? No!

The best thing to do is get back your homework! But to do that, you have to find the right dog who ate it!

Can you figure out which of your cute & adorable dogs ate your homework?

The challenge - every time you find the cute and furry culprit who ate your homework, the game speed goes faster.The more that you catch the right dog who ate your homework, the more points you acquire and the more challenging it gets!

Can't follow them? Try to guess it and test your luck!

Unless, you want all the hard work you gave into your homework lost in the hungry tummy of your furry best friends!

Unlock all the 12 cute and adorable furry doggies in the game and tell us who you find the cutest and most irresistable!

This game is free to play and for all ages!
In-app purchases available to unlock the rest of the cute puppies!
Supports all versions of iPod, iPad and iPhone.
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12 cute and adorable puppies


My dog ate my digital homework

My dog ate my digital homework Post navigation

The fact that so many blogs focus on pet shows once again that they are indeed man’s best friend. It’s great to see so many people now looking more seriously at dog’s health issues, whether it’s dog food or pet insurance.
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I just looked up “dog eat sd card” to see if it was a good topic for a blog post and indeed it is. I’ve just bought a micro SD card for my phone and at 8Gb (scary, I know) it’s the size that a dog could eat it and if it was big enough, you might be able to wait until it passed it through and you could wait for it at the other end.

I’m sure that if it were ingested (and digested) that the data only being 1s and 0s would be easily passed through – though the silicon is another matter… dogs have after all been eating bits of plastic toys since the 50s.

I must add that one to my list of excuses the next time my boss gives me a project. I wonder if it works with memory sticks instead?

Insureds last blog post..1

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The Dog ate my Homework

The Dog ate my Homework

Image source

This weekend we had a full blown homework crisis. On Sunday morning my daughter discovered that she had lost a completed assignment. A piece of work which was not only due on Monday but had taken three weeks to finish. We mounted a full house search and two hours later had to admit defeat. We still have absolutely no idea where or how the assignment went missing. It will of course turn up now that we have stopped looking and the deadline is passed, tucked away for safe-keeping in a location so obvious no one even considered looking there!

Acknowledging that her homework was indeed lost prompted considerable weeping, wailing and dramatic gnashing of teeth. Ultimately, accepting the fact that not attending school ever again was not a viable option nor one which her parents’ would support, she dried her eyes and sat down to re-write……And our Sunday became a blur of homework and a chaotic scramble to meet her Monday morning deadline.

It leads me to wonder whether “The dog ate my homework” would actually have been an acceptable excuse?

Below are a short list of other popular *plausible* excuses to have on hand for any domestic dramas you may need to ward off this week:

How to explain why you are late
“I’m not late …. everyone else is early”

Excuse for leaving early
“Aunt Flo just came into town” (substitute name as appropriate)

Excuse for not going out
“I’m washing my hair”

Excuse for ending a relationship
“I need more time and more space that is why I am moving 12 hours and
7 states away”

Of course, whether anyone will believe you or if you are indeed likely to get away with using any of these does of course remain to be seen!

The Dog Ate my Homework, a Non-WoW Rant with a Scary Dog Picture

Okay, it’s happening again … I’m bored of me. I can always tell because I write posts, read them, then trash them cause they’re boring to me. Sooooo … I’m going to rant instead! Yay! It’s totally un-WoW related so you don’t have to listen if you don’t want to. It will be my therapy so that hopefully if and when these gentleman show up again I don’t run out the front door screaming fuckityfuckfuck at them at least until after they’re done.

So a friend said YOU MUST try Angie’s List, she said she got the most wonderful contractor to redo her bathroom there. Okay, alright … I’ll give it a try since the deck is about to detach from the house. I signed up and got some estimates. I picked the contractor with a A+ best deck builder EVER rating mostly because he assured me that his workers were his employees, not subcontractors as happens with many builders.

In hindsight it’s easy to see that I was lulled into complacency by that GIANT A+ and didn’t ask the appropriate questions. I asked how many days the job would take, yes, but I didn’t ask WOULD THEY BE CONSECUTIVE DAYS. What a big dummy I am. I was repeatedly told this was a three day job. GREAT! That’s wonderful, I think I can live through three days of intense hysterical barking from our little girl as she tries to alert us to the fact that the devil is pounding on the side of the house. Our other dog isn’t really concerned but he likes to support her in everything she does so he joins in.

The deal was done, the contract brought out. Hmm … a little strange … but BIG A+ remember! If it’s a three day job why have they allowed a MONTH AND A HALF to complete it? Oh, probably for weather I’m sure … cause GIANT A+ rating so no worries. Hmm … this IS odd. My contracts require 50% deposit and the remaining 50% when the job’s completed. Theirs says 45% DEPOSIT, 45% when deck platform hung and 10% on completion. Odd … but remember, BIG FREAKING A+ so just sign the damn thing already.

So they arrive, they park a freaking big dumpster in front of our house, essentially making our street one lane now which I’m sure the neighbors enjoy and BEGIN! Yay! They work three days, hang the deck platform. Day four … nope. I finally get a call from the tricksy management guys. Oh hey, sorry. Roberto is sick. Really sorry but there’s just one day’s work left. He’ll be back when he’s well. And by the way I’ll be by later to pick up the 45% for the deck platform later today.

You know I don’t mind so much the fact that I’m probably going to walk out the door because I’ll forget the deck isn’t there and fall to my … if not death at least a full body cast. Yeah, that’s not it. It’s not the worry that the neighbor’s cat will fall into one of the GIANT holes in the yard … I mean I’m worried, but that’s not it.

COME ON! Roberto got sick just as he hung the platform getting you 90% of your money? Roberto who arrived at 8:30am every one of the three days and worked all day with about a 20 minute break for lunch and stayed until it was too dark to see including the day he was stricken with disease?

AND THE DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK? How about that next? Yes, this is what I can’t take. It’s bad enough we have to put up with politicians lying to us and in their stupid arrogance thinking they’re pulling one over on us yokels but now I have to pretend to believe contractors?

I DIDN’T JUST FALL OUT OF THE TURNIP TRUCK! Roberto is not freakin’ sick, he’s on another job and you’ll fit us in somewhere in the next month and a half cause I gave you all the freaking MONEY … except for 10% but yeah … why hurry for that.

Thanks … I think it helped to get that off my chest. I’ve gone from Defcon FUCKITYFUCKFUCK down to Defcon FREAKING. I don’t want to blow it and start calling them rotten little stupidhead liars until the job’s completed. They might tell Roberto to bobby trap the deck or something.

So remember, don’t be like me and be glamored by BIG A+ reviews … read the bad ones too. I did. Too late.

But you know what? I can’t wait for the month and a half to go by … no not having the deck … writing MY REVIEW at Angie’s List. Ah, can’t wait.

The Dog Ate My Homework: Here s Proof

Miss Cellania • Saturday, November 23, 2013 at 3:00 PM • 5

An Englewood, Colorado, student named Payton built a volcano as a school project. It was made of chocolate candy pinned to a foam base. Her dog Reggie couldn't resist, and ate the whole thing. Reggie was taken to a veterinary hospital, where x-rays showed 50 pins in the dog's gut! Many were retrieved endoscopically, but Reggie underwent surgery to remove the last few pins. Reggie has since recovered completely. Payton showed her teacher the x-ray to explain why her assignment wasn't done on time.

The science assignment has been redone and handed in for credit.

“I completely redid the project with glue the second time.”

Reggie and Payton received high praise for their first scientific endeavor.

“I got an ‘A.’ “

This just goes to show that no matter how old and cliched an excuse is, sometimes it might turn out to be true . -via Arbroath

Tags: Dog Ate Homework. Dog Surgery. Dog Related Neatorama Posts Related NeatoShop Items From the NeatoShop

Ah, I see -- I guess it's possible that liquid chocolate of some sort was going to act as lava and he ate it without that inside. Or something like that.

Arbroath used two sources, and the other one called it a "chocolate volcano." That must have been where I got the idea.

I was going to express concern that the dog ate chocolate (it's very bad for dogs) but then I saw that the article says he ate "candy," not specifically chocolate.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Good news for homework avoiders. This age old excuse may soon become extinct as the front page of The Sunday Times revealed today that top private schools are pushing to ban homework on weekends and during holidays.

Phil Beadle, British Teacher of the year and one of the world’s leading educators has welcomed the new plan comparing excessive homework to a form of abuse, particularly for primary students.

The new proposal raises questions of whether kids should be doing homework because it sets them up for a number of skills which are useful in later education years such as organizational skills, time management and gaining a sense of responsibility. On the other hand homework can be seen as a tough demand for primary students who should have the right to ‘leisure and joy’ as Mr Beadle states.

Homework is often seen as a chore. Mr Beadle reinforces that children would learn more effectively if reading and writing were developed as fun activities done in spare time.

Phillips, Y. (2012) ‘Homework Ban’, The Sunday Times. August 12, p.1.

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this is an interesting post, It seems as though there are positives and negatives for both arguments. I think that homework should not be enforced strictly when kids are in primary school as they are so young and should not have any additional pressures or responsibilities when they should spend their spare time playing and interacting in sport and social activities. However in high school I think it is a necessity for teens to do homework as 1)i agree with you as it makes them develop independent learning skills (organization, time management and responsibility) and prepares those who will go on to tertiary studies and 2) In order to be successful in year 12 studying outside school hours is required…

It’s hard to measure how much study is too much for each student. I guess that depends on the individual child. Perhaps if a child is struggling at school in terms of the outcomes required for a subject, he or she should be required to do more concentrated work outside of school hours.

I really don’t think that a lot of homework is necessary- what it should be is what the student doesn’t finish effectively in class time (particularly in promary/lower years of high school).
I am a strong believer that students should have a balanced life so that they become well rounded individuals, however a level of homework and study IS necessary (even if that is reading a book or watching the news). Much of homework/study stress comes from ineffective parenting- many students procrastinate on facebook/twitter etc rather than doing their homework quickly and efficiently without distractions.